Gucci Mane Calls Nas Broke


Guccie Mane Disses Nas

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has recently been taking shots, dissing almost everyone. Now he’s taking a public jab at New York rap veteran Nas.

Here’s what Gooch had to say:

“Does Nas make a 150 blood money per week off a mixtape. Yeah, blood money.

Nas’ f*cked up right now. Yeah. Me and you got whips, I just bought me something. Don’t you have a drop top? … You got the white one, I’m getting the black one? Nas got one? [laughs]”

Does Gucci Mane say ridiculous things in order to gain press? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Keyshia Cole.


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  1. Im confused also ,Jackie I heard on the radio they kept saying Keyshia Cole’s name kept coming up in the Gucci Mane and Jeezy thing. … .. ..Whats the story behind that one Jacky?

      • nobody make $ from selling records dummy. Not even top sellers.. I kno for a fact Gucci gets @ least 30-40k per show. My uncle booked him multiple times and plus he’s a street nigga who gets paid regardless.. speak on wat u kno

        • Someone needs to tell him to invest in some Chapstick.. He’s just bitter because he’s still ugly no matter how much money he has. He looks like the bottom of a bum’s shoe…

    • Something about Gucci claiming that Keysha was getting her back blown by Diddy while with Jeezy. Idk if that’s true or not

      • It didn’t concern him and was none of his business. Commenting on that was foul and some bitch made shit. Keyshia’s not with Jeezy now and hasn’t been with him for years so why bring a female in your beef with another man? Bitch shit.

        Gucci knows NY cats don’t fuck with his shitty music and weak lyrics.

  2. Nas is an Icon..Gooch has a pot belly and a ice cream tat on his face..he’s thirsty and pathetic..Nas hasn’t said anything to him or about him but he’s running his mouth like a bitch..when he said this he said this to Rocko..all Rocko did was laugh..he knew better than to say anything and that fool is a punk for starting mess..Nas won’t even respond to it..he’s beneath him

    • Exactly, Gooch or Pooch, needs to get off of Nas DICK and leave the dl booty munchers alone… that’s all!

      • All that money could that crusty ass gucci got couldn’t pay for the respect that Nas has…at the end of the day crusty has more dope boy $ aka loser money and nobody will remember him as anything but a nigga that beats women and talks shit…that’s embarrassing. But he got them J’s tho…(eye roll)

  3. Love Nas, Rocko not so much… Nas is still a poet in a era where its cool to dumb down raps and argue over who has the best affiliation to criminals . Gucci Mane needs to stop…

  4. I dont know Nas recently has his crib forclosed.Anyway Gucci do talk mad stuff to get up under folks skin, but the reality is he keeps it gutta and what he says aint never been proven to be false,truth is always stranger then fiction

    • Having your house foreclosed on doesn’t mean your broke.. Toni Braxton, Donald trump filed for bankruptcy twice and had to give up houses…have u seen how they are living.. All that means is Nas realator told him it was better to take it as a loss and let the govt sell then try to recover.. That in no way means he’s broke

  5. I gucci but he needs too stop first it was jezzy now nas and love both of them nas is a legend he needs too stop he’s starting too get on my nerves now smh

  6. thought gucci and jeezy squaSHED THAT MESS.




  7. How the hell does Gucci know what NAS has in his bank account.. He needs to stop.. How many cases and pay offs is Gucci going through right now.. He needs to respect his elders because I give that ratchet ass Nigga two more yrs and he will be broke because he can’t stay out of jail or trouble and flossing keeps these rappers broke.. Gucci Keep’s it real?? Really this man has an ice cream cone tatted on his fAce.. GTFOH that should don’t go and I don’t know whose paying to see him but it sure ain’t us out here in Cali..Gucci needs more ppl

  8. By the way it’s wayyyy cheaper to live down south then in the city and puuci wishes he will see the money Nas has seen through his career.. And it will never ever ever ever happen

  9. Sm at these dumb coons, first off you name yourself after a Italian brand known for women;s hand bags then you get a ice cream cone tattoo on your face…this dude must be a crack baby…Nas was ordered to pay 50k a month in alimony and child support so he must got plenty money since it is based on gross income. Gucci Man got some young jump off prego and I think he pays 4k a month, you do the math.

  10. Nas taking a shit sounds better than any rap Gaycci Mayne has ever spit. The man is garbage – comparing Nas to Gaycci is like comparing a Bentley to a bus (Gaycci being the bus that every dl rapper in the ATL has had a ride on) The man has an ice cream tat on his face nuff said and he is ugly as hell.

    • Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that Gucci is nowhere near being on Nas level. Gucci is hoping Nas will take the bait. Typical PR stunt.

  11. You can launder only so much dope money without platinum albums before your good old Uncle comes callin. Sometimes its best to stfu.

  12. will SOMEBODYplease slap the shit outta gucci PLEASE! y is he on evrybdy tip?! icecream face tatt tho?! still smh

  13. And Gucci is a pill and cocaine head and a drunk.. And by the way his stomach looks he’s drinking malt liquor and not the good shit because he has as serious pot belly.. FOH with that hating shit.. I guarantee u Nas got more money then that crack baby

    • what are you one of his boyfriend? or a flunky? I work for a lawyer who worked for Nas and DUDE IS BROKE. Stop dick riding and get a job.

      • Isn’t it ironic when someone with less money than you has the audacity 2 call you broke??? lol, crazy world.

      • What are u Gucci’s boyfriend.. We are a pretty smart bunch on this blog and everyone knows when famous ppl go “broke” they don’t go regular ppl broke! You sound like your the one Rick riding talking about who u used to work for so and do forth.. I can bet even with Nas bring broke he has more money than you… YOUR GOING TO NEED MORE PPL

  14. The whole East Coast!!!

    Nas will eat that nigga alive on a mic. I love hip hop, and word smiths….and Gucci represents neither