Is Howard Hewett a Rapist?


Howard Hewitt is a Bad Guy

We may now know why Jody Watley refuses to reunite with ’80s pop group Shalamar.

HSK has exclusively learned that’s because the Grammy Award-winning female vocalist was attacked by former bandmate Howard Hewett. I would tell you to ask Richard Gilbert “Dick” Griffey, but he’s dead.

Here’s what a reliable source had to say:

“Howard was so fucked up on coke, he tried to rape Jody. That’s why she’ll never get back with Shalamar, bad memories.”

Sources say back in the day, Howard was dealing cocaine cocaine. His then girlfriend and future wife Mari Molina, took the rap. This was before he tied the knot with Nia Peeples, who he’s alleged to have abused.

I was also told Hewett’s current wife Angela was once a prostitute, but I cannot confirm the validity of that one way or another.

Is Howard Hewett a scumbag hiding behind Gospel music? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chris Dickerson.

Update: HSK can not confirm the validity of whether Angela Hewett was once a working gitl. Additionally of note is that, while Howard Hewett was indicted by a grand jury for selling cocaine to an undercover officer, but was ultimately found innocent by a jury following a trial, while his girlfirend/wife Mari plead guilty and served 4 years in prison.


  1. Whoa. That story was in the paper about his 1st wife getting busted for cocaine. Howard & Jody haven’t been on good terms for yrs & I don’t blame her one bit. Remember when Jeffrey was married to Stephanie Mills & he used to beat her down constantly.

    • Jeffrey used to beat Stephanie Mills? OMG, that was some good tea. when i watched Shalamar on Unsung, i wondered what went wrong, besides Howard acting like he was better than the other 2 who were the original members. cause it seem like Jody wasn’t telling everything.

      • Yeah Aries i remember that from years ago in JET(showing my age) they talked about how no one wanted her to get married and she did anyway only to get her butt beat on the daily..I dont think the marriage lasted that long..Howard has always had a bad attitude so none of thsi surprises me

        • Yep, I remember my mother talking about her he used to beat her. Said the same about Ashford and Simpson.

          • Ashford and Simpson? I’ve never heard that but I did read where he had men on the side. It was obvious. I guess that was ok with Valerie. Some people have relationships where their rules work for them.

    • I remember those stories about their marriage. He was a wife beater. Most men who beat and abuse have seen it as children and/or they don’t want to be in the relationship. I have to see it for any other reasons.

  2. Remember Howard was an actual singer. Shalamar was formed by Don Cornelius of Soul train fame. Jody and jeffrey were dancers from the show and were back up dancers/singers to Howard.

    Most of shalamar ‘s money went to Don since they were on his record label,etc

    • would YOU want to relive a rape by talking about it???? Then once you do, all other outlets start bringing it up and you end up seeing your life played out in the media(blogs)..are you serious right now with that question???

  3. WOW! I really loved this man’s voice. All is never what it seems in hollyweird & that’s for damn sure. good tea jacky!

  4. I remember about the cocaine bust. Howards Ex was on Montell Williams years ago talking about the story. She never mentioned Howard’s name but I remembered her from a magazine. He’s a dog Nia Peeples never talks about him they have a son together and she remarried.

  5. Well shut the hell up! I never knew any of this about Howard Hewitt and I liked him. Shocking to learn that he was as real piece of shit of a man. I love Unsung, but I hate when the actual artists are on there because they only spill itty bitty drops of tea instead of spilling it all.

  6. Why oh jacky why? This story so old Howard Hewitt did not rape jody watley jody left the group in 1983 after there final album together ( closer) jody left the group as she wanted to go into a different musical direction she wasnt even in there final video for there song over and over cuz she didn’t want to be part of the group
    Howard Hewitt used to do drugs and this was way back I the 80s Howard is an accomplished singer who I have always respected this man can blow live trust me also who hasn’t taken coke in the music besnuss are u saying jody hasn’t gotten high!
    Anyway get of Howard’s back as he deserves some respect jacky
    A very slow news day del uk

  7. Singing,”I wanna thankyou God for giving me one more chance, to lift my voice and say a praise or sing a praise,” whatever, maybe thats why he asked for another chance? C’mon ya”ll this is a bit outdated…. Jacky, you had to go in dust off the encyclopedia for this one. Whatssup with Rhianna and Chris?

