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Is Cedric The Entertainer Cheating On His Wife?

January 21st, 2012

Cedric Antonio Kyles aka Cedric the Entertainer is married to Lorna Wells — and guess what–The streets are saying the comedian and American Idol contestant/porn star Frenchie hooked up.

Here’s the details:

“Cedric was spotted at the Las Vegas McCarran Airport last Friday.¬†Cedric had a show at the House of Blues, while Frenchie had a show at the Hilton.

After Cedric finished his show, he was spotted at the Hilton watching Frenchie’s performance.¬†Frenchie was comped a room at the Stratosphere and that’s where the party was.

Jacky, isn’t Cedric married?”

Does Cedric the Entertainer cheat on his wife? Of course he does. Don’t believe me.. Ask the comedian Katt Williams.

12 Responses to “Is Cedric The Entertainer Cheating On His Wife?”

  1. B0SS |

    waits for the posts to tell me how Cedric is such a dog and wrong and blah this blah that while simultaneously biggin up Jay Z for allegedly cheating on Beyonce….


    dBLACK Reply:

    where on this site is anyone biggin up jay z?


  2. Sandie |

    Is it just a fact that all men cheat? Sigh…I’m a single Black woman with hopes to have a monotonous relationship with a Black man…am I just dreaming? I’m in La La land, land of the stars and scandalous women that don’t care if a man is married or not. Am I just dreaming that one day [sounding like MLK}…I have a dream…. that one day I’ll have a loving, monotonous relationship….


    P4L Reply:

    No, it’s not a fact.

    Never cheated in my life.

    It’s just that a lot of dudes are greedy and want their cake and eat it too.

    A lot of guys want the stability of a relationship and get pussy whipped quick, then get bored or tired of the same ol’ same ol’ and then start lookin’ for strange.

    They’re too scared of losing the consistency of a relaitonship, but still wanna be playas and shit.

    It’s about priorities first and foremost and most people, just don’t have them in order.


    Sandie Reply:

    Good to know P4L – hopefully birds of a feather flock together – where does your flock go?


    Shayla Reply:

    Don’t you mean monogamous boo? Or were you being tongue in cheek about marriage being “monotonous”.

    Many men cheat, some men don’t. It’s the luck of the draw!


    Sandie Reply:

    Thanks for catching that Shayla – slip – I did mean monogamous…


  3. Romeo |

    When did frenchie do porn..unless ur talking about the calender at Howard university that got her booted off American idol?


  4. Nu2u |

    Did I miss something? He sat in on her show, and she had a room at the Statosphere. Where was she seen going to his room? Where were they seen making out? Seems like this story is missing the “story.”


  5. WhoSaidIt |

    Now how true is this because I know someone that knows Frenchie and she was walking through the Grove hand in hand with her Girlfriend. Last I knew was that Frenchie was a lezzy, so this story is Bogus! Jackie don’t become like MTO and not have your facts straight. Don’t believe me then ask Frenchie!


  6. Catwoman |

    Eww…that would be one interesting sex tape…yuck!


  7. Jenny grims |

    Cedric the Entertainer is a cheater saw him in the. Club feeling up on numerous bartenders and servers on the ass and etc. then after feeling them up he had the audacity to.be a cheap under budget tipper.


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