Is Hazel Gordy Dating Greg Williams From The R&B Group “Switch”?


Hazel Gordy was recently seen on a dinner date in Tinseltown with Greg Williams from the ’70s R&B group “Switch” and guess what–We have a picture of Hazel Gordy and Greg Williams partying last November with Rebe Jackson and Bunny DeBarge.

Is Hazel Gordy dating Greg Williams? I don’t know, but I do know Hazel Gordy just bought a huge mansion out in Las Vegas. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jermaine Jackson.


  1. funny, she has always kept a low profile, ever since her brither-michael-passed away three years ago;she’s been out and about. Hope she’s good, she is the only one, who has kept her Southern accent-i love it.

  2. Rebbie looks good. Love The Jackson’s family! Haven’t seen her since Michael’s memorial service on t.v. Hazel looks good too! If she is dating again, good for her.

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