Gucci Mane Shuts Nicki Minaj’s Trap … Literally!


Gucci Mane vs. Nicki Minaj

The Ultimate Selfie!

Leave it to Nicki to take Ratchet to next level … but, she’s probably wishing she didn’t call Gucci Mane’s bluff. That’s because the Trap House rapper has Turnt It All The Way Up on Nicki … rocking Twitter off the charts … after the ‘Twerk It’ temptress shot down word that the Ice Cream Man smashed that.

Gucci Goes in on Nicki Minaj

Now, it looks like the cat got Nicki’s tongue. Know why? Because not only are her professional mic skills now on blast … the feisty remarks she’s famous for seem to be in fall back mode.

Check it:

Gucci Man & Nicki Minaj Beef Nicki Minaj vs. Gucci Mane


  1. Now really you can’t tell that picture fake and photo shopped? That just look stupid, like she would take a selfie was giving jaw! Child Pleassssse!

  2. Well who is truly surprised ….she had to suck a whole lot of dycks to get that whack azz music some airplay….as a matter of fact they both whack so they should have became a clown couple and made buffoon babies

  3. Leave Nicki alone.
    She had to do these things to get to the next level.

    Now she is doing exorcisms on MTV.


  4. This is a fake and the real photo is on another lying deceptive website. They told the truth for once. You should try it JJ.

      • that pic on mto doesnt even look like the same setting….people are such sheep shes been very vocal and honest that she sucked wayne off to get her deal (remember nicki lewinski) so now becuz people find gucci to be unattractive this didnt happen? stop it! every chic gucci named is a stripper/whore/escort/protitute or an industry toss with a long line of dicks and vaginas on her resume #factsonly

    • You’re right … Live murders make top stories., if it bleeds it leads. Criminals like Charles Manson, Jodi Arias, George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony arent only household names, they’re cashing in on — book deals, movies, art, charities,
      Oh and even taxes.. with blood on their hands!!! Thats alll cuz of the ‘news’! Long gone are the days of investigative journalism … Ask Dan Rather. Ain’t nobody gonna ever step up again to break the likes of those Pentagon Papers!!!! I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather keep up with what could be brainwashing our kids rather than following Zimmerman and Anthony’s cases of lies … Just to see the judicial system prove justice was served “beyond a reasonable doubt” ….. Where’s the reporters getting to bottom of that s!?#…I know where …. They’re getting they’re drink on, stacking up on their makeup … And kissing celebrity ass… Oh….before writing a book about….themselves !!!!!! Trust me … I know!

    • The real tea Gucci still has lots of money but he also has HIV and it drove him crazy. Now he’s being crossed out by the industry. He did fuck nicki and tyga’s baby’s mother several times. So many people in the industry have HIV and AIDS but they go to this clinic in LA and their tea is kept top secret. He is not lying he was hot for about 5/6 years made 30-50k a show and he was fucking all them hoes on a come up and the one’s who just wanna be wifey to the current hot guy. He still gets 15k a night, but no one is fucking with him. More so for fear of sick by association.

  5. SMH Jacky so because Gucci said he fucked Nicki it must be true?

    Gucci also claimed he fucked Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Fantasia, Buffy The Body, Monica, Jeezy’s current girlfriend and black Chyna. You really believe that too???? LOL

    He later said somemone hacked his twitter (yeah right) Gucci was looking for attention and he got exactly what he wanted.

    This topic was made to make Nicki look like a whore. It should instead be of Gucci being a lame crying for attention and being a liar. Some of these rappers are lame as fuck

    • it’s possible that gucci slept with those girls buffy yeah she’s avideo girl gucci probaly hit her.

      fantasia well can’t put nothing past fantasia she did sleep with a married man even when she found out he was married she continued on so yeah gucci could have slept with her too.

      keyshia cole possibly him and jeezy had beef.

      ciara yeah he could have hit that too.

      beyonce is way out of gucci’s league maybe if it qwas 99-2000 and she was a teen and struggling yeah beyonce probaly would have hit gucci before she married jigga of course.

  6. Her ass feel like a box Chevy!!!!! Lol that’s hard and heavy I’d imagine CTFU…. Now Gucci finally made me laugh at something other than his face and talentless
    Music… That was a funny but u still ass in my opinion… Nikki u nice to look at but extremely hard to listen to.. U are no lil Kim when it comes to bars but u are lil Kim when it comes to sex kitten image… Oh yeah I’d appreciate if you would stop with the crazy face expression though its not cute…

  7. This isn’t even a story. Someone was trolling on twitter pretending to be gucci. Nikkis respond was funny though:

    “May God strike me dead if I ever had sex wit that man LMFAOOOOOO. Nigga the way ya ugliness is set up Bubbagump, crackhead”

  8. These rappers/celebrities got way too much time on their hands. Beefing on Twitter. Now how freaking desperate and weak in that.