  8. because we live in a society where people will sue for the smallest thing. Calling someone a rapist without proof could have effected their professional and financial lives, sad but true.

  9. Just had to chime in on this subject to set things straight for the record, Jody Whatley CAN sing and her vocals were prominently featured on Shalamar songs. Her solo work speaks for itself…

    • Yep yep I will co sign that remember jody has. Been around a long long time and she can sing from soul train dancer to shalamar she was in the original line up and to big secsess in the 80s can’t hate on jody or Howard ……

  10. OMG are you fucking serious with this bullshit ass accusation??? Howard Hewett a Rapist get the fuck out of here. Howard doesn’t have to rape anyone women openly want him. Not sure where this information came from but it’s clear that Howard must have pulled someone’s wife or girlfriend. This is some straight Bitch Shit that a jealous sucka is capable of doing. FYI I’ve seen young girls, middle aged women, older women married single or whatever the case may be and they are on Howard Like a dog to a leash. He politely shuts them down..end of story! Sure as hell don’t sound like a rapist to me.

    • Dummy, learn about a subject before you give
      Your opinion about it. Rape is usually about exerting
      Power over another person. Trust me, there are
      Men in this world who are handsome and fine enough
      To get a lot of women, but they choose to rape instead.

      • How about you learn about the subject before calling someone else a dummy??? This ‘story” is total bullshit!! Jacky must be the one fucked up on drugs himself…pure trash! IF this had ANY validity at all…then Jody is the big dummy?!?! She asked Howard to go on tour with her in the last year or so….and even agreed to do BET with him until she made one too many demands…so you tell me…how does THAT equate in this alleged rape?? IT DOESN’T!!!! If he did all that, why would she talk about working with him?? In Jacky’s tired ol catch phrase… “don’t believe me”….go to Jody’s website to see it in her words


  11. What an absolute load of BULLSHIT. You offer a story with no quotes, no evidence, no testimony, you have no actual statements from the principals. You claim of a crime yet offer no evidence of any complaint to authorities, just a “reliable source.” Who? How is he/she reliable? What are the details? Why is there no police report? Hell such a claim could be made about anyone if you don’t have to support your claim with fact, forensics, a rape kit, testimony from accused. And where is the statement from Jody herself? No where? And how are you to know that they don’t communicate now? Cause they won’t have a reunion? Like not wanting a reunion equates to rape? This crap is what passes for journalism in this day and age and amazingly the gullible morons of the world will believe anything written. If you got proof give it. Otherwise learn to weld or lay tile cause writing isn’t your strength.

    • Sexual assault is one of most under reported crimes in America stats also show 75% of victims of assault don’t report it to police Remember the story back in the day Google Sun Sentinel and Jet Howie Hewett Shalimar getting caught in drug bust married. So he wifed babe so she wouldnt testify she served his time lol punkazz no surpises on this post

    • Watched the Shalamar Unsung rerun last night always thought Howard Heweett looked a little too damn smug sayin he “might have hit on Jody Watley” wtf umm OK Gerry Aire foh where did Jeffrey Daniel come up in this post?

  12. Jody Watley was destined for greatness. I would’ve loved to see the look on Dick Griffey’s face when Jody Watley became a force as a solo artist.

    • I just saw this site and happen to know this man personally adhave for several years. You cannot and will not ever meet a more humble or God fearing man isnt it just like satan to try to smear the name of Gods people and just like his little imps to gossip an keep it going. Come on people are we that hungry for dirt?

    • Jody won a Grammy, but she did not sustain a “force” career. Sorry, she wasn’t that talented in the first place. Dick Griffey told her the truth: You are not a strong singer like a Stephanie Mills. She’s a gimmicky performer. One hit wonder. Sorry.

