Has Sheree Fletcher Chosen Not To Bite The Hand That Feeds Her?


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Hollywood Ex’s ‘Wife-Beating’ Headlock on Will Smith?

HSK Exclusive – A close friend of Will Smith’s first wife, Sheree, seems to have landed some hush money, after outing the former “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” as a wife-beater.

According to Sheree Fletcher’s “best friend from college” – whose name we’ll withhold – during her relationship with the actor, the now Hollywood Ex sustained facial bruises after Will Smith punched her face. That’s what Fletcher’s friend exclusively revealed to HSK, weeks ago – adding she has the pictures to prove it.

Here’s what the woman spilling the beans on Will Smith had to say:

“I have photos of Sheree’s face after Will beat on her. I’m thinking I could get some good money for them, Jacky.”

Since she revealed the dirt on Will to HSK, I set the deal up for her story to be sold – upon her request. She mysteriously disappeared, I wonder why…

Was Sheree guiding her friend to HSK to land a paycheck from Will Smith? Of course she was. Don’t believe me.. Ask Sheree’s college homegirl, Dez.

Did Will Smith Beat on Sheree


    • So true! You don’t find too many downlow men who are not abusive toward women. Downlow men have many anger issues and frustrations surrounding their sexuality. Many hold hatred toward women. This is why it is so important for women to avoid these types of “men.” He probably beat her when she confronted about his “secret” homosexual lifestyle. People who live a lie can’t stand being confronted with truth.

  1. Who holds on to pictures of their friend’s battered face for 20 something years?

    This is why you don’t have too many associates around your shit. They will sell you out for a buck!

    Sheree is somewhere praying about this!

    • I think he is telling us that Sheree gave her the pictures so she can make money off of Will. Ya got to open yo eyes,its right there in black and white. LOL! Reread the story.

  2. Oh yeah Will used to beat her ass. It was also said that she caught Will in bed with a white director when he really started blowing up. You know undercover homo’s beat down their women. Ask Gay Diddy, Busta, R.Kelly, Chris Brown, Brian McKnight, etc, etc.

    • I thought it was Benny Medina who she caught him with. And sleeping with Benny was supposedly how he got his show.

  3. Can we please get some evidence for once? Please!? I implore you!

    Every rich talented achieved Black man is gay and every rich talented achieved Black woman (if she’s light-skinned of course) is a whore. Is that you people’s findings in a nut shell?

    Who needs “the man” to bring anyone down when we do it to ourselves… with glee… and reckless abandon I might add.

    • There are plenty of white gossip sites that does the same to their own people. I’ve seen a lot of white celebrities being called outted like Ryan Searcest or whatever, John Travolta, Karl Urban, Simon Cowell, John Cruise, and the list goes on. Not a black or white thing. Hollyweird in general in messed up and most of the Hollywood producers and director are gay so if they want it bad enough then (fill in the blank)

  4. boss has to be the most annoying commentator on this site by far! she’s a beyawnce stalker so that alone explains everything. I see why folks started ignoring her now , beyawnce stalker aka boss you can bang out a response on your keyboard with your foot all you want I couldn’t care less.

    • @anon you’re right shit didn’t happen. when there no evidence you believe shit. When it’s all on the TV. hundreds of witnesses now you’re a non-believer.

    • could be.

      As for Will Smith, I bet his punk gay yay yay yay azz hit up a woman. As long as Sheree is gettin’ paid, I guess it was worth it.
      Knowin’ he like dick and marries a woman.

  5. I believe that jackie should stop giving tips until he get the full low down before people start missing. you know these folk are evil and will do whatever it takes to protect their name.

  6. We already knew will used to beat that azz. Remember when it was caught on tape? He beat her n a parking lot a looong time ago this is not news.