More Gay Allegations Surface Surrounding LL Cool J…


Najee Smith puts LL on Blast

Last night, HSK received a tip from a source claiming to have proof of LL Cool J being bi-sexual. The source – who didn’t reveal their identity – explained they were looking to be financially compensated for the evidence they provide.

Here’s what the tipster had to say:

“I’ve got text messages, a phone conversation with LL Cool J and the turmoil right now is on tape, I also have a photograph. Three individuals right now willing to take a lie detector test to confirm he is bisexual. Statement from his son about the whole deal. And a guy from Def/Jam has lots of stuff to out LL over the years”

I passed on the tip, because I don’t pay for information – but the insider told me a gay magazine based out of New York City is willing to pay for the evidence. This while the tipster claims LL Cool J’s son, Najee Smith, has confided in some that his father is a bisexual man, showing text messages confirming such and discussing it candidly. Now, it looks as if this news on LL Cool J is only just the beginning.

What are your thoughts?


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  4. Either half of y’all personally know ll cool j or just love rumors you haters must be high schoolers or better yet GED graduates! Not surprised ppl still hating on a veteran MC who changed the rap game before all this dumb shit music now! Licking his lips girls do love, I get caught doing it lol it makes they’re pussy throb, lol get off ll cool j dick for a bi-sexual he has 4 kids with the same woman while the rest of y’all fucking hoes! oh yeah I don’t believe his own son would talk shit about his dad, where’s the evidence ? y’all dumb as hell I’m off this fake gossip page

  5. Damn, this DL shit be brewn’ for a long time and now it is full blown.

    They don’t get a pass from me. Dishonest, disgusting and unheath.

  6. Have any of you considered that it’s not your business, but his wife’s? Do you know that he hasn’t discussed this with her, if there’s even anything to discuss? Is he “DL” because you don’t know what he does?

    I don’t think that makes any sense, and I think it’s a shame people have become so desparate to be a part of celebrities’ lives that privacy or discretion is automatically seen as “dishonesty.”

  7. My personal opinion is what ever u are claim it. I personally have no interest in homosexual acts but if u do claim it. Just be honest if u bi-sexual tell the woman so she can make a fair decision for herself to indulge with u in a sexual encounter.. U never know she might be into it. but at least she has some say so in the matter.. The problem is being deceitful with your partner claiming u only like girls knowing u get down with men… If u was straight u would want your girl to tell u if she was bi sexual… So message to homo thugs just claim it… If ll is bi sexual which in my opinion when u in that Industry I wouldn’t doubt it but if his wife knows and she cool with it then we have no choice but to accept there marriage and lifestyle.. The bible clearly state that a husband an wife bed room is undefiable meaning nothing is taboo long as they mutual agree on it…

    • Oh yeah I watched ll cool J interview with Oprah and I saw his family and personally I think his son kinda look like suspect in that Area… He had a twinkle in his eyes lol

  8. NOW HUNTYS YALL KNOW IF THIS WAS TRUE, his son would have asked to get paid to release that information to the public. He wouldnt have just said oh i have info and it would have had to have been released in a tell all book. Thats how celebrity kids do it. They dont TALK TO THE HELP…………….lol