  13. No he doesn’t. No one wants a has been pushing 60. Hell is wrong with you. Need more than a pretty face to draw chicks

  14. I can’t believe that there are people who will stoop so low as to smear a persons name and reputation the way you are trying to do to Howard Hewitt. If he had tried to rape Jody, why didn’t she report it??? BECAUSE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!!!! Jody has some deep-seeded problems and, I’m sure that if you dig deep enough you’ll find that a lot of her problems stem from a serious drug problem. Hopefully she has overcome the drugs but they were there. Howard didn’t have to RAPE anyone, especially Jody (LOL). The women were there at Howard’s door everytime time he opened it. Why would he feel the need to look Jody’s way??? Definately NOT his type . . . . PLEEEEEEEAZE!!!!

    • Get your facts straight my aunt was never on drugs. I don’t know where you muthafuckas get your info from but get it right before you blog about some Shit you clearly know nothing about. Let me enlighten you. Jody left shalimar because Howard told her and Jeffery that they could be replaced because he was the one with all the talent he wanted to fuck her she turned him down because she was already involved with Jeffery.

  15. Now see? Now, I know you really don’t know what youre talking about. Jody Watley did not leave the group because of what you’re reporting. I don’t know where you got that from, bro, but they gave you a load of &%($!! Now, you’ve smeared the man’s reputation on some faulty information you got from God only knows where. Internet media is such a new area that people can get away with what you’ve done by using the word ‘alleged’. But, you should do the decent thing man, and call this one back. Not true!

  16. WHAT??? Do you know how many beautiful women were after Howard Hewett back then? What would he want with Jody? And the drug incident? That was almost 30 years ago! And, he was acquitted! That means that these were charges that were never proven. We have enough of our guys being charged with things that, no matter how things look, they really didn’t do. I remember back then, Howard maintained that he was innocent, and the outcome of the trial found no evidence against him. What do you want? I can’t believe the people who immediately that just bought into these lies, no questions asked.

  17. I am not that surprised with all these childish smears against anyone that made to the top.

    If it is true that Howard Hewett did try to rape Jody Watley while in Shalamar, then he is a disgrace and he should’nt have been in the group, because we know there are devils who love to smear and degrade anyone that has made an impact amongst themselves and that’s what they are doing against Howard Hewett.

    Jody Watley is so sexy although when I watch a You Tube Howard Hewett even admitted he wanted to make love on Jody Watley, but it is the real reason why Jody doesn’t want to have anything with do with Shalamar?

    It wasn’t only about the alliegation of Howard hitting on Jody, but also over money, so if it was true that Howard Hewett was trying to rape Jody Watley, then he shouldn’t have been in Shalamar.

    But the petty silly-ness needs to rested.

  18. Now this I refuse to believe. Now Howard was fucked up on coke for a while but he’s no rapist. Jody Watley I have no idea why she refuses to do another Shalamar gig, but I believe it’s jeaolousy more than anything else. Howard is so much more talented than her or Geoffery Daniels and he was the true ‘star’ of Shalamar because Jody couldn’t sing anyway. She could dance and looked good in those short dresses but she’s no singer. Now I heard she had an affair with Howard while she was with Andre Cymone and he found out about it and ended their relationship. Meanwhile it was just a thang to Howard and she didn’t appreciate all the trouble he caused and being so nonchalant about it. That’s what I heard.

    • That’s a lie Jody and Howard have not and will be speaking for years and years to come. Its like oil and water it just don’t mix! Andre cheated on jody and that’s why they broke up Howard and jody never had sex.

  19. That fine man can, have me, lock, stock and key, even when hes 100 years old. No one can write nor sing, but Howard. He is sent here to teach all of us, about how to listen!

  20. I really like how the person so adamantly sure of someones guilt or innocence is reposting seemingly different posts under all these different user names…yeah

  21. Another he said she said get a life folks! this man is a talented artist and we all enjoy his performances.

  22. Really don’t mean to make any excuse for Hewitt (we don’t even know it’s true) but no doubt the man grew tired of Jody Watley’s smokin hot black ass giving herself and so much good lovin’ to white men who already have access (then & now) to other varieties of women which black men never will. Of course when a second stringer white dude comes and gets something from our top shelf (while we cannot even pick from his third)…Sure – this stings an honest black man to his core. You don’t know what’s what or what you’d do until you’re in a particular situation yourself. #Disclaimer to any presumptions had.