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Gucci Mane Shuts Nicki Minaj’s Trap … Literally!

September 10th, 2013

Gucci Mane vs. Nicki Minaj

The Ultimate Selfie!

Leave it to Nicki to take Ratchet to next level … but, she’s probably wishing she didn’t call Gucci Mane’s bluff. That’s because the Trap House rapper has Turnt It All The Way Up on Nicki … rocking Twitter off the charts … after the ‘Twerk It’ temptress shot down word that the Ice Cream Man smashed that.

Gucci Goes in on Nicki Minaj

Now, it looks like the cat got Nicki’s tongue. Know why? Because not only are her professional mic skills now on blast … the feisty remarks she’s famous for seem to be in fall back mode.

Check it:

Gucci Man & Nicki Minaj Beef Nicki Minaj vs. Gucci Mane

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98 Comments on "Gucci Mane Shuts Nicki Minaj’s Trap … Literally!"

Queen of the Harpies
September 17, 2013

Gucci is not lying. The dick sucking pic is a fake, but he posted another nude pic that was real. If Gucci is sick…A LOT of the industry is sick. They all fuck with each other. It’s one big clusterfuck…


September 14, 2013

It’s real. Nicki was rockin wit Gucci once upon a time. I listened to Gucci back then, all underground music like “slumber Party” ft Nicki back then. Gucci music had nicki featuring in every other song. That’s before nicki got air play, before cash money, before Wayne. What we’ll known rapper take care of bitches without gettin somethin in return ? She didn’t get features on Gucci music cause she was a good citizen. Wayne grabbed her from Gucci, ran though her, and put her on. But we all know female rappers don’t last, especially the goofy ones like nicki. Lmao !


September 12, 2013

Its photoshopped, I have the real picture side by side with that one!!!


Sexy Anon
September 12, 2013

Gosh! is that even a real person with their johnson being polished? looks like some type of beast in stance with a protruding belly. It’s all very disgusting


September 11, 2013

How did gucci get the pic if she took it with her phone?





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