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Health & Wellness – New Year’s Intentions

February 2nd, 2013


Every Saturday, HSK tries to publish an article on diet, nutrition and general well-being, written by HSK contributor, nutritional consultant and chef, Laura B. Leff. Know why? because a healthy body with a spiritual mind is a blessed soul.

Happy 2013, everybody!

We’ve already checked off the month of January, but I still think it’s important for us to be really clear on want we want to happen or accomplish in 2013; our resolutions, or as I like to
call them, our intentions. By now, most of you have already decided and started to implement your intentions for this year. However, my hopes are that after reading this article you will be left with a few, pondering thoughts that will enrich this young year for you further.

Just as our minds, bodies and spirits are connected as one, I also believe ALL living things on this earth our connected as ONE. That being the case, our “individual” actions have a ripple effect in this world, and the energy that we give out is received somewhere, even if it may not be obvious to the naked eye. For this reason, I think it is so important to NOT ONLY LIVE for you, but TO LIVE for mankind, and with a conscious mind that we all-are-one.

When it comes down to it, we all have experiences in life that bring us, happiness, sadness, gratitude, anger, hope, doubt, love, hate, jealousy, confidence, fear, joy, disappointment, etc. We are living in this world together and we all have the capacity, as one, to make this world a more peaceful, joyful, loving place to live, for all.

My hope for our world, in 2013, is that people become more conscious that we all are one. What you choose to do effects us all, whether that’s positive or negative. Our world has become more global than ever before; the fact that I am able to reach all of you via this article is a great example. No matter where you are in this world, if you go to a computer and type in this URL, you are able to receive my message.

I’d like to leave you with a few quotes that I came across that really “hit home” for me. Enjoy!


“I have and hold my own happiness, from this day forward. I will love, honor and cherish it. People, places and things can enhance my inner happiness, but no one, no place or no thing can make me truly happy. I will not place my own happiness on hold, due to another person, place or thing. When I put my own happiness on hold, I lessen my capacity to be happy and I place limitations upon it. Happiness is my chosen life partner, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. I choose to hold my happiness tightly, and loosen the hold others have on my happiness, which is mine to have as long I shall live. To you, happiness, I make this sacred vow.”~ By Karen Burch, from WayPoints

“Your heart and my heart are very, old friends” -Hafiz

“We FIND love to the extent that we ARE love.” -unknown
“I will not withhold my fears, I will not withhold my tears,
I will continue to expose, So all may see and know,
That the battle is over and done, When we all surrender and unite as one.” -unknown

May 2013 live up to all of your hearts’ desires! Be well.

Cheers & Be Well
Laura Leff, MS, HN

6 Responses to “Health & Wellness – New Year’s Intentions”

  1. knucckle up |

    Well put!!! Inner peace comes from happiness!


  2. Lea |

    I totally agree that mind, body and soul should function as one and everyday I try to accomplish that as much as I can. Love these articles by you Laura…..keep up the good work.


    Anonymous Reply:

    You’re very welcome, Lea! Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful feedback!


  3. Honey |

    What a great post. Keep posts like this coming. I agree with what you stated. Our mind, body, and soul are all connected and the more we realize this the better off we will be. Thank you for posting this. It is very much appreciated. I am also glad you included the spiritual aspect.


    Anonymous Reply:

    You’re welcome, Honey! Thank you for taking the time to appreciate the article! All the best to you!


  4. webdemon |

    Great to see some vacuous health and soul consciousness amongst the unending self-loathing, racist, and homophobic editorials.


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