Is Claudia Jordan Hollywood’s Next Top Madam?


Claudia Jordan - Madame
HSK Exclusive – One former Price is Right model may have her eyes set on filling Heidi Fleiss’ notorious shoes. Know why? Because word from the streets is that Claudia Jordan is getting ready to open an escort service. Know why? Because, I’m told, Claudia Jordan now has the black book which once belonged to her now deceased girlfriend, (and former high end Hollywood call girl) Cathy Koreana White.

Here’s the tea that’s spilling from an inside source, which you’ll only read here at HSK:

“CJ got her hands on Cathy White’s black book. Claudia knows Cathy’s clients because her and Cathy were best friends. They did calls in Dubai together.”

I tried to call Claudia Jordan for a comment, but all I got was her lousy voice mail service….


  1. That wouldn’t be a wise career choice for her. I don’t see her as the type who would survive in prison, after being convicted of pandering.

  2. Claudia Jordan is hoping for a come up nasty bisssh, She always had negative things to say about White and was pissed she was getting cold hard cash

    • …Good question. All I know her for is ‘Deal or no Deal’ and being Jamie’s resident blow-up doll on his Foxxhole Radio show, but once he gave her the boot, ole girl’s had it pretty rough. It’s hard out here for some of these aging jumpoffs, it seems.

  3. I know that prostitution has been called the oldest profession …. but it would be great if chicks would challenge themselves to at least aspure to be more than a hooker seriously. If your known for being nothing more than a groupie than what does that say about you. Grecognition and respect off your own hard work.. education.. success not off who you slept with and latched on to.

    • Well of course you’re right. Well except for Cathy who they say was a prostitute but she’s different and special and all sorts of wonderfulness. Know why? Because she supposed to have been Beyonce’s husband’s prostitute. Just ask the people of HSK.

  4. CJ having CW’s little black book filled with wealthy client’s names, was found and it ended up in CJ’s hands? Wow! I don’t remember reading that CW had a roomate in her expensive apt. And I thought maybe it was her family that cleared her apt after she was found dead. This makes me feel even more suspicious about CW’s death being a homicide, instead of her having some mysterious illness occur. And CJ knows all aobut it too. In due time CJ will get what is coming to her sneaky, dirty ass.

  5. Well she done so much whoring maybe its time to let someone else slob on the old knob. So she wants to be the black heidi fleiss now? At least the trifling tramp is attempting a career. I would wish her luck but she has shown she isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer so I guess jacky’s next story will be her going to the pokey. Guess suelyn better start giving some more seniors blowjobs-claudia’s going to need money on her books.

  6. Jay-Z was banging a call girl? Really. Come on man. This is soo believable. Was she also his blood sacrafice? That would make this story more juicy! Or, did Beyonce get tired of this chil screwing her husband and had Cathy White’s SS# erased? Even juicer.

    In all seriousness… Claudia (or was it Cathy White) was in the photo book Room 23. That book is rumored to be a Diana Jenkins big black book of her high end celebrity clientele and celebrity call girls.

  7. And the difference between prostitution and escorting is…?

    What’s the difference?

    Jacky, let me know.

  8. You will just post anything these days I see. Cathy had never been to Dubai in her life, and she didn’t even like that bitch Claudia that much so I don’t know where all this “best friend” stuff is coming from. I worked with Cathy at ORION in Santa Monica –look it up you’ll see that it’s a HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, we also worked out at Equinox sometimes. The girl liked to stay home and ice-skate on her damn Kinect. Yes she liked to hangout and get glam – but what beautiful 29 year old woman doesn’t?

    She hung out with Claudia because Claudia is BEST friends with Nikki Chu, and Cathy considered Nikki Chu to be her best friend. This is how several women begin to interact and hang around each other, but by no means does this establish them as “best friends”. Postmortem it was revealed that Nikki was no friend to Cathy AT ALL.

    Cathy was a great woman, co-worker, and friend. She has been greatly missed, and it would be nice for you to stop riding a deceased person so hard – especially when you have not done your research very well on them.

    How about you start with some fact-checking.

    My prayers are with YOU because you are obsessed with the deceased and will do anything to get more hits for your site.

  9. I knew Korianna enough to know she was not at all a call girl. I’ve seen her through 2 boyfriends one a very famous athlete and the other her wannabe talent agent. her Biological Mother passed untimely as well. but I’m not 100% sure if she said it was due to aneurysm or cancer or something else but I think it was aneurysm too.

    Claudia and Nikki as friends had to be more in recent times because she definitely did not know either when I knew her. We simply lost contact overtime after I moved back home in 09.

    As for her being involved with famous rapper, I have no idea. But she was a very beautiful girl and intelligent girl, So it sounds feasible especially in comparison to who he is married to right now. She’s much more beautiful than what the pictures reveal of her on the internet.

    But call girl no, Korianna held high standards as far as who she dated, but sleeping with them to make money, Nope never seen that or even heard her say anything that would suggest that.

    She just wanted to be a singer and business woman. She worked regular job like many of us along with going to different castings.

    All this other stuff is exaggerated, simply because she was photographed one time near 1 famous rapper. However I do believe it’s much truth to it, but stretched far beyond what Korianna was really capable of. I don’t doubt that they dated, but I do doubt that he harmed her or put her threw college since her college boyfriend was the most famous athlete in DC at the time. Seems pretty conflicting if that were the case.

    I hope this paints a brighter picture of who she was, but a call girl absolutely not. More like a girl that respectively was striven to accomplish her goals while not settling for broke men. You know like every other normal beautiful woman in the world. Does not make her a call girl, she did not go on dates to pay her bills. she worked to pay her bills.

  10. Oh and she was never corny or whack enough to keep a black book full of tricks. The girl like to read books, sing and talk about business ventures.She was not even a club rat, she only clubbed at a minimum and usually only if it involved being around someone she was dating or liked. She never had interest on traveling to Allstar or anything like the stuff. She was not a groupie or Hoe. She was a girl with goals with no interest in broke men. She did not go out of her way to find them, they were naturally attracted to her, I’ve witnessed from us eating at pizza place or being somewhere not expecting to run into those type of ppl. I took her to a hood spot from my home town with no famous ppl and somebody still came to her and wanted her to meet they family who happen to be rich and famous. So don’t do her like that, that’s not who she was. She was also very down to earth and sweet.

    If she in fact was dating famous married rapper. I do believe she may have passed simply from aneurysm. Because Korianna did not come off as a girl that like to be second or willing to be side piece. So if she did take that seat I’m sure it drove her crazy.

    • you sound like the ugly chick who secretly had a crush on her.

      The girl had a fabulous apt. in renovated Harlem.
      She was doin’ something to pay that rent and it was not typing.

      As for Claudia being the next Heidi Fleiss, get back to me when she learns how to read

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