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Gunplay Released to House Arrest Pending Trial…

October 23rd, 2012

Gunplay Under House Arrest

When Keepin’ It Real Goes Wrong?

Gunplay may now be out of jail, but he remains under house arrest – in connection with the violent robbery at gun-point of a Miami based accountant.

The Maybach Music rapper was released after posting $150K bond Gunplay is now facing charges of second degree aggravated assault with a firearm and armed robbery.

Here’s what Gunplay’s attorney, Michael Grieco, had to say about the case:

“The state did not prove that Mr. Morales was a flight risk or a threat to the community. He should be home with his family shortly. This is first step in clearing his name so he can continue his emerging music career.”

You may remember the rapper was first arrested after Gunplay reportedly stole a cell phone and gold chain from a man on April 13th. That’s when sources say he also threatened the man with a gun — an act proven in video footage leaked to the web. If found guilty by a Florida court, Gunplay could face a life sentence.

Does Gunplay believe he’s now respected as a thug rapper because of his robbery chargers? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask ex-correctional officer William “Rick Ross” Roberts.

5 Responses to “Gunplay Released to House Arrest Pending Trial…”

  1. ALow |

    Gunplay appears to be losing his soul slowly dying from the inside out..its tragic to think this was once somebody’sweet and innocent baby!!!! By the way Davita Llamas or Davita Harris formerly was a porno star..went by the name of Tischa Price or Tisha Price


  2. Tony Yayos Razor Bumps |

    Gunplay probably got a million advance from Warner Bros, which im sure he pissed away on drugs, a stupid car and maybe a condo. Hell never go platinum but Ross keeps him around since he is also Ross main ghostwriter. He’ll do a year, come out fuck up etc..


  3. Tony Yayos Razor Bumps |

    The music business is a satanic herirrchy made up into compartments. As long as video hits are maintained, sponsorships and homosexual escapdes are taking place, its business as usual.


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