Is Dwayne Wade Spreading STD’s While Cheating on Gabrielle Union?


Gabrielle Union STD Clinic
Dwayne Wade may be joining the like of many pro-athletes who are cheaters spreading disease. That’s because sources say the NBA superstar recently gave a Miami cheerleader an STD, while cheating with her, behind the back of his actress girlfriend, Gabrielle Union.

Here’s what the insider had to say:

“Dwayne is cheating on Gabby, and dude need to fix his joint because a cheerleader is saying he gave her an STD!”

Is Gabrielle Union walking around Los Angeles with a discharging punany? I don’t know, but if she is I’m sure she’ll soon be rushing to the clinic for her STD shot. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dwayne Wade’s ex-wife Siohvaughn.


  1. LOL sorry but that was a funny bit of writing. I don’t care if Denzel offer me that licorice stick, he’s wearing a condom. Only foolish women let a man, who is not their husband, stick it in raw. And sorry to say, too many BW so thirsty for male approval (due to fatherlessness/no dad at home during formative years) that they let him bareback. And yeh I know you can still get an std even with condoms yet they do cut down transmission. Why don’t those stank men use condoms???

    • Because they like that feel of the raw flesh and to hit it quick. Jump off…conquer. Hell, truth be told we women do too like the real feel, but most of us just aren’t willing to die for it or go to the clinic with the coochie burning on fi-yah… I’ll pass…*drops mic*

      • I really dont think that Dwyane will do that he is to good of a father to do something like that BUT him and Gabrielle dont belong together she to old for him anyways.

  2. Well the truth is, D Wade’s ex wife is the one who is a card carrying member of the STD club. If he has one its incurable and he got it from her. Back in 2005, a mutual friend of ours was his way to Robbins, Il to meet with D Wade to tell him that his wife is cheating with several guys around the old hood. This might explain the inconsistent play of the D Wade all season

    • true,but he claimed that he didnt have it and that she did. Now he got another STD issue and his ex not even around. So that just proves that his ex was right the first time. He been dirty….but he put all that press out to claim its her.

  3. Is anyone surprised? Gabrielle Union knows that D Wade cheats on her. What bothers me is that these men go raw in jumpoffs as well as their wives and girlfriends. The disrespect is just pitiful. But we all know that people do to us what we let them do to us and as long as we stand by and allow this behavior to happen, it will continue.

  4. Damn near half of everyone in sports and showbiz have some kind of std. That’s why they pass each other around.

  5. Nurse: The doctor will see you now.

    Doctor: I’m sorry to tell you that in addition to your STD, you have an incurable disease and I’m sorry you have x amount of months/days to live. Please prepare your loved ones.

  6. Is this even news? Didn’t we already know these celebs fuck any and everyone? Men and women alike need to not fantasize nor act on any desires when it comes to these celebs. STDs are flying in that world

  7. When Mike Vick gave a woman herpes,the woman receive 6.7 Million in herpes Lawsuit – ABC News, why this women has not sued. Just saying !!!


  9. it kills me how media comes up with a bullshit story and gulluble people will beleive it. get real. do u actually beleive these men dont get checked reguraly and that if gabrielle knew dwade was cheating, which i beleive he isnt, she woud still be there. what next she cheating on him. lol. wr are a sorry example foe some people. instead of fighting fot trayvon we will follow lies and bullshit.

    • @meekie
      dumbass ballers don’t use condoms. THEY ARE DUMB. Only a dumb ass millionaire would hit anybody raw, a stupid ass fool. Men share the blame 50% don’t get it twisted cause I dissed Gabby. The condom goes on the penis, the man has the penis. Men are dumb as shit. Woman’s biological nature (during certain years) is to procreate wheather the man is poor or rich, black or white, chicks wanna have a kid. Not gonna sit up here and demonize women when too many DUMB ASS HORNY STUPID MEN BAREBACK. Then they say they got trapped.

      One of my BM associates (he is too dumb to be called friend) married several nonBlack women. Of course he never got along with any of them but that’s another story. Got them all preg, didn’t want the kid but those chicks got that child support, LOL. Each time, I said to him WHY DIDN’T YOU USE A CONDOM? Dumbass kneegrow said : she made me do it without. ONLY A WEAK ASS MAN GOES WITHOUT A CONDOM. Regardless of race. But when you look around there is a sh!t load of dumbass BM putting the blame on BW when its THEIR PENIS THAT THEY DID NOT WRAP UP. Their fault they didn’t choose the proper sex partner, their fault they didn’t flush the condom down.

      Every. Last. Boyfriend. That I have had in the past 10 years uses condoms and flush them down the toilet!! I was NEVER offended when they flush those condoms down-even though I don’t want a bastard kid, some chicks do and it’s the man’s responsiibility to dispose of his condom. AND TO ALWAYS WRAP IT UP UNLESS THEY READY TO BE A DAD.

      • I hit it bareback so I can squirt on den hoes…. Dwade knows Wat I’m saying he’s squirting 26.7 mill in ur mouth per year LOL hshaha

  10. OK Gaby – I mean “meekie” – your feathers are ruffled because probably everyone knows or *sees* but you…now that you “know”, whatcha gonna do??? And no, we don’t believe these men get checked regularly and if it’s offered up to them on a plate (which most are offered tons of it), they will take it, and look later to see if anyone’s watching and then give you the I’m sorry routine…get real!

    • i wish i was gabby. im sure gabby doesnt waste her time reading negative garbage thats been out in 2009, so come with some new news. and i probrobly(sp) should kick my own ass for trying to reason with people who judge others whiLe their men is doing the thing u accusing dwade of doing, so if talking about celebrities makes ur situation feel better, then MY BAD BOOBOO

  11. Good God, the ignorance on this site. Let me tell you I work with people of all races each day that are infected with some sort of STD. It’s not a black woman/white woman issue it’s an issue that affects all people! No one should be having unprotected sex, I don’t care if you’re married and you THINK you’re in a monogamous relationship. No sex is worth catching a disease for and for it being a self-esteem issue, not necessarily I’ve counseled many women and most of them were just horny. It’s time we begin to tell the truth, women aren’t necessarily some innocent seeking love or approval from a man, some of them are just whorish who like to have sex with whomever, whenever. No different than a scandalous azz man. Let’s stop pretending that women are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

      • its both,remember it takes 2!! i think you have a problem with seeing brothas with chicks with other races,which may explain all this hostility you have toward them!!! you need to understand,if sistahs like you start to see men from the spirit and not the color then you’ll began to see (in your mind) that not all men are the same,nope,not even brothas. when a man find a woman he wants (regardless of race) he’s gonna keep her and yes that goes for brothas to. so what if they don’t choose us (sistahs ) all the time,date the same way as other women of cultures,they want a man thats gonna protect (keep to himself),provide (take care of home)and profess ( let family & freinds now who you are)sistahs should want the same. speaking of women of other cultures i once had a conversation with a black women from jamaica who has chinese mixed kids,i met at the dmv,we converse & i asked her about how she’s treated here (in the US) cause of her interracial relationship,she said back home its common not a big deal,everyone is considered jamaican from the island,sistahs here stares at her ask if her kids are realy hers & be surprise when she tells them she’s married to her kids father. she goes on to say sistahs here is so caught up in race to choose a man for a husband along with other stereotypes and not for what kind of man he can be. It makes no sense how other black women of nations can marry so easily than american black women cause they focus on the right reasons for what they looking for in a man,as oppose to the superficial american black women,he gotta be this complexion,this size penis,have this much money,this tall etc etc… and in return don’t have nothing (the average that is) to bring to the table to meet whats being damanded. let alone have not worked on the attitude,mindset or weight. i hate to say it as a blackwoman but the average is overweight and thats not attractive!!!

        • Yawn. Of course I didn’t read everything you said.
          But a hit dog hollars, boo! You been hit and crying like a bitch-dog. You’ve been following me around this board trying to get a reaction. I’m beyond hip regarding your type-