Gunplay Reveals Longtime Cocaine Addiction


Rapper Gunplay Reveals Cocaine Addiction

“I was on cocaine since, like, 10 years, 12 years, something like that.” ~Gunplay

Facing Demons Head-On?

He may have been delving into cocaine since he was a kid, but Gunplay says he’s finally defeated that demon. This after the rapper reveals he also recently kicked smoking cigarettes. Now, the Maybach Music recording artist says he’s a better rapper with a clear mind.

Here’s what Gunplay told MTV News:

“I was on cocaine since, like, 10 years, 12 years, something like that. I wasn’t junktified where I was stealing stuff and stuff like that, but it was my thing. I have a strong will. I quit cigarettes early this year, cold turkey. Whatever I put my mind to, whatever I wanna do, I’m strong like that. If I wanted to quit smoking refer — it’s nothing.

Memorial Day Weekend 2008, I was on the beach, I was just goin’ hard and just took my last blast and said, ‘Man, I’m tired of my nose hurtin’, tired of looking all drawed up. The drugs just enhance what you’re thinking but when you’re sober, you speak from the heart and it’s not just rambling on — it makes sense. Now you get to analyze every word and every bar and you make sure everything is on time.”

Does Gunplay drive around Miami with a bible on his dashboard, while smoking blunts and reeking of liquor? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask former correctional officer William “Rick Ross” Roberts.


    • Yeah, fiends always say they leave it alone. When someone does it for the better part of their lives, I am not buying them leaving it alone. You know damned well you never trust a crack addict when they say they quit.

      • OMG I feel bad for laughing at your comment so hard. My stomach aches. I hate to seem immature and chime in but you read my mind. Addicts are convincing and charismatic. They could give anyone in SAG a run for their money acting wise. They make you second guess how your Kitchen Aid mixer miraculously disappeared from the cabinet, instructions and all.

        He probably told this story for a dime of crack and a hurricane malt liquor beverage. Some make it harder to trust those addicts who are making genuine efforts to change. But yeah most are like Tyrone Biggums.

  1. another dumb idiot who did cocaine.

    they all say they quit you know rick jam es and whitney both said they did’nt have drug problems or they quit smoking.

    only time rick james quit smoking crack was when he was in prison 2 years then as soon as he got out he started hitting the pipe again.

    michael jackson said he never had a drug problem but then again he said he only had a couple of nosejobs.

    other stars who lied about a drug problem but we knew otherwise.

    bobby brown
    billie holiday
    ike tyrner
    snoop dogg
    leif garrett
    dana plato
    todd bridges
    danny bonaduce
    flavor flav
    janis joplin
    odb folks actualy said he was’nt on drugs or bipolar.

  2. He looks like a crazy addict in the pic. Why he and others gotta mutilate their body with all them tats?

  3. you can’t trust crackheads as far as you can throw ’em they are the lowest form of black scum crawling the earth and when i say crawling i mean both males and females whe they give blow jobs