Game’s Stripping Past Revealed By Rapper’s Step Dad


Games Stripper Past Revealed

Game has none other than his own family to thank for confirming the Compton rapper’s stripping past. That’s because Jayceon “Game” Terrell’s stepfather, Hodari Sababu, is speaking out to tell of the days Game hustled around a pole – in a G-string – for a dollar. According to Sababu, both he and Game’s mother provided the stage to make that happen – previously launching an exotic male strip club.

Here’s what Hodari Sababu had to say in the documentary ‘Hood Life: A Hip Hop Guided Tour Of Compton’:

“Me and Game’s mom, we started a male exotic club. The adults-only club started off by employing ex-convicts. What we used to do, we used to get guys that come fresh out of jail, they was buffed up and needed money.

A lot of these guys can’t go and fill out a application and get a job but hey, if they look good, they been working out, we put ’em on man, we get them a thousand bucks a week dancing.
Jayceon danced there maybe twice, and 50 Cent will not let him forget it and somehow, somebody got pictures of him dancing in that club with his g-string on and boy, boy, boy.
Whether he likes it or not, I tell him the truth.

Because just like most people that achieve a certain amount of fame and fortune, that comes with the sycophants or the a** kissers, because they’re around all the time to say ‘Yes, yes, you’re the greatest thing.’ Because most of time, they’re on the payroll. But fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m not on the payroll so I can tell you exactly what I think.”

Is a male stripper a call-boy? Isn’t a call-boy a trick? I think so, but next time I see Game’s mentor Dr Dre, I’ll ask him.


  1. Games last name is Taylor. who would want to see him grindin in a thong?gross! glad hes gettin exposed cuz hes bitchmade!

  2. OMG, I just lost my appetite for breakfast.
    I could never put my finger on it, but something just ain’t right with the guy. I think it started with the butterfly tattoo.
    And now the show Marrying the Game…am I the only one who thinks his fiance looks almost like his mother? She’s attractive, but very *ahem* mature looking.

    • What up Christa…I’m back! Responding to your post again! LOL….But real talk, you know just like I know that Game is using that older lady to keep dipping & creeping.

    • Hey if that is what he has to do. Hustle on. LOL. Sounds even better now since the economy is jacked up. Nope your not the only one who thinks that. I thought the same thing. And damn is she DEMANDING. How was she gonna stop him from making $100, 00 over sea because she’s insecure? Really. I’m just saying

  3. His stepfather sounds like he cant talk straight or something. Idk something is off about how his response was typed. Anyways guess I can cross off the game on my “only straight guys in the industry” list

  4. This is old news and not all strippers are tricks, although a good amount of them are..find something else to talk about

      • he was’nt gay until he left g unti and 50 started making a 100 diss records towards them.

        oh yeah game and 50 still make diss records to each other.

        if cl had’nt died 50 would still be dissinf fat azz joe.

  5. Lap dance, table top, get it get it don’t stop….Wonder how many dudes were customers,Jacky?

    Game needs to just embrace his pole ENTIRE past, its easier.

  6. “…What we used to do, we used to get guys that come fresh out of jail, they was buffed up and needed money.”

    They also become porn stars.A lot of male porn stars are felons.They can’t get legit jobs because of their background so ifthey can maintain wood,they go into porn.

  7. I don’t understand what’s the big fuss over male exotic dancing. During a brief moment in my life when money was tight, I did the exact same thing. Sure there are guys that get turned out in this profession,but what is wrong with women paying to see men dance? The Chippendales been making money for over 30 years and I don’t see any brothers creating similar business ventures. During my tenure as a dancer was exciting and unfortunately unprofessional and I met women from all walks of life in attendance. And the truth is women is worse than men lol!

    • twurling around naked dancing for money might not be as gay as everybody thinks. but most definitely baby gay

    • I only lasted a day. My brother got me fired while bringing me my lunch. He complained about the quality of the dancers that day. I was the only one on shift at the time .. I wore a red bowtie and tried really hard. I think about going back someday. ..

  8. Didn’t his dad molest his sisters & the mom knew?? Maybe it wasn’t just the sisters who were molested…

  9. yukmouth already clowneed game about this and the tounge ring.

    game’s sister b fly was shot she lived.

    game has a bad family history he lost one brother to gang violence his parents vwere crips.

    no wonder game was selected for fame he grew up in foster care, he’s bipolar and he lost family members and paid a blood debt by being shot himself.

    and he worships death no matter iof he’s blue or red it all serves death.

  10. With a name like Hadaraha and Sababu or whatever, I wouldn’t trust nothing this fool had to say, especially 20 years later. I guess he is pissed Game didn’t break him off a piece of change. Triflin ass family. I see why Game don’t deal with some of them family members. And 50 can’t talk, he know his family triflin too.

    • I bet his stepdad is broke and miserable now.Sounds biter to me
      . So what if he danced? What parent would allow that? A True Smoker. I love strippers! GAME’s family is a bunch of bitter leaches.

  11. What’s wrong with being a “Chippendale”. He made some money and that all that matters. It’s actually a macho job because it means that women appreciates him and that’s cool.

  12. Ok, I know we live in the New Age and all, but what kind of FATHER puts their son out there to strip? Maybe bartend, maybe wait staff, maybe count the money, maybe security. But what kind of FATHER are you to put your son/stepson (whatever) up on a stage to strip? Why would you even suggest that to him (as a parent)? And then, what kind of FATHER then goes to the media with it? I mean, what happened to REAL parents?