    Nicki’s butt been exposed in more ways than one numerous times. I am not surprised at all.

  9. If that really is Nicki, she doesn’t look like she doesn’t take giving head very seriously.

    She’s playing too much. She’s not focused on what shes doing, playing around with cell phones, making ugly faces. Nobody got time for that bullshit.

    • Okay,I just showered my keyboard, over that one Anonymous 8:57. LMAO !!!!! And is it me ? Or does Gucci need to get his sentences together ?

    • Um, don’t be stupid all your life. The ‘real’ pic is a cover up pic. If you would allow your simple brain to see, the ‘real pic’ is brightly lit with no flash, the actual real photo has a darker background with a flash coming from the camera. But I guess you don’t see that. Ponder on that momentarily, that should be enough but there’s plenty more obvious signs, I can’t even believe someone would look at both and say they are the same

  10. All dat dyck he got Damn I c y he kinda slow. Lol he miss his buddy wanka his f.uc.k these h.oes. Together lol both pictures look real no y same pose different jewelry nail colors. But at the end of the day y lie on ur d ick.? Gucci

  11. well gucci and nicki were something of an item before she joined cash money.

    gucci must have a new album coming out and he needs some record sales.

        • tell them dumb asses jacky…ms antney and tricky nicki had a fallen out or something…but she did manage nicki…so theres the connection…and by the way.andy woman in the entertainment business is giving that ass up on a daily. you gotta pay to pay in hollywood patna ! in my opinion (which doesnt make it true)all them hollywood music industry male and females are a bunch of souless fags and dykes anyway…mfers will do anything for a part in a movie. and please dont let denzel be in that mug. denzel got married hos coming out their clothes all off script and shit. see paula patton. these stars and starlets jump thru a lotta hoops to get their due…in the words of Spice 1 aint no love trick.

      • @Anonymous 12:06–It’s called ‘cheating,’ or in her case, ‘getting put on in the Industry.’ Ever heard of it?

        I swear you Nicki fans act like she pisses Holy Water and farts Roses.

  12. LOL but on the real though it’s sad to see someone who with his debut single “SO ICEY” had so much potential to be a force in HIP-HOP/RAP and now this is what “GUCCI” career has come to, a clown show built upon blowing your industry mates up on twitter, not what a music career should be about which is tight, powerful, timeless music that leads to classic albums, famous clothing lines, stand out film and television roles, etc “GUCCI” get it together, put out classic albums like you did with “TRAP HOUSE” and “THE STATE VS RADRIC DAVIS” “WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE

    • “So much potential?”

      ‘So Icey’ was borderline trash and sounded just like every other stupid, overly-materialistic, lyrically deficient mainstream rap song that was out at the time. Not to mention nothing Gucci has dropped is even remotely classic…Hence this whole ‘Twitter beef’ (bull)shit.

  13. never did like gucci’s music.

    that’;s for higth schoolers.

    just like chief keef his muisic is for 8th graders.

  14. Its a-lot of publicist on here crying that this photo is fake.. BULL SHIT… thats what you people are hired to do its called damage control. Stop it Nikki everybody suck a little cock whats the big deal bitch that you.

  15. The guy in the picture looks pregnant.
    The bigger the stomach is the smaller the penis will probably be.

  16. If I fawked Gucci I would deny, deny and DENY to. Unless you got legitimate pics or video of me with my ass up, head down, I did’nt do shit with that Niggah, real talk, NOTHIN!!

  17. Im looking at this photo and my only two questions are

    Why does a pregnant woman have an erection?

    Who did this Photoshop work?

  18. Maybe nikki gave all that head before the dental implants. If I were a man I wouldn’t dare trust her with my piece! She looks like a serial grazer!

  19. U can clearly see thats nikki bc the pic on mto is complete bullshit. He had her staying n a hotel for 60$ a Night..of course she gonna suck his dick bc she wanted to b put on badly!!! Lol. What Man, will lie on his dick and get ppl to Photoshop a pic, knowing he can b called on it. ??? Y waste the time.??? Sometimes n this industry, u Gotta put hoes n their place bc they get too big for their panties (ass shots) and forget from where they came to get there. Check nikkis pr response….she kno whassup. Or teams r paid to keep us from knowing the real dirt. That is definately her. Any other time, she lighting niggas and bitches up on instagram, Lmao, apparantly not today. #truth

  20. **pr teams** thats guccis belly n the shot..bc the pic is real.!!! Yall have all seen the pics of nikki before the fame. She was hungry and down to do anything and usually this is the anything u have to do!!!! She like all the others, was dying of thirst ..Lmao. Dont believe me, ask black chyna or all the others gucci named bc so far, none of these hoes has challenged anything he said!!!! Yall had better wake up!!!

