Has MC Lyte Met Her Match?


MC Lyte Girlfriend Daphne Wayans

HSK Exclusive – The Rapper’s Latest Love Conquest Revealed… Hollywood insiders say Daphne Wayans is the latest lady to catch the attention of the rapper turned President of the L.A. Chapter of the Recording Academy, MC Lyte.

Here’s the drop:

“Keenen turned out Daphne at a early age. He was dating her since she was about 16-years-old.

It’s nice to see Daphne in a relationship, cause she’s really a bull-dyke. When Daphne was married to Keenen, he had her trained to bring home girls. Keenen smashed everybody’s girl in Hollywood, thanks to Daphne.

Keenen is a sexual deviant, he’ll try anything, Daphne is just like Keenen. Back in the day, when we used to go clubbing, Daphne would wait in the restroom to tackle bitches to bring home for Keenen.

Lyte is a freak too, most likely that’s how she got her job as the President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Recording Academy.”


  1. Well I can fit right in then…second thought, he’ll naw I’m all the way gay and I do not want a women that’s f*cking Tom, Dick and Harry. Jane, Mary and Kim. That’s just nasty! In an unclean way! Sex is good but doing all that shit can make very dangerous!

  2. Wow! I’m here in Hollywood, California and I will be on top w/o all the freaky shit just watch! When I left Texas they were trying to recruit me into the circle and I refused to play the game and I still shined! I will not ever demean my soul for money nor fame! Because I do not need a mansion to be housed nor a million people to be asking for autographs! I AM…already rich, f*ck fame!

  3. Don’t forget Roxanne’s uglyness. She was so butt ass ugly she looked like a modern art masterpiece! Let’s not forget her grill playa! It was jacked!

  4. what nonsense… nigga’s repeating rumors and acting as if they have some personal insight into these peoples lives…

  5. Shante wrote all of her diss records. She freestyles songs before Jay Z. No chick can f*ck with her dumba asses!

  6. Y'all need to stop lying. It is not scientifically or mathematically possible for everybody to be gay or willing to try gay sex. So, just stop it!!!

  7. Who really cares about someone's life style. White women in Hollywood have married gay men forever. Now that Afro American have gotten on the train to make it people are now talking. I don't know anyone who won't do anything to make it. Prime example the Kim K and family.


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