Ice Loves Coco Producer Marc Giveand’s Green Card Play Exposed!


Sin City Nuptials: Tim Dog’s Blueprint?

HSK Exclusive – It’s come to marrying an Aussie party girl for her US citizenship for one former Tim Dog associate-turned-reality personality. You may remember we first told you Tim Dog wed a German native for the same. Now, Ice Loves Coco cast member and producer Marc ‘Live’ Giveand has announced he’s set to tie the knot with Jasmine ‘Jaz’ Macken – aka BabyBaws – on February 14th 2013, over her immigration status.

Macken, who has taken to social media to announce her excitement over “finally landing a US phone number and US a connection”, is a native of Queensland, Australia. Sources say Giveand and Macken recently met in Sin City — where they now live under the same roof, with Macken covering most of their living expenses.

This news comes several years after insiders say Givevand sparked a quest for an Australian female to cash in. Back in 2008, Givevand reportedly began using the internet to troll for females overseas to nab, using his connection to Ice T – and his marital status – as bait. If you recall, this is the same technique Dateline NBC reported Tim Dog used to bait his victims.

Marc Live Giveand Internet Scams Exposed

This isn’t the first report of sketchy behavior attached to Marc Giveand’s name. A source exclusively tells HSK the Bronx, New York native previously stole a client list from New Jersey booking agency ‘Idol Makers”, back in 2005. We’re told that’s just before Giveand joined forces with Tim Dog, and the pair relocated to Atlanta, Georgia – where they launched booking agency ‘GME’. Together, sources say Giveand and Tim Dog ripped off more than $250K from overseas promoters – and mainstream acts including Chirs Brown, Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige.

Here’s the drop:

“Marc is getting married to a Australian chic for her U.S. papers. It’s a safer play for dude – ’cause his old days, when he was a going by ‘Marc Livingston’, and working with Tim Dog, Marc ripped off most all his friends.

He stole Mick’s clients and shared the profits with Tim Dog. Marc and Tim were cashing checks in Atlanta, laughing behind everybody’s back.

This is nothing new for Marc,  back when Ice was still with Darlene, Marc knew Dar was f*ckin all of Rhyme Syndicate behind T’s back. Marc turned a blind eye even though T was paying all his bills.

It’s finally coming back to bite him in the ass.”

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