Hot 97 & Funkmaster Flex Blasted For Bias Beats!


Funk Flex & Ebro Darden Blasted by Freddy Foxx

Pressure From Modern Day Payola?

HSK Exclusive – Hot 97’s unarguably biased radio programming — filled with frequent rotating plays of the same artists — is something that Funkmaster Flex seems to stand by. Know why? Because after Hot 97’s programming director was checked for just that, Flex reportedly ran to his defense.

Sources say rapper Freddie “Bumpy Knuckles” Foxx didn’t hold back on the issue, bringing it to the attention of Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. That’s when we’re told Foxx and the Hot 97 programming director got into a verbal beef — leading Flex to stand behind Darden.

Here’s what Freddie Foxx took to Twitter to say to Funkmaster Flex:

“All of a sudden you wanna say something to N—s on twitter….FOH You always feel the need to jump to a N— rescue when you know that NY radio needs more balance. Really Flex?

I said nothing about you or any of the DJ’s there. What’s wrong dawg, Ebro can’t fight his own battles? I been there for you too my N—, and the last time I saw U, you had security & gave N—-s the dead fish hand shake.”

Is Funkmaster Flex considered a coward for dissing Tupac more than a decade after his death? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Game.


    • I know right.There’s no way in hell this bullshit music is being requested.No fuggin way.Nobody wants to hear the bullshit that they play.ION even listen to FM radio no more.They done fudged up AM old school now too.They play too many damn commercials and their radio hosts are some coons to the 100th degree.I don’t like any of the men on old school radio.They stay on some bullshit and they always shucking and jiving.None of them are intelligent enough to speak on political issues yet they try anyway.Not to mention they are sexist.Sexist and ignorant is a bad mix.I can’t stand them

  1. I don’t use the word faggot at all BUT if you look the word up in the dictionary, this pussys face would be front & center!

  2. punk flex is a pussy to the nth degree…and he got a bitch nicca complex…what a waste of a human being…everytime i take a shit and look in the toilet…i swear i see punk flex’s face and smell his breath.


  3. Uughh… I was going in on the comment and my computer went fucking beserk… anyways, I was saying… Ebro openly said that he’s a payola participant. It is no secret that he plays what pays and even went as far as telling people not to try to get on the radio station if they weren’t going to pay for play… it may have seemed tongue and cheek but it definitely seemed like he did admit to being a payola bitch in order to keep the money Emmis is paying him. It is all about the bottom dollar. How do you think KISS went off the air and now WBLS is getting even less attention than BEFORE the merge when in essence it was supposed to save both stations? Honestly, I don’t know why Flex is trying but he clearly needs to toot and boot that ass for the time being, IJS. I want to respect Flex but this has got to stop.

  4. Flex is a JOKE, period, and he became known as such the moment Nas exposed his payola scheme way back in 2002. However, I do love how HOT 97 has been spending more time playing Southern artists than their own for the past 10 years, then catching feelings when someone calls them on it. Real genius, guys.

    • Yo Raheim I am with you 100% and when you go to Atlanta or Miami those city show NY artist spit for respect… NY is not soft just the pussies playing music on our air waves!

  5. OK we all know in the NY and Tri-State area that Funkmaster Flex is the BIGGEST PAYOLA BITCH (and I mean that literally) in radio. Shot 97 is the worst; they’re a bunch of money hungry bitches and payola is way big-however if I am going to speak about this issue Sour 105 is no better, both of these stations operate the same and this is why hip hop is dead! I remember a time when NY was the place that had all of the exclusives that shit is dead, I remember when hip hop on the radio in NY was what everyone would try to listen to AND talk about (not anymore) when you turn on the radio in NY its sounds like your in a southern state, never hear any NY artist at all and that’s on both Sour 105 and Shot 97… both stations SUCK AND PLAY A BIG PART IN THE DEATH OF HIP HOP! PS Flex just has a big mouth, you’ve never heard FLEX being in any beef that required a fight (BECAUSE FLEX WONT FLEX ON A DUDE) he only FLEXES on female DJ’s and his wife, FLEX is a big BITCH! (Ebro your time is about to end yo!) LETS KEEP listening to the same fuckin 4 songs over and over again! (thats hip hop)

    • I agree however much I can agree…. the decay of NYC/Tri-State area started once they (Emmis) sold KISS and will end when they stop playing anything that is remotely exclusive to the Black community. It is going to die a painful and slow death, which will be oblivious to everyone who don’t know about the “business” of radio. It is sad but true. NYC is about to show you what is going to start happening everywhere else. Ebro can only do so much though, bruh. Because of the fact that at the end of the day, the CEO of Emmis is the boss and NOT the programming director aka Ebro. It all boils down to DOLLARS. If you want real, go on and start looking around for some new artists. I doubt you’re going to find anything that is worthwhile on the radio unless you listen at off-hours.I’m with you but it is the CEO and his minions that are the problem, not solely Ebro. He is actively a bitch to the payola but I don’t think anyone currently working there wouldn’t be.

