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Ginuwine Happily Lets Rhianna Mount His Pony

November 15th, 2012

Rihanna Mounts Ginuwine's Pony

Sample Shine?

Ginuwine may appear to be happy like a pig in mud that Rhianna is sampling his music, but it’s the popular 90’s singer’s ‘Pony’ that he has to thank for it. You may remember the track “Pony” helped to first land Ginuwine on the charts back in 1996.

Now, Rhianna has sampled the song for her forthcoming seventh album, Unapologetic — and Ginuwine has announced he’s elated she’s mounted his pony.

But, Ginuwine would have to split such a sample deal three-ways. Know why? Because though sources say he wrote the lyrics to the track – boasted the words “If you’re horny, let’s do it…Ride it; my Pony” – production of the song also included Static major and Timbaland.

Here’s what Ginuwine told MTV News:

“You know what? My management told me she [Rihanna] wanted to use it, and I’m a fan of hers and I love what she’s doing.

Anytime someone uses anything that I’ve done in the past, that’s just one of those things where the respect is there and I can appreciate that and it was a great song and still is.

It’s one of the most appreciated songs when I do my shows, that’s one of the songs that gets the most reaction, and for her doing it, I’m appreciative. I thank her for it and hopefully it does well for her.”

Is Ginuwine hoping Rihanna can bring his Pony back to life so he can land more concert dates? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Pistol Pete.

9 Responses to “Ginuwine Happily Lets Rhianna Mount His Pony”

  1. Anonymous 1 |

    Haven’t heard the song yet, but Rihanna shouldn’t touch a classic song like ‘Pony’.


  2. PinkKitty |

    Ginuwine humph, I recall when he had a career and was handsome. Something happened to him. His looks have faded, he had no staying power or business sense. Pony was a smash hit, but hasn’t held up to the test of time. Pony was too sexual and too graphic to have real longevity. The song sexual healing was explicit, but not on the level of Pony. Therefore, sexual healing is timeless, and Pony is a passing memory.

    Lets see what Rihanna does with Pony.


  3. MeMyselfAndI |

    Pony is not ‘classic.’ It is, was, and will always be a hot mess song. He lucked up with an intoxicating beat…that’s all. And what is that sore sh*t by his lips? Pimple? Herpes? Alien bite?


  4. aries |

    Static was so talented, he passed away, shortly after he produced “Lollipop” for Lil Wayne. Ginuwine had some other hits, so maybe this will help him, and Ginuwine is suppose to be in a group with Tyrese and Tank. I am sure Rihanna will have a hit with it. I am not crazy about her music, but her music does good on the charts.


  5. JazzyPudding |

    Leave Ginuwine alone. He’s talented and still looks good. Way to go from Oxford Knolls Apts. in the hood of Suitland, Maryland to being able to provide for your wife and family. You may not be what others expect u to be because they aren’t..but you did good..old high school friend.

    Danielle (Oxford Knolls)
    Forestville 1986


    TKO Reply:



  6. prettydimples |

    Ginuwine had more than one hit, but that happened to be one of his biggest crossovers. He has great r&b songs and has worked with other male r&b acts. Damn, give the man his respect. Rihanna is a huge pop act, so her sampling his shit is a good look for him. Regardless of him splitting it 3 ways, does it matter? We know it as his song, not Timbaland’s.


  7. R IN NYC |

    My favorite part of “Magic Mike” was when Channing Tatum did his solo routine to “Pony”. That song made the movie so Genuwine gets much love from me.


    Deluk Reply:

    Always hating !!! Pony was and is a classic song, ginuwine is no way a one hit wonder or not talented.
    If RiRi has sampled his song, and he’s gonna make some money out if it what’s the problem???
    Ginuwine is one of the few artists who was at the top of his game during the 90s and has managed the transition into the next decade, ginuwine has always released albums constantly and most of them have being on point, I really don’t know what’s wrong with you guys in the USA learn to appreciate your artists who make good music!
    And there’s nothing wrong with ginueine as a artist or a vocalist, and if he wants to make some money by getting extra tour dates, on the back of the sample I really don’t see what the problem is …… There’s nothing wrong in making some extra change???


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