House Stenographer: “[America] is not one nation under God”


Bible Beater Crashes Capitol Hill

“The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God.” ~Dianne Reidy

A Congressional stenographer is undergoing “a mental evaluation” after she made her way to the Speaker’s Chair at the dais, asked if the microphone was on and “began shouting about God and the Freemasons.”

“He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. The greatest deception here is not ‘one nation under God.’ It never was. Had it been, it would not have been.

The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons. They go against God. You cannot serve two masters. Praise be to God, Lord Jesus Christ.”

The woman has been identified as Dianne Reidy. Reidy’s 30-second impromptu address happened Wednesday night, as lawmakers passed a government funding and debt limit deal.

“The dais is the very place where the President speaks when he comes to Capitol Hill to deliver the State of the Union.”

Here’s what Capitol Hill correspondent Chad Pergram told FOX News:

“We see a lot of strange things on Capital Hill. It’s not strange that we see a protest outside the Capitol … Once in a while there’s a protest inside the House Chamber … but to have a protest in the middle of such a big vote, as the vote was coming to a close, and no less, for it to be someone who works here. I don’t think I’ve ever that in all the years that I’ve covered Capitol Hill.”

Take a look at C-SPAN video of the incident, courtesy of FOX News: HERE.


  1. I swear when I first read about this incident at HuffPost I immediately thought of all the Satan accusing Bible thumpers at HSK. She would fit right in here.

    It’s always a God issue when anything goes wrong to many people. It’s much much easier to cope that way.

  2. I heard an GOP aide say that shes been working with them for a while. That she was a very well liked dependable person. I think she saw something or overheard something that caused her to react like that. Its a shame they took her to an mental institution simply for her proclamation and love for Jesus. Ive heard of people doing and saying much worse and on duty there. This is an example od whats coming real soon. Lilke in a few weeks or months. Things have not been resolved. Things are just being delayed.. People dont want God over this nation.And guess what, God doesnt stay where he is not wanted.
    I just read that banks are limiting the money (your money) you are allowed to take out of your accounts and stopping international wiring and transfering from YOUR account starting Nov.17, 2013.. America and the 1st poster above is going to get exactly what they want.
    A Godless nation.
    Good luck with that

    • Oh thank you so much for proving my point. I knew it would happen quickly, but even I didn’t expect it within minutes.
      Every other site known to man, including some religious sites, are loudly pronouncing Ms Reidy to be a sad and disturbed woman who desperately needs professional help. They mostly attribute her mental meltdown to the stress of the last month in Washington and the effect that the TEA PARTY wackos have had on the country.
      And yet here at HSK, Ms Reidy is celebrated as a soothsayer of the coming “end times”.
      My Goodness.

  3. Not really sure what her point was, since its undisputed that the Constitution was drafted and signed by freemasons. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were masons. I think she was trying to speak from the heart and didn’t explain herself clearly. So maybe she is unstable and/or looking for attention. Or maybe that’s just the spin her bosses are putting on it. Maybe she was really trying to deliver a message, which is what I believe. Remember she works very closely w these people .I think maybe she felt compelled by something to take the stand she did. Quite brave considering where she was and with who. It’s very telling that she called upon Jesus. She was distinguishing what she believes in, since Freemasons have a god too, they call him the architect of the universe, and thier ultimate plan is to have a new world order. That’s why those words in Latin are all over United States currency.
    I agree with her . God is not to be mocked. Whatever deception is going on will come to light soon enough. For those of us who actually want to see it…

  4. I have a feeling that if this were a black woman they wouldn’t have been so gentle in her removal.

    They would have bodyslammed her and then used their tasers for practice. If she would have happened to be a black woman in a car they wouldn’t have hesitated in pulling their glocks and shooting her in the head like they did Obamas ex-girlfriend Miriam Carey.

    White women get the white woman arrest treatment

    • White people don’t get fired. They get transferred or a fully paid early retirement. (unless they do something that jeopardizes the system of racism/white supremacy like that Snowden character)

  5. The people (not other websites) BUT THE PEOPLE SHE WORKED WITH
    Said intially stated that she worked with them for plural years, had a good character and work ethics, was dependable and was trustworthy person. If she was so weird, crazy and so mentally, she would not have been designated or appointed to be the stenographer for such an important and sensitive session, AN GOVERNMENT SHUTdown
    Not only that they would have shot her immediately like they did that chick last week with the baby
    Like I said above this goes a bit deeper
    They are just trying to do damage control to save face by calling her unstable
    Believe me even though she is a christian (which I would assume) why would she wait 11 WHOLE years and jeopardize her whole livelihood, job and reputation to go off now? People love to mock and say christians are stupid and crazy but this was a disiplined woman that held this position
    The devil is a liar
    This woman saw something or heard something that caused her to react like
    She had more balls(courage) to me then some of the men who caused this so called shut down
    May God lead and guide her and protect her for taking a stand


    • I don’t know why y’all keep saying she saw something or heard something? If you have any kind of discernment you can see that this country is ran by a wicked in the unseen, all she did was speak up and pretty much sacrifice her life

      • All she did was speak up and sacri fice her life? Like, thats some major shit. Ms Reidy used a worldwide platform to expose these cowards. If she opened one more persons mind to look for Christ whatever they have planned for her will not be in vain. She is covered in the blood of Jesus.

    • Next time she has a meltdown can she just spell it out for us? What did she see? What happened to make her trip? Maybe there’s more in this Senate deal than we know of…

  6. We dont know what is done behind those close doors
    But i for 1 is particulary glad that this made the news and let me know this shyt is really not and there is much more to come
    The sheeple will still be asleep when judgement day come. Just like in the day of Noah arc and all the other fall of a godless nation
    Not because we are either black or white. This is because of classism

  7. Jacky thank you for posting this story. MTO, Bossip, and CL would never post this because they’re white owned. This is why your site is number one. Those boule clowns at XM-110 Urban View won’t even talk about this.

