HSK’s ‘Style It Up Weekends’ With Jordan Rose…



HSK’s weekends are going down in style! Know why? Because Fashion Guru Jordan Rose is taking over to bring you, the ladies, the latest in Hollywood’s trends-in-threads, while sharing his insight on what’s on-point and what’s not! That’s because Jordan wants you to “Forever be Fierce’…

Skirt Length: Out With The Short, In With The Longer?

After seeing some Fall 2013 runway shows, I noticed that skirts are becoming a little longer – hitting right below the knee (insert “sigh of relief from moms and dads” here). I don’t know how I feel about skirts gaining a few inches. On one hand, I completely understand the longer length – because it’s wise to cover up bare skin during cooler months. On the other hand, I’m the type of person who likes showing off the beauty of the human body, rather than hiding it behind a long, loose-fitted blend of polyester and cotton. But, a Harper’s Bazaar article I recently read, “The New Skirt Length” by Jennifer Alfano, confirmed just what I suspected: knee-length is the new length.

“The sweet spot on every woman is just below the knee, where your leg curves in just before the calf.” ~Jennifer Alfano

You hear that ladies? If said skirt goes longer, a simple hem sesh should do the trick. Now, of course the “sweet spot” rule isn’t for everyone. If you’re Snooki status, and can barely see over your steering wheel, then I would suggest wearing a shorter skirt so you aren’t engulfed in fabric. The truth is, it’s really all about how YOU rock it.

As far as this new longer skirt trend goes…Maybe it will evolve into even longer skirts with more volume. That said, I immediately imagine high school in the 50’s – when girls flaunted flirty poodle-skirts. Okay…Now I’m having a nostalgic moment…

I’m somehow taken back to a time when I want to get a McFlurry, throw on some sweats, and watch my all time favorite childhood movie: Grease!


Be sure to check in with HSK next weekend, when I’ll face-off with another passion of current fashion…

~Forever Be Fierce, Jordan Rose


  1. Shut the hell up and take these fashion tips, to the european descented blogs !!! Theres no REAL sistah thats wanting to dress mainstream style ,that caters to only, *the beckys* !! Oh and p.s…. Stop using our slang while u at it , you sound like shit trying to speak with urban metaphors. Also,put some style up that most of us sistahs can relate to,as well as fit,african style.

  2. WTF!!! Im perplexed at the direction of this site.How does HSK go from using the weekends to educate their readers on the benefits of hollistic healing foods and stress relievers to a post about anorexic models modeling clothing most people cannot afford or fit.
    Noone comes to HSK on weekends or otherwise checking for Fashion tips. People come here for the juicy celebrity gossip and the comments that ensues t.
    Stick w/what you know and why people visit the site.

    • You’re right…

      It doesn’t seem that “whoever is running this site” KNOWS much of anything here lately. I’m noticing a shift that I believe I’ll be abandoning soon enough.

      It’s not making much sense anymore.

    • @kee… Judging from your comment, you have no clue about this blog. First off, us hsk members dont come here for gossip, but the truth of what we need to know about food, places,events of society thats not covered by the news, and of course the real on these phony celebs. All the info here is helpful, especially comments from very informed blacks. Jacky is gone and judging from the tea, that this fake jacky is giving us, its repackage and cold,clearly this is an imposter. Russell has either bought dude out,threaten him out of business or worse, forced him to give this blog up. Most of these clothes are ugly, not afrocentric and don’t fit our naturally curvey bodies!!! Damn mainstream clothing, its not put out to cater to the african american market, so why give it attention?

      • The AVERAGE woman can’t fit any of these clothes. What does race really have to do with it, if someones likes it and can rock it, or not?

  3. Could someone please get me a barf bag? WTF?
    If I wanted crappy style tips I’d buy Allure.

    This is just plain unseemly, “Pretend Jacky”.

  4. The Becky Beards that Russell Simmons hire to give him a heterosexual swagger can fit in these clothes. These clothes are for anorexic chicks who have the bodies of pre-pubescent boys with boob jobs.

  5. Ok at first I was hesitant to believe that this site was “different” after Jacky’s mysterious absence. But now, after reading this article I’m convinced he no longer heads this site and it has indeed been bought out by a mainstream organization. This site is losing its edge and soon will lose most of its intelligent readers as clearly there is an agenda being pushed. We readers come here to find insight into black Hollywood secrets and feel we are privy to information that PR reps and handlers don’t want the public to know. Now, as of late, we seem to be fed fashion tips as well as been an unwilling focus group for tv and movie projects. I can only speak for myself, but I know bs when I see it. The raw and gritty DHSK I love is gone and soon so too will I.