Hollywood Has-Beens Riding Kevin Hart’s Coattails?


Real Husbands of Hollywood Has Beens

HSK Exclusive – Kevin Hart seems to have created a haven for has-beens. Know why? Because sources say without Real Husbands Of Hollywood – Nelly, Duane Martin and Boris Kodjoe wouldn’t be getting any shine. Now that the men have secured a spot alongside comedy’s current top dog, their entertainment careers have reignited.

Insiders reveal RHH’s gay executive producer, Chris Spencer, solely cast the noted has-been men with his own motives in mind — said to secretly be yearning to get it in with each one of them. Don’t believe me.. Ask Stephen Hill.

Here’s the drop:

“Everybody on the show, including Stan Lathan, is using Kevin to stay in the spotlight. Hollywood Husbands is getting good ratings because of Kevin Hart.

Kev’s hot right now.”


  1. I see no problem with this. Everyone’s gotta eat, right? No harm in helping out others. The show is funny, not over the top funny. But, in time it will get better.

    The project is well played. I wish them the best.

  2. OMG fucking thank you a bunch of times!! He is NOT funny to me and I think people are just on his bandwagon a little too hard!! I didn’t laugh during Think Like a Man, not at his dumb ass movie whatever it was called, and Hollywood Husbands or whatever the fuck it’s called is a complete FAIL!! BET tried, but they need to gone with that BS.

  3. I actually love the fact they cast other black men to be his support in the show…we don’t have much of our brothers in leading shows..so anyway you slice it, its still a good look….I don’t know but I find the show to be hilarious…wish them the best

  4. I agree, Kevin Hart has never been funny! He had his little comedic acting gigs with all the Scary Movie spoofs but that’s about it. Truthfully, I may have chuckled once, just once. And please someone tell K.H. “Loud does not equal funny”!

  5. No he is not funny. He says ridiculous stuff that makes you go what the hell but he’s not funny and the show is ok.

  6. Leave ole lil Hobbit Hart alone….just imagine being the same size as a 10 yr old and being a grown ass man. I personally like the cast love me some Boris Kudjo so I don’t care how funny or unfunny as long as I can look at that fine ass brother for 1/2 hr I’m gonna be TUNED in….Not for nothing but who wouldn’t bandwagon jump they were trying to get back to the top….how u gonna get to the top wid the bottom feeders….this cast is a good look!!!!

  7. Kevin Hart totally stole that scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

    Cant say he has been funny since then…

    Coonish and loud but not very funny.

    But he has a funny face and that makes me laugh.

    I think he is better in movies than stand-up.

  8. I am still not getting his comedy, it is not funny to me at all. He must be kissing a lot of white ass for him to be getting all that publicity. Shock comedy is so old.

  9. With all due respect folks, I dunno what y’all talkin about. I like the show. I think it’s about time somebody roasted these Reality shows and Kevin Hart and Co. are the crew that finally decided to do it. The first ep was funnier than the 2nd but they just starting and we’ll see how it shakes out.
    I say this as a m/f that can’t stand fkn BET and outside of studying the body language at their award shows I ain’t watched it in years.
    As far as Hart re-igniting careers all I can say is good for him. We always complaining about our entertainers not getting work…well here it is dammit.

    • We dont have any entertainers…White folks have entertainers that they hire and exploit for their own nefarious reasons.

      yea, here it is…

      Thank you very much Mr Silverstein, may I have another?

    • Exactly! At least he is looking out for his own! These guys are actually talented too, so I don’t get the “has-been” title. I could name a few has-beens and these guys aren’t it.

  10. They better jumb at the chance because Kevin Harts’ 15 minutes of fame is almost up like all the other actors, comedians etc, especially fooling around with BET. The show could be off the air any day now or hour for that matter, just wait and see!

    • KH and the rest of the comedians … just keep doin your thang, keep makin us laugh!! That’s all that matters baby .. all that matters.

  11. Im sorry to tell the world Chris Spencer is not gay. If you only knew. He is happily married. Ive known him for greater than 20 years.

    • Quincy Jones hired him to be a host on his TV Show as , pretty much and unproven talent.

      You know how Q do?

  12. Just to be fair I dont know much about Mr. Spencers personal or professional life. So I dont know if hes gay or not.
    But you do know that some gay people are married to heterosexuals

  13. I so agree… I keep watching Real Husbands hoping something funny happens but erm nope, nothing at all has made me laugh

  14. Uh, the biggest has-been is Chris Spencer. Isn’t he the comedian who has done no comedy in like forever? At least Boris has movies under his belt. I think Kevin is the new negro of the season and his time will be up soon enough too. He is the cool little Black buffoon that White mainstream is loving right now until another one comes along. While he does have some funny material, I find that he just acts stupid! The show is not even funny! Hell, I like Nick Cannon on the show more than I like him!

  15. Nope, I don’t watch this show for Kevin Hart. I actually watch it for the CAST! THEY are what makes it funny. Their presence actually shoes how mediocre Kevin Hart is. But I support black ppl so keep it on the air!

  16. Wow…Thank you for having said so for all to hear because I thought I was the only one who felt this way.

    I’m also wondering “what & who he’s done” to get this new untrue “super comedian” title he’s been wearing lately.

    …Just Saying…