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Halle Berry Ordered To Pay The Pimp Big Buck$

June 20th, 2012

Halle Berry Paying Child Support
Halle Berry is court-ordered to pay the man who she says called her ‘a nigger’ $20K a month in child support. That’s almost a quarter of a million-dollars a year! The judge’s decision comes about two-years after Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry began their messy custody battle surrounding the pair’s 4-year-old daughter, Nahla – who they currently have temporary joint-custody of.

But, the case seems to be far from over. That’s because Aubry is fighting to land full-custody of Nahla, who he wants to move with him to Paris, France. You may remember the pair, who has a nine-year age difference between them, split after nearly five-years. That’s when their daughter was two-years-old.

This before the former Canadian model, turned Oscar Award-winning actress’ trophy-man, was accused by Berry for verbal abuse, racial rants, and investigated for child endangerment over an incident involving the child’s nanny. Oh…and let’s not forget the time Berry said Aubry didn’t want their daughter to be referred to as being “black”.

Now, I’m gonna to put on my Dr. Boyce Watkins hat to ask, “Is Halle Berry a sell-out for her lack of giving back to the black community?“. I don’t think so, but I’d like to know your thoughts…

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56 Comments on "Halle Berry Ordered To Pay The Pimp Big Buck$"

May 19, 2013

This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I
have found something that helped me. Cheers!


December 13, 2012

Typos– Halle wanted to Nahla to Fance to be with her fake change smoking, drunk fiance, Olivier Martinez. Aubry never wanted to take Nahla to France.

Re: Racial comments–never proven–Halle’s word and her paying off a few folks. Whether he actually did I don’t have a clue. Halle’s been playing the race card for years. It backfired.

RE: $20K–he own damn fault for not having him sign anything. The money is not for his own use but for Nahla. Excessive, who knows?


Black Pearl
June 24, 2012

Buck Henry, you sure did use the N-word a lot in your comment.


June 24, 2012

And to all you black chicks who say you are going to go out and get you a white man…What are you waiting for?
GO….Dont hesitate, go and get your white man and get ta steppin’…You dont need to make any parting speechese either…Just Do It…No need to explain yourself and your reasonings…Pick one and go off to whiteland with him…
But you and I know better…White men dont want you..White men have been fucking black women for 400 years during this holocaust..They know where to find you when they want you…Believe …If white men wanted you all they have to do is whistle and you would have been gone 100 years ago, because we have been bred to worship the Caucasoids and their beastly image in all aspects of human activity…If the white man even paid you an ounce of attention that wasnt sexually objectifying and demeaning, you would have jumped on him and left long ago…The white man is about white supremacy and keeping his race purely white…He may fuck around with black strippers, prostitutes and concubines, but he’s not going to allow himself to be ostracized by his community by breaking the race code…Once they do that, they lose prestige, financial backing as well as social standing…They become outcasts…Black women are beautiful and by far the most attractive women on the planet but the white race is about self preservation and keepin it white so they can maintain their global domination over those they consider to be non-white…Why the hell do you think they never classify a half breed as white, but will always toss the half breeds in the black bins in order to confuse us and serve as their frontline troops?


June 24, 2012

This is exactly blacks should stop sleeping with and having mulattoe babies with these crazy white racists.
The kids come out mentally confused and literally mixed up in multiple ways.. The children of these unions usually have idenity issues and their DNA pulls them in different directions and they dont understand why…Yet in still we shouldnt base any of this on how WHITE PEOPLE view us because white people are a tiny global minority and a non issue for me…We should stop race mixing with these people because we dont gain a damn thing from it and they gain everything, inclusive of our melanin which will help shield them from their destiny under Ra…The Sun will be their ultimate punishment…Let em burn, dont donate melanin to them..Just get the phuck out of their way and stop sleeping with these people and they will have to find another planet to live.





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