  6. is anyone really surprised? Big radio stations all over the country play the same talentless crap over and over and over and over and over again. look at power 96 in Miami. same garbage. thats y i make my own radio stations on pandora.these human djs think they are def and dope. i live in las vegas now and its the same sh*t over here too. i stopped listening to the radio like 6 yrs ago. computer djs work fire those talentless managers running the stations.

  7. I been saying this for years as a DJ. First things first, it’s illegal to pay radio stations to play your music. Remember Frankie Croocker I think it was when it was 92KTU in New York years ago. And I’m not mad at the new rap. I’m tight at these DJs who killed off alot of the 90s Hip Hop artist. Flex you and ya dick riding followers kno what I am saying is true. I call a spade a spade homie. Remember nigger, you was a DJ spinning underground house music when you were starting out. Do I really need to pull cards. And now you got these DJs from Long Island dick riding just like yourself, Belah. How can you call yourself Legandary. What because you had a small part in the FIRST House Party Movie. Get over yourself. Remember what got yo ass to where you are too bro. But that’s neither here or there. And you’re a college radio DJ so you should be showing nothing but love with what you are doing now. It’s not just the mainstream DJs, it’s the local ones that call themselves Legandary as well. So to sum this payola dick riding shit up, one word, Internet. There is much love on those stations.

  8. I love this site. Secondly, I am from NYC and honestly never listen to Hot 97. If I do listen to the radio for Hip Hop, I listen to Power 105.1. They simply have better playlists. If u listen to 97 in the evening, U would think u are in Atlanta. Shit is crazy. Why is the PD not from that region. That in itself seems out of place to me. Every region should have there own distinct flavor. NYC music never gets burn like that on ATL radio.

    • NYC music got burn like that for at least 15 years in Texas (and of course they played a bunch of Houston music). I didn’t mind, as I was a fan of east coast (I am a fan of music in general, I’m not one of those people who doesn’t listen to “white” music, or a certain genre or region’s music, b/c music is music, the end). Around 2005, I visited Chicago, and was very surprised to hear nothing but Mike Jones (Who is NOT and has NEVER been cosigned by Texas, BELIEVE THAT-They were just on their “business” ish…We can’t stand him, ugh, and never could, so imagine what it was like to have to go through “Still Tippin” ALL OVER AGAIN after hearing it for three years straight prior to it’s mainstream release), pretty much everyone from Tx that wasn’t underground, and southern artists from other regions…And Kanye West. I also find it interesting that you guys are going through that there when the east coast clowns southern hip hop the most, yet all the beats and slang that I hear from most artists now sound southern, regardless of where they are from. I bet they play Weezy out the ass huh? Eww…I am so tired of hearing his and Drake’s voices!

      • Just to add, we are just as upset in the south about the southern music, as it is garbage, and a poor representation. It’s like they won’t let anyone real or actually talented get signed, but they’ll use their beats and their style though. The south has, and will always have a bad reputation. Everyone from the south is considered dumb, or people think they “sound” dumb b/c they have a southern accent, they think everyone is inbred and that everyone rides on horses and cows (which is funny, b/c cowboys started in the West…)…There are so many underground artist that completely crap on people like Slim Thug (and I kind of like him, really only for nostalgia purposes though), and don’t get me started on those so called Dallas “MC’s”. It’s like they’ll let one in every ten years or so, but other than that, this is all we get. And as far as Atlanta and Miami, I have to agree with Pimp C about that one, which is (probably) why that is the majority of what you all hear.

  9. The only play lists I like are the kind that each DJ should play on his own. Stations like Hot97 play the same stuff over and over again because their ownership is a part of the same cabal. Some call it Illuminati, some call it plain Jews, but they go hand in hand with CONTROLLING the rap game. Not just what get’s recorded, but what get’s heard. These days anyone can do their own thing (even if the the quality sucks), but getting heard is where the media comes in.

    I believe that they are dumbing down the music in order to take away a prime resource that blacks have been able to dominate – OUR musics! Whites have tried to imitate us for the longest but can never come close, so they take it away. Weak music makes people become disinterested and therefore our artists who are not on board with their satanic ways won’t get heard. Besides, they also want to control the message!

    Is it a surprise that all rappers on major labels (the minor ones seem to be all but gone) must always talk about violence, sex, drugs and use the N word? That seems to be the rule. They only do that for us. Music and movies are tools to brainwash, not just for fun. If they are making commoners rich, they will make sure that they do it the way that they want it done. It’s the same thing on your job, you either have to wear a uniform or follow the rules as they command or you do not make any money.

    I once went to the store and Hot97 was playing a song. 45 minutes later, I come back to the car and they were playing that same song again! THAT is annoying! They want to brainwash us (mainly the youth/newer generations because it is easier for them to get brainwashed) into liking these people and only these people. This in turn makes other rappers want to be like them so that they can get rich too. Another thing, these rappers are not paid these days. All of this talk about their cars and stuff is BS. No one is selling any albums so there is no 90’s money to be had, but they need to tempt the black ghetto man like a Chief Keef so that they want to be thugs and rap the negative stuff for blacks.

  10. This is why hot 97 is home , and funkmaster flex when from a humble sh , to a faggot ass payola taking crooked ass nigga. Fuck that hoe ass nigga 45 years old prentending like that music he plays is actually good .