Gabrielle Union Blasted as a Home-Wrecker


Gabriel Union Gets Called Out

Basketball Wife Woes: A Mother’s Union Made In Hell?

Gabrielle Union’s most notable mention could be far from landing award-winning actress status. That’s because Union’s role in the destruction of one former basketball wife’s marriage, and motherhood, has led Siohvaughn Funches-Wade to speak out against the actress – who seems to live by an ‘every woman for herself’ motto.

Sure, Gabrielle Union couldn’t move forward with her apparent home-wrecking scheme without the approval of Dwayne Wade, but it’s astonishing to know that Union has no problem with being a wife’s worst nightmare.

That’s why Dwayne Wade’s former wife of eight-years, and mother to the baller’s two sons, is speaking out against against Gabrielle Union – calling the actress a home-wrecker. It’s a title which seems to be fitting for Union, who hasn’t only succeeded in landing ‘leading lady’ status in the Miami Heat shooting guard’s life, but also now plays mom to Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s children – Zaire, 10, and Zion, 5.

Reports reveal Dwayne Wade was a married man when Gabrielle Union met the professional basketball player at a SuperBowl party, back in 2007.

Just this past summer, Dwayne Wade was awarded sole custody of the boys – following the baller having Funches-Wade arrested after she she reportedly refused for several hours to return the children to Wade’s sister, who was taking them back to Florida for Father’s Day.

Now, almost five-years after first meeting Gabrielle Union, the home Wade now shares with the actress doesn’t only serve as a a love nest, but is also the grounds where he and his accused “home-wrecking” girlfriend raise the children he fathered with his estranged ex-wife.

Here’s what Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, who filed a lawsuit against Union two-years ago, had to say:

“Me and Dwayne at that time had talked about reconciliation, going back and forth. I was still even intimate sometimes with my then husband. So, does that constitute sleeping or having an affair with somebody’s husband? Yes.

To me, divorce and separation are always two different things. The lawsuit was about her [Gabrielle Union] having a negative effect on my children….That’s what that lawsuit was about. Her behavior and the things she did and said began to affect my sons, that’s when I opened my mouth and did something about it.”

Here’s Dwayne Wade’s response:

“I followed in my parents’ footsteps I got married on the same day my mom and dad got married, and divorced when my sons were the same age my sister and I were when our parents divorced.

I didn’t go knockin’ my kids mother to the judge saying, ‘She’s a terrible mother.’ I believe that what’s best for our kids is for them to be living under my roof. The rest of it came in what she threw at me. I stuck to my principles of what I believe is the most important. And it was those two kids.

My divorce went on for about four years, and my custody battle went on for three.”

Here’s what Gabrielle Union once said about being a accused as a home-wrecker:

“We realized there’s a void in images of Black love – and let’s be really real – that has a lot of melanin. When it kept coming up on Twitter, we started thinking, wow, this is a little bigger than us and maybe we have more of a responsibility than just enjoying each other. Maybe it’s okay to share a little of ourselves. You see a lot of people tap out when it gets tough. He’s a selfless father.”

Aside from being a home-wrecker, is Gabrielle Union a women who is widely known to have been a participant in Will and Jada’s infamous Hollywood swinger parties? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask porn star Lacey Duvalle.


  1. I love Gabrielle Union….Dwade definitely upgraded. Hey like you said Gabby couldn’t have done what she is accused of doing without Dwade. To me most of the blame (not all) goes on him, he is the one who owes his wife commitment and respect.

    • He does, but he is also the son of a crackhead going up against a hollywood hoodrat…you have to protect your family against scavengers, dwade has also been looking zesty since hooking up with ms. union so it’s no telling what she has him involved in…

      • I agree. He’s looking like a metrosexual cross-dresser. I hope that doesn’t rub off on his sons.

        Back to Ms. Union. She saw a man and she wanted him. If it hadn’t been her, it would have been some other woman. Gabrielle Union was viciously raped before she moved to Hollywood. I’m sure she is still suffering some emotional scars which is why she became easy prey for Hollyweird immoral sexual behaviors. D Wade was not a child when He met Ms Union. He was a grown man making grown man decisions. Their relationship is no different from many other relationships out there. Only difference is the money and the fame.

    • This is not a reply 2 anyone…just my opinion. People are so ignorant and judgemental! Wade’s Ex/Bm or whatever she is, clearly stated that they were separated. She “said” that they were trying 2 work things out, but that could’ve just been in “her” mind. U cant take someone’s man, unless he’s ready 2 go! & U definitely cant pass judgement on a situation that you’re not involved in, & dont know the full details of. & even if u do know “inside info”, WHO THE HELL R U 2 JUDGE? No one is perfect, but their imperfections are between them & God! Some ppl just need 2 get a fkn life!

