Hillary Charges Bill $10M ‘Cheating Penalty’!


Bill Clinton Hillary Cheating Clause

The Wrath Of A Woman Scorned?

President Clinton is being forced to pay BIG to play! That’s because sources say though Hillary has called off her divorce, she recently had an agreement drawn up — including a $10 million cheating penalty!

Here’s what GLOBE is reporting:

“Just weeks after surviving a scary stroke drama, Hillary Clinton is calling off her $120 million divorce from her womanizing hubby Bill. But first, she issued him a stunning ultimatum. Get all the details of Hillary’s dramatic turnaround, and the shocking terms.”


  1. There’s no need to divorce him now, after all these years. Bill is in bad health right now and there’s no need to put more stress on him behind Hilary doing what she should’ve done 20-25 years ago!

  2. They have enough money to be married on paper and nothing else. A divorce wont help Hillary, it could only hurt her. What else is hurting her: Bill’s constant mini-scandals. 10 million ought to discourage him from getting caught- something he seems to not be concerned about. SMH. See: What happens when you go into biz with the wrong partner. I’m sure she could have ‘paired up’ with a Senator back in the day and gotten married. I think Hillary realizes that since Bill has already met his political goals, he has no interest is hers- and time is running out for both of them.

    • Doesn’t Hillary admit to her own infidelity in her book? Maybe, that’s her reason behind the way she handled Bill’s sex scandal. Nevetheless, I commend her for sticking by her husband, despite the hurt and embarrassment. She will, forever, be blessed for living out her vows.



  4. (SMDH) Some folks will fall for anything…

    How can a wife ‘charge’ her husband $10 mil when all their shit is jointly held becuz they’re married? Hillary’s a lawyer just like bill. Do you really think she doesn’t have her name on every acct. that they have? This bitch wrote a $5 mil *personal* check to fund her last presidential campaign. $10 mil ain’t shit to Hilary — last time I saw it reported (back when Chelsea got hitched), the Clinton’s net worth was north of $250 mil.

    And why do y’all keep saying Bill is in bad health? Hillary has a TIA last winter but seems to have recovered fully. Bill just spoke at the graduation ceremony @ Howard & he looked great — you can check it out on C-Span. He hasn’t had any heart problems since his bypass surgery in 2004. And he has stated publicly in the past that the tremor in his hand is NOT Parkinson’s, which is degenerative. It’s just an isolated tremor that some folks get later in life. My mom has it too. It’s an intermittent tremor isolated to one hand & it causes her no further problems.

    Hilary knows she can’t divorce Bill if she wants a shot at the White House in 2016 — & I believe she definitely wants a shot. I also have yet to see a single mention of the so-called paternity case against Bill in the mainstream press, so I ain’t buying it. The boy is 27 — nobody waits that long to file a paternity case when their possible father is rich. Even if his mother didn’t want to, once he turned 18, he cd’ve sued on his own.

    Men as rich & powerful as Clinton don’t take paternity tests 26 yrs. after the fact unless the alleged kid has already gone public. If there’s a chance that he’s the daddy, Bill will skip the DNA test & just cut the boy a check to keep him quiet.

    Bill is a big hoe, but he’s a CAREFUL hoe. Otherwise, he’d have a dozen illegitimate kids & baby mamas out there by now.

  5. I thought their marriage was arranged in the get go and she liked women anyway… I could be wrong