    • Tell it like it is! That other pic is a lame a$$ attempt to cover up the truth, that’s her. There’s another pic linked up above that shows her again, coincidentally though, no one’s trying to cover up that one

  21. Lmaco..u can see it n her eyes, she like “I hope this nigga serious about getting me n the Studio!!!! Im not doing this for nuthin!! ” hahahahahaaaaa…

    • That’s probably why she took the pic, to use against him later…not knowing she would be bigger than him one day, lol that shits hilarious!

  22. It’s not photoshopped. The bs we’re being told is that it’s some pornstar lookalike. Whatever, I’d buy nicki minajs porn before I buy her shit music… Which would actually sound good if it were used to soundtrack her porn.

  23. b4 she got on she did NOT look NOTHIN like she looks now.. that is NOT her.. back then she loooked mad different.. that pic is photoshop from a recent pic..

    • That’s possible, but she got down w/Gucci around the same time ‘Five Star Chick’ came out (2009, though I believe she was w/dude’s crew from ’07 to ’09–Correct me if I’m wrong, and she looks the same in that video as she does in the pic. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the above times do seem to match up.

  24. Ok…..I could careless about a hoe suckin d’k…..what I wanna know is that dudes belly? Let’s talk about that for a second. Hoes BEING hoes….well that’s to be expected.

  25. I dont believe Nikki Menage, i dont think she thought about what wrote before she wrote the shit. She know she likes ugly drug addicts. She fucked and sucked lil Wayne, he ain’t the most dashing motherfucker in the world. And if Wayne was a crackhead it would be a step up. He has resorted to drinking anything that Is colorful. This muafuggah was drinking anti freeze….anti freeze!!!!!!! He say fuck a drug dealer all he need is a all night gas station. Lil Wayne is just as fucked up as Gucci Mane. And didn’t Lil Wayne have 8 root canals in one day. His mouth had to smell like a HOT scrap metal and shit sandwich. im sorry Nikki needs more fuckin receipts.

  26. The photo is real. It is NOT photoshopped. Just Nikki give a lame head rinse cycle. No, she is not focused on the job at hand.

    Two thumbs down. Taking a pic whilst sucking dick. These young hauxs I tell ya!

  27. I found out I share a birthday with Ann Coulter a while back. I was gutted. Then shortly after, I learned that I also share a birthday with this particular garden-tool, Nikki Minaj. I sunk into a deep despair that got me wondering about my future….luckily though, a little while later, it turned out I ALSO share a birthday with Chrisette Michelle….Whew! Now I can get out of bed again.

    • The question should be why r u worrying about another mans dyck…all men on this board ca,e to see guccis tool…weirdos.

  28. yup thats her alright lmao! nobody else got them eyes, n that surgically butchered pencil nose…nicki fans r in denial that their idol is a run thru & had to f*ck ugly n*ggas to get fame which means she has 0 talent to begin with…

    • I was going to say the same thing. THAT IS CLEARLY NIKKI! YOU GUYS ARE IN DENIAL! Everybody know she fucked a lot of rappers. Check out her blind item

  29. nicki’sw 15 minutes are about up.

    female rappers have short life spans.

    unless nicki transistion herself some other way her 3rd album might be her last.

  30. Gosh! is that even a real person with their johnson being polished? looks like some type of beast in stance with a protruding belly. It’s all very disgusting

  31. It’s real. Nicki was rockin wit Gucci once upon a time. I listened to Gucci back then, all underground music like “slumber Party” ft Nicki back then. Gucci music had nicki featuring in every other song. That’s before nicki got air play, before cash money, before Wayne. What we’ll known rapper take care of bitches without gettin somethin in return ? She didn’t get features on Gucci music cause she was a good citizen. Wayne grabbed her from Gucci, ran though her, and put her on. But we all know female rappers don’t last, especially the goofy ones like nicki. Lmao !

  32. Gucci is not lying. The dick sucking pic is a fake, but he posted another nude pic that was real. If Gucci is sick…A LOT of the industry is sick. They all fuck with each other. It’s one big clusterfuck…