Gold Digger Claudia Jordan Targets Datari Turner


A model nationally known for her failed attempt at ruining Bob Barker’s image, and the man behind the hit show “I Married a Baller,” are now a couple.

You may remember back in 2004, Claudia Jordan filed a sexual harassment suit against game show king, Bob Barker, during her employment at “The Price is Right.” None of the accusations against Barker were ever substantiated and Jordan was fired from her modeling position on the hit game show. Which is exactly why just a few years ago, I walked away from the bitch at a Maxim Magazine party…where I was kicking it with a group of “Deal or No Deal” models.

I had run into Jordan years before her game show scandal was sparked. 1992 was a time when Jordan was new to Los Angeles. That’s when she just moved out west from Long Island, New York…in hopes of becoming a star. And though she may not have had a star of her own on the Boulevard, her name was popular amongst the men who REALLY knew her. Kool Keith and I have a friend who was one of the many associates who encountered the Claudia Jordan experience. Keith introduced me to her while we were kicking it on Melrose…years before Bob Barker new she existed. Even after Jordan landed her spot on “The Price is Right,” it’s widely known that she was being sponsored by a number of NFL athletes. Now, it seems like Jordan is looking to cash in on her new relationship with Datari Turner.

When I first saw D Turner, it was in Donald Faison’s apartment. He was doing push-ups and taking advice from Terrence Howard who is Donald Fasion’s cousin. We all lived in the same complex on Detroit ave. Datari later landed himself a successful career. You may remember Datari created BET’s hit show “Ultimate Hustler.” He also signed on as spokes model for Rocawear clothing, and wrote the hit show “I Married A Baller.”

Now, it’s safe to $ay that Datari is racking in some ca$h. And, he just may have a new television show under his belt. Know why? Because Claudia Jordan is an opportunist! If you don’t believe me ask Lamar Odom!


  1. […] HSK Exclusive – Tom Joyner seems to have paid dearly for delving into the likes of Claudia Jordan. That’s because the radio personality’s wife of 12-years, Donna Richardson, has filed for divorce! And, if you guessed Joyner was getting it in on the side with Claudia — you’re so right! Don’t believe me.. Ask Claudia’s ex-husband, Datari Turner. […]

    • Caz she's fuking worried about Nene n porsha sex life she's slut so she need to stop worrying about ppl pussy n try erase her bad pussy history

  2. She might be a h.oe but he’s the one that was married and took those vows. Why was this headline about her and not him?

  3. I was just watching TMZ and saw this Claudia Jordan person ragging on teen mom Farrah Abramson regarding her recent porn tape…this Claudia person is just as nasty, she just doesn’t have any of her shenanigans on film…otherwise she’s just a hoe like all the rest of them…before today I didn’t even know she existed in this world…A word to Claudia Jordan…what goes around comes around and believe me karma is a bitch and she’s coming for you, CJ… Please believe it missy mam…

  4. I thought Michael Jai White had better morals and principles. He cheated on his doctor wife, who proposed to him, by the way, with homewrecker Claudia Jordan…ugh!! People these days just do whateverwhatever they please. Get it together people and remember GOD is always watching. GOD don’t like ugly and ain’t too crazy about pretty. When you make a commitment to someone, you should honor and respect your partner and the sacred vows that you took. P:S. You all are going to have to answer to GOD someday…so you better get it together or leave it alone…

  5. Datari and Claudia were never legally married that’s why Datari has always denied it. They were in Vegas and the man was drunk where’s the ring Loool. The court ruled that a marriage was invalid do to him being heavy intoxicated. The truth is per the court the marriage would not be on ether one of their records. This was not a serious relationship they met through Datari casting Claudia in the movie Video Girl and only saw each other for about 3 months Datari BARELY knew the woman. She told him she was pregnant which was a lie. Claudia goes around telling everyone she got married and has an ex husband because it validates her that she can say she was married since she’s 40 plus years old and is a known hoe in the industry. Datari has never claimed the girl which is sad. Claudia can lie and plant stories in the press for attention all she wants to but that wasn’t a real marriage.

  6. People making comments like they know Claudia personally and she don’t even know who the hell you are.

  7. Okay, you have to do better with that picture. That is obviously Claudia’s head Photoshopped onto someone else’s body. Don’t insult your readers or at least up your Photoshop skills.