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HSK’s Hollywood Beauty Tips @ A Bargain!

February 2nd, 2013


Keep Your Skin Wet During Winter Without Money Woes!!!

Do you want to know how to exfoliate your skin without forking out big bucks on pricey products and potentially painful chemical peels? We’ve got the answer! You may not believe it, but the fountain of youth could already be right in your own kitchen!

Brittnie Fountain is a nationally-acclaimed make-up artist, recognized for the intricate special effects art she’s contributed to the faces of some of Hollywood’s leading actors and actresses.

Now, she’s bringing some of Tinseltown’s top organic beauty secrets to you, HSK readers. Know why? Because it’s important to stay fly and do you!!!

If you’ve got lemons, brown sugar, mineral salt and a quality virgin coconut oil on deck – you’ve got all of the ingredients to keep your facial skin hydrated and nourished during these unforgiving winter months!

Here’s a keep it 100% Hollywood insider beauty secret:

  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week to get of rid the old skin cells and bring out the new
  • Dip half of a lemon into half brown sugar, half mineral salt mixture
  • Rub in circular motions across face, wiping away the dead skin cells
  • Follow exfoliation with rubbing coconut oil into the new skin
  • Be sure to pay close attention to moisturizing the area around the eyes

Tune in next week for another Hollywood insider tip that will keep your brows from smudging this Valentine’s Day!!!

Written by Brittnie Fountain 

12 Responses to “HSK’s Hollywood Beauty Tips @ A Bargain!”

  1. pointblankperiod |

    I don’t know how any amout of sugar your skin can be healthy, when sugar it’s self is not.

    Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is good too.You can ingest a table spoon per day with lots of water. It’s doesn’t have a great taste so sweeten with raw honey if needed. This will flush your kidneys also which will in turn have your skin and nails looking healthy. You can use it as a facial cleanser and makeup remover to rid the skin of dead cells.

    This one of those things passed through generations. My mother has been using this for years and at 51 she doesnt look a day over 30. (wish I could actually post a pic

    It helps tremendously with acne and skin discoloration it is also has many other health benefits, like controlling blood sugar and cholesterol.

    Do not use white vinegar because it bleached andmore acidic or any apple cider vinegar which doesnt still have the mother (brown cloudy substance) in the bottom.


    CBella Reply:

    In response to your statement about the sugar, it’s a natural exfoliant and does not harm your skin in any way, it’s not being ingested (which I agree is toxic), but I use it with olive oil for an all over body scrub. When I use it for a facial scrub (mixed with fine oats and water to make a paste)…it tightens the pores. This is a great post Jacky, keep the health and wellness posts coming! Side note: that cider vinegar is not for the faint at heart personally it makes me gag. I found that after a period of two weeks it gave me a bad sore throat.


    Anonymous Reply:

    I agree about the sugar scrub. I mix sugar and olive oil and use it for my pedicures. I also use a sugar scrub for my face. I also drink the apple cider vinegar/water as well.


    Honey Reply:

    I use the apple cider vinegar on my face after washing it, daily. I put it on with a cotton ball. It makes a lot of difference in my appearance. I also drink the apple cider vinegar with honey warm. It is supposed to keep your blood pressure down.


  2. DivaNista |

    Great for Youtful skin and eliminate wrinkles, Greek yogurt + lemon juice + safflower oil daily for 5 -8 mins on the face. Fab


  3. Anonymous |

    Im not gay or nuthin’ but I use that french green clay and do a mask once a week for about 10 minutes. I then follow with a shea butter moisturizer.


    Prinsex Reply:



  4. Anyachas |

    Thank you guys for this:)


  5. Michele |

    Love the article and comments!


    Honey Reply:

    I love the article as well. I found it very useful. I think exfoliating your skin and getting rid of the top layer of dead skin is important. Thanks!


  6. Leni |

    Great post & responses. Thx. Will try this week. Keeping coming Jackie!!!


  7. Jacky Jasper |

    you reachin homie..not everything is a conspiracy.


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