Future Makes ‘The Crips’ Hood Tax List


Future Wanted by the Crips

“Sunday night in L.A., they almost got him at Greystone nightclub.”

Running Rapper?

HSK Exclusive – We’re getting word of Future being in debt with “The Crips” street gang. Sources say that’s why the “Karate Chop” lyricist ran out of Atlanta’s Reign nightclub, just two weeks ago, after a gang of Crips showed up at the spot.

This isn’t the first time we’re told Future was forced to bail from a venue. Back in March, the rapper reportedly touched down in Detroit before abruptly canceling his Pontiac nightclub performance and jumping back on his tour bus to bounce. That’s after we’re told Future learned Crips were waiting at his hotel for his arrival.

It’s a situation reported to have left a Detroit concert promoter pissed. Know why? Because dude lost his deposit and promotion money.

Here’s the drop:

“Sunday night in L.A., they almost got him at Greystone night club. The Crips ended up beating up dude’s security ‘Rasco,’ and the club helped Future to escape.

Future has to pay his hood taxes and he doesn’t want to. He can’t go to Chicago because they’re looking for him out there too.”

Future Avoiding Crips Street Tax


    • He must be in a gang. When you’re in a RIVAL gang and perform or party in enemy territory you gotta pay a ‘toll’ for safe passage. The ‘hood-tax’ smooths out any ruffles and usually gets you VIP access and protection in rival areas.

      I’m not a banger but when I’m in the for-real hood. I tip any server BIG and pass out a little cash to needy homeless. I consider it a ‘pass-it-along’ type hoodtax. I consider myself lucky to have gotten out and never forget that any one of them could be me. As a result (KARMA) I go out by myself 99% of time and have never been mugged, hustled or even approached aggressively in some of the poorest black areas in Detroit, LA and Chicago. (even though my Benz in these areas should make me a target)

      • Good point. It was said in a comment on another blog that Future was, and I quote, ‘A Hood dude from Atlanta,’ so that’s most likely why he’s expected to ‘pay his taxes.’

        • I have never heard of the hood tax either, so I am just roflmbao reading your breakdown. I knew some businesses in certain areas have to pay up for protection, but I never knew visitors and tourists had to pay too.

      • BlackOpz

        Thanks for the knowledge. Never heard of Hood Taxes. Well that is the life that he chose.

      • I don’t get it. How is it one can’t go where they please? You only have to do this when you indulge within their lifestyle or associate with them. Why are you even in the ghettos and you drive a Benz? Why even associate and make yourself acquainted? I don’t get that mentality.

    • I hear you Tye. We are quick to abuse one another, while crying about the white man. Crabs in a barrel.

      • Wonder if WHITE ARTISTS PAY HOOD TAXES? Probably not. White man apparently got those idiots SHOOK like that so they just attack their own. PATHETIC. Cowardly predatory bullshit. As for Future… his isn’t looking too bright.

        • Thank you. Black people rarely do this to white people but we still destroy each other. Never heard of a hood tax. That is ridiculous. And it’s for protection? That’s bullshit! The same ones protecting you could be the same ones attacking you, therefore making it seem as if you need to pay a hood tax for protection. Total nonsense and bullshit. This gang shit is way out of control but the only ones who suffer besides innocent bystanders are the gangs themselves. Glad I never joined one. Pointless to do so.

    • Exactly. White dudes lynch with the quickness when a black person does something wrong. We just turn the other cheek unless it’s us. SMH.

  1. That’s some fucked up shit for homeboy to have to deal with but… I DONT WANNA GIVE OFF THE WRONG IMPRESSION BUT HE NEED GUNS FOR PROTECTION…lol ( in my future audio tune voice) hey no pun intended but AINT NO FUTURE IN YO FRONTIN bro it sound deeper than hood taxes into opinion cause if its just hood taxes why is he Husain bolting out of every spot the crips show up at… Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay the dues and enjoy the booze and groupies and get your cash up rather than leaving money on the table unless he got a hell of a record deal percentage wise and point wise on his spins it’s the performances that the artist really get they money from,.. Idk something don’t sound right

    • Some dudes from the streets arent used to ‘sharing’ cash like that and think they can get away with it. Starting a gun fight with a big gang is the WRONG way to go unless its worth war with your gang.

      Most of these hood clubs are in areas 100% gang controlled areas that police avoid to keep the peace. They control all of the drugs, gambling and prostitution in these hoods so if you think youre gonna come in there and make cash #1 In their territory and #2 from their people and not give the gang a cut YOU MUST BE cRAzY! (Or traveling with your own army thats ready FOR REAL!!)

      Future is Trippin’ – Pay the tax which is only a cut of the cash the promoter paid him for performers. Pay it, Perform, Party then hit the next city. GREED and SELFISHNESS can get you killed.

  2. All I can say is I hope he can put money where that Autotune is… I think he should’ve been careful with his mouth…

  3. Sounds like the same shake down done by Nigerian and Jamaican airport customs. God bless coloureds.

  4. It seems like he stiffed the wrong peeps regarding money that’s why they’re after him. I mean it was reported he stiffed a Detroit based promoter already.

  5. I don’t know who this guy is…but he kind of looks like Tupac in the picture with the army jacket.

  6. Hood tax is for the house niggas who claim be living that street life but they dont. You got to go to the hood and show love because if you aint got respect in the hood you pay taxes