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Is Howard Hewett a Rapist?

February 21st, 2012

Howard Hewitt is a Bad Guy

We may now know why Jody Watley refuses to reunite with ’80s pop group Shalamar.

HSK has exclusively learned that’s because the Grammy Award-winning female vocalist was attacked by former bandmate Howard Hewett. I would tell you to ask Richard Gilbert “Dick” Griffey, but he’s dead.

Here’s what a reliable source had to say:

“Howard was so fucked up on coke, he tried to rape Jody. That’s why she’ll never get back with Shalamar, bad memories.”

Sources say back in the day, Howard was dealing cocaine cocaine. His then girlfriend and future wife Mari Molina, took the rap. This was before he tied the knot with Nia Peeples, who he’s alleged to have abused.

I was also told Hewett’s current wife Angela was once a prostitute, but I cannot confirm the validity of that one way or another.

Is Howard Hewett a scumbag hiding behind Gospel music? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Chris Dickerson.

Update: HSK can not confirm the validity of whether Angela Hewett was once a working gitl. Additionally of note is that, while Howard Hewett was indicted by a grand jury for selling cocaine to an undercover officer, but was ultimately found innocent by a jury following a trial, while his girlfirend/wife Mari plead guilty and served 4 years in prison.

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55 Comments on "Is Howard Hewett a Rapist?"

March 18, 2014

Really don’t mean to make any excuse for Hewitt (we don’t even know it’s true) but no doubt the man grew tired of Jody Watley’s smokin hot black ass giving herself and so much good lovin’ to white men who already have access (then & now) to other varieties of women which black men never will. Of course when a second stringer white dude comes and gets something from our top shelf (while we cannot even pick from his third)…Sure – this stings an honest black man to his core. You don’t know what’s what or what you’d do until you’re in a particular situation yourself. #Disclaimer to any presumptions had.


sonia sellers
December 25, 2013

i love howard hewett


November 6, 2013

Another he said she said get a life folks! this man is a talented artist and we all enjoy his performances.


August 29, 2013

I really like how the person so adamantly sure of someones guilt or innocence is reposting seemingly different posts under all these different user names…yeah


May 4, 2013

That fine man can, have me, lock, stock and key, even when hes 100 years old. No one can write nor sing, but Howard. He is sent here to teach all of us, about how to listen!





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