  2. Always play it smart ladies & gentlemen…NEVER show your hand until you have all the info & intel that you need…

  3. LA is a very different place…known for turning people out, chicago, new orleans are dangerous but LA & Vegas are in a lane of their own…

  4. now we all know he an gabby will never work.. when you go into a relationship with dirty hands it never works.. even if you stay together you will see nothing but strife.. a friend got with a man with dirty hands.. she did all she could to keep him.. they were together 17 years.. she dumped him after all his cheating which is how they got together.. he had no respect for her and NEVER married her..

  5. There is no such thing as a ‘homewrecker’.

    Whether you decide to get outside dick or outside pussy is on YOU.

    I’m not impressd with Union on ANY level ((frankly she ain’t all that fine to me – MANY women I’d look at before her) and attributing some sort of overwhelming “pussy power” to her is asinine.

    Don’t blame the “other” man/woman. Blam who made the decision to fuck ’em.

  6. i agree there is no such there as a outside home wrecker. only the people in the relationship can wreck the home. if my guy cheats on me i’m taking it out with him…because i sleep with him and not the person he cheating with. i;m not calling no bitch and asking her “ummm how u know him?, “ummm how u get his number?, the shit is pointless and a waste of time. u know how dummy cuz he give it out. his ex need to get over that shit heart ache will make u go crazy and in her case stay crazy. she needs to get a man a have a couple of seats. A HOT ASS BUBBLING MESS SMH

  7. Nah I kinda feel for Siovaughn. I wouldn’t know a women who wouldn’t if u knew their whole backstory (which could happen to anyone) If it wasn’t for her the world wouldn’t know who Dwade is. His own parents wasn’t shit, cuz if they were Sio wouldn’t have begged her own Ma to let him move in with them. Sio tutored this grimy ass niglet so he could make it and stay in college. She was riding for him when he wasn’t shit. Then he blows up, pussy get thrown @ him from all angles. He burnt her a couple of times. And then Ms. Break-a-Union comes into the fold. No matter how big or small a role she played she was dead wrong for even getting involved. She got her man, and we’ll see what the future holds for them. And for the record I don’t think his ex is crazy, I think DW & GU has a lot of money to pay agents, PR people, blogs, mags and fans to mislead people. I will never support anything they do. And to top it off u took her children.

    • I agree 100% Gabby aint shit and this nigga aint shit either. Like most when they make it they forget who was with them when they didn’t have shit. Now this bitch living with your ex raising your kids, shitt muthafuchers have died for less..real talk!!!

    • I heard that Gabby was looking for a rich baller, any rich baller for a loong time. That’s why you would always see her on the NBA, NFL upscale circut parties. She was lookin for a man to wife her up.

    • @ nici I lovvvvve Gabby but you are 1 million percent right idk that all was going on and you are soo right it can happen to anyone and bc they have money they were able to take the boys and I have to think had they been little girls would he snatch them thats wrong on all levels i used to love d,wade to but you hear so many stories but wow his wife was true ride or die you live wit her she pulled u through school then she blessed u with 2little men that will carry your name thats cold No woman unless she was abusing or mistreating her children should have her world taken like i said ive always loved gu but if she wants a ready made family then she need to be like bradgelina and adopt the world shes another man teef but it takes 2 wow im blown

  8. And to top it off he cheatin on Gabby lol and she prolly cheatin on him.
    So you break up with a girl who you grew up with, was broke with, she fuckin built you up when otha bishes was clownin you and wouldnt give u the muhfuggin time of day?!?!
    See dusty azz niggas need to be left in the gutter where they belong

    • I took a shuttle to the hotel once and this young flight attendant was going to the same hotel. This chick was bragging to anyone that would listen how Dwayne Wade was all on her. She said he even gave her his phone number. I think that’s why dude and gabby get along. She let him do his thing and he let her do her thing.

  9. So ppl are going to totally ignore the fact that her and wade were separated.. So although she probably didn’t want to let go and that’s why she was even still intimate as she put it with her husband they were not together and the happy home was already broken.. Ppl need to grow up D wade is a grown ass man who made a decision to leave his wife who he said his vows to.. Whether it was with Gabrielle or someone else he obviously did not want to be in his marriage.. Also during the kidnap incident the oldest boy told his father that his mothers friends put hands on him.. His ex is obviously not playing with a full deck and she played herself when she did not return the kids on Fathers day like she was supposed to.. She lost custody of her kids by her own doing..

  10. A marriage is dissolved only two ways:

    An order of divorce, signed by a judge; and

    I don’t give a fcuk if they been separated ten years,if the man/woman want you, they will come to ya proper — meaning wit no strings attached.

    Gabby: Ho
    Dwade: Gutter nicca (very immature, I wonder if he gay)

    • *Fell out laughing* When I read that “Gutter Nicca”. Why did I read that I hear the Riley Freeman charachter from The Boondocks in my head? Hilarious!!

  11. A bit off topic….i read some interview with gabby and she says she is addicted to porn. Maybe the rape?