Game Checks Step-Dad Over Stripping Confirmation


Games Still Denies Stripper Past

Tattletale or Tale-Teller?

As word of Game once stripping for cash continues to spread, the Compton rapper stands by his story of it not being true. Just yesterday, we told you about Game’s stepfather spilling the beans. Now, Game says the story was concocted over Hodari Sababu’s resentment from not eating out of the rapper’s pockets.

Here’s what 33-year-old Game took to Twitter to say about his step-dad, Hodari Sababu:

“This f*g get out of jail & because I don’t give em no money… He do a interview with Shade 45 lying wit the same stripper story.. ha ha.

It don’t work n*gga. It’s old, n*ggas tried dat 1 & n*ggas still thinkin that bullsh*t gone END me? I’m to the Canyons on yo bum a** n*gga.

Hol up…. Talkin bout he my stepfather ? B*tch, my mama aint never been MARRIED !!! Mad cause I ain’t loan yo gay a** no $$$#F*ckOuttaHere.”

With Game calling his step-day Hodari Sababu gay – and Sababu calling Game gay – here’s the question many people are asking me: Are both men gay? I don’t know, but next time I see Dr Dre, I’ll ask him.


  1. I think the Game was just tossing that word in as a derrogatory insult, not really meaning anything other than just tossing the word around.

  2. When are these boys going to grow up and be men. My bad, they weren’t raised by men, therefore they will never be true men, just immature immatators.

    Game learn to speak English. And, stop putting your mother’s business I. The street in an effort to prove your point and save face.

    Stripping is legal, so what if you were a male stripper. So. Oh my bad in your small mind stripping ain’t gangsta! Only in the hood, ghetto, projects, trailer park is making an honest liviing frowned upon. Oh well, none of these rappers were ever gangstas. They were all studio and twitter gangstas.

    • It’s funny how you claimed that these men are not men, but his mother allowed him to strip in her club, but you had nothing to say about that??? Women are so fucked up these days, and don’t do shit, but run their fucking mouths!!!

  3. Game did say he was in foster care because his dad molested his sisters…if you can molest your own daughters I don’t see why you would leave out the son…

  4. The saddest part of this whole thing is that I actually know that the body belongs to Amber Rose.
    Why do I know that?

  5. There are far worse things to be accused of than being a stripper.

    If he WERE a former stripper, the fact that his “step-dad” would have to be the one to make that fact known doesn’t speak highly of his stripper skills.

    If he was any good, plenty of women would have been saying they knew him when he danced, and if he was any good that would have just made him more popular with the ladies.

  6. You really can crack a sista up with your daily picture chop jobs! Imma photoshop my head on that body and make it the invitation to my next partay.

  7. GAME, or “J.T”, (AS he was KNOWN BACK THEN), USED to strip (BACK in his “CHANGE of HEART” DAYS! HE’S LYIN’!! Lol #FESS UP, YOUNG BUCK!! 😉 lol