More Gay Rumors About P. Diddy Hit The Internet


Sean Diddy is Gay

I’m reading this article about Diddy on the internet and the piece goes on to tell you that when Diddy had sex with the boss Andre Harrell of Uptown Records he was feeling himself so much the next day at work Puff was arrogant, he had his feet on Andre Harrell’s desk and got himself fired.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Back in 2000 I had a friend that worked at Bad Boy who told us a story of seeing a old friend who was going to meet with Diddy to get a record deal as a rapper. When dude came out the office he was yelling and cursing that he would never do that for a record deal. Apparently Diddy asked him to give him head and he refused. My friend said a year later he saw the same friend hanging with Diddy at a Bad Boy party and that he looked different. I guess he gave in.”

Wait there’s more!

Here’s what the article said regarding Kim Porter:

“It’s rumored that Kim wears strap ons. That’s the stronghold she has on him. Kim is the only woman that knows the truth about his sexuality and she plays into, that’s why he keeps going back to her. Kim knows him better than anyone. People in the industry say that she caught him and participated in a lot of stuff with him. Kim will always be around she knows and understands everything he does. Diddy knows all about Kim’s dirt from Uptown, the trains, the golden showers, her being practically being the official Uptown Records gift to any male artist on the label.”

I’m not surprised when I hear these gay accusations about Puffy. Know why? Because Wendy Williams already exposed Puffy back in the ’90s mane. The truth is Puffy doesn’t believe he is gay because only wants to sex a man and not cuddle and watch a movie. So he may never come out of the closet he doesn’t believe he is in.

Nowadays when you hear there’s a bidding war it’s not about talent it’s about ass. Don’t believe me. Ask Drake?

(source Gossip Jacker)


  1. The rapper and prison view of sex is identical. They don’t feel that having sex with another man is in itself a gay or homosexual act. It depends on which end of the stick you’re on. So they feel that “fucking” is a masculine act, and getting “fucked” is a feminine act. So as far as they are concerned, as long as you are then one fucking, or getting your dick sucked it’s all good, whether your partner is a man or woman.

    • Who the hell cares if the dude is gay? Unless you are/want to fuck him or have been asked to fuck him what gatdamn diff does it make? You in music? You def don’t need diddy, DIY and live right.

    • It’s a big difference in fuckin a man and a women, I don’t care if he is gay, however if he like shit or pussy does matter BITCH!!!!!

        • I know, I fucking hate him! He had biggie and tupac killed. He done took it up the ass with countless as a reward for that, I'll bet. He looks ddisgusting and I hate it when his picture shows up when I'm watching cconspiracy theory videos. I listen to straight music like rock, not that gay mainstream rap turd.

          • We should be thanking him for having those two killed. The rest of your reply was spot on though. Fuck faggot ass rap and faggot rappers.

  2. What’s done in the dark will come to the light. If Diddy thinks for one minute nobody knows then I have a bridge I’d like to sell him in Brooklyn.

  3. Rita D… Half of what you said is not very true… I am gay and studies have shown gay men have avg penis a littel larger than a typial straight guy penis. But then again that is way off from the truth about penis size and that is not what make straight men turn gay, nobody turn gay they just discover of who they really are thats what bisexuality really mean till they find out that are gay like P-Diddy, he more likely gay now from Bi. Gay men are born gay… that is the truth!

    • U cares if u gay that’s your choice or u were molested when u were young and both of u two use strap ons u ain’t gay u fucking dumb

  4. it looks like neely may have a hand on his ass or some shit but either way these niggas is faggots

  5. I wanna say I’m not surprised but part of me is.
    Maybe it’s because the stories are becoming more and more descriptive.
    Obviously it’s true.
    His name is or was PUFF daddy for goodness sake.

  6. what would riley freeman say about this.

    I don;t wanna say nothing about diddy being gay cause some people would call me homophobic.

  7. Its all true there’s alot of weird stuff in the industry their part of an occult they do gay rituals they men have sex with men women with women they gotta do it or no air play, ads commercial it’s the ultimate leverage you can’t blow me cuz they all got something on each other so do as I say. @ you say so u can try to buried me more jsu is real.funny this site is ran by the industry to see who knows what lol

  8. Puffy is a raging ass poker buh that’s what the industry demands, if your gay your twisted and no matter how much of an homophobic you wonna call me I dnt give a f**k, f**k rap its over I grew up listening to it but its all about skinny pants and gay fashion and effeminate drake type crooners that’s not the rap I kno, now what matters to most artists is money, they’ll eat poo to get more if that’s what it 30 I guess am now too old for this new hiphop of disgusting homos.

    • I completely agree with you! I listen to mostly old rap from the 90s, and anything that was released at least 10 years ago.

  9. Comment: Don't know if this is true or not but it is,dem gay niggaz better repent coz even dogs go for bitches.Man to mam,woman to woman is disgusting!!!!!!!

  10. Nigga be fucking ass, not come out of the closer but comes in ass on the regular. Bitch nigga faggot shitty dick