  8. My brothers and sistas, ever wonder why when a person like this woman or Edward Snowden tells the truth and exposes the U.S., they get in trouble? This woman is correct. Those dispicable crooks in Wahsington D.C. don’t worship God, they worship gold oil and drugs!

    • Personally I think the US and the USSR are really buddies and allies behind the scenes and they are just pretending to be enemies to fool the people of color of the world. White brothers of the north.

      I say that because the US and the USSR share Space Stations and exchange high levels of technology about the extraterrestrial issue and Star Wars machinery.

      Enemies don’t share Space Stations.

      • All these years of posturing and fake beefing since 1945 and there has NEVER been a physical exchange in anger between the US and the USSR.

        What they do is split the world between them.

        They will both go to Africa or South America and the US will sell weapons to one side of a conflict and the USSR will sell weapons to the other side and only the dark people wind up dying per proxy….

        Then once there is enough death, damage, destabilization and destruction in that area, then both the US and USSR (now China also) steps in and gets the natural resources at pennies on the dollar then they take the show to the next area and repeat…..wash and rinse.

      • What are they doing in that damn space station anyways. I read some articles and still not quite sure why they are wasting trillions of dollars on this b.s.!

        • They are not wasting any money. They are trying to figure out a way to stop these black aliens from coming here and helping their children that have been scattered across this planet to get up and out of enslavement to the Reptilian seed who currently control the planet through the Caucasoid.

  9. Remember U.S. history, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were Freemasons. Most of the founding fathers owned slaves. Most of the Robber Barons made their fortune off sweatshop slavery. If you think I’mn lying, as Phil Knight. His headquarters is in Beaverton Oregon, but his sweatshops are in the poorest rural areas of China.

  10. I dont even want to think about how she will be punished for this. Smh. She is in my prayers tonight for sure!

  11. It’s like the bit in ‘V’ the miniseries when the freedom fighters rush the stage and pull John’s mask off to reveal his hideous repitllian face to the world…only for the Visitors PR machine to kick into overdrive to control the media and reassure everybody that it was all a hoax…

    (sorry, but I loved that series…)

  12. what in the baphomet beyonce hell is going on??? Fools sitting at home talking about the govt being open. They are not there for YOU. Neither is the potus. The beast is in place. get ready…

  13. U got that right!
    Those movies they were making about the future arent all fiction
    Shyt is about to get real and I hope i will be ready
    I heard they were a lot rural area red neck type of yte people that have been totally equipped and preparing for that day
    I bet people wont be laughing and having an ol
    grand time when shyt start popping off
    Its better to be ready then not to

  14. She is giving a pre warning! Instead of thinking she crazy open your eyes and ears because this ish is real!

  15. Her own husband said on TV tonight that she has a history of exuberant religiosity which has caused several breakdowns before. She has been hospitalized for breaking out speaking in tongues in inappropriate venues and he has compared her to Andrea Yates(the woman in Houston who KILLED her 5 children because she believed they would be doomed to hell if allowed to live). I’m sorry folks, but Pentacostals can be very scary to those of us who were not brought up in that environment. Everyone has a freedom of religion in this country, but we also have a freedom FROM religion. I don’t want to be at the grocery store and have the lady behind me in line start testifying and speaking gobbledygook because she is in the spirit. Do that in church OR when you are among your fellow believers.

    This woman had a FB page devoted to conspiracy theory spouted by Vigilant Citizen and David Ickes and the like. She is into contrails, mason shit and Illuminati stuff.
    Sheesh, she’s be right at home here.

    • You seem so keen to lap up what the mainstream media have to say without question but want to sully voices that try to expose the things we are not told?? Why is that??
      Whatever the reason is, you do it at your peril.

      • I don’t need either a “pastor” or the mainstream media to guide my own opinions and observations.

        Did you also feel great empathy for Andrea Yeager after she murdered her 5 kids in the name of the “Lord”?

        Exuberant religiosity is a psychiatric diagnosis, not a sociological judgment.

        The woman is clearly ill. Only other frightened blame seeking sad cases think otherwise.

        • Many politicians fit the category of sociopaths and psychopaths. They are psychiatric diagnoses as well but that does not seem to stop them taking up positions in high office. They are the most unstable people on the planet but you still vote for them.

          They are responsible for Murder via drone strikes, Chemical weapons/warfare via the very food and water you drink (fluoride water, GMO crops etc). Grand larceny via the Federal Reserve PRIVATE bank, ‘disappeared’ and tortured prisoners unlawfully detained in Guantanemo bay, MKUltra is actually REAL as recognized in the Supreme Court. And this is the stuff we know about!!!

          But you’re cool with all that because the media tells you it’s fine. Oh sorry, yes you know your own mind!

          Last time I looked, Dianne Reidy did not murder anybody!? And half the people in church on a Sunday would be diagnosed with ‘exuberant religiousity’ cos nobody catches spirit like black folks!

          On Thursday, the world proclaimed Dianne Reidy ‘ill’ including you say her loyal husband. But apparently she was quite well on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and in all the weeks prior!? If hubby was so worried, why didn’t he say anything before? Must have been happy collecting those gubment pay checks. SMH

  16. She told the truth and she will be locked up forever becasue of it. Has anyone looked at the Gold Dollar coin? “In God We Trust” is not on the coin unlike all the other coins in circulation. I wasn’t aware at first until, a lady attempted to pay with the gold coins and the man told her that he did not except them because “In God We Trust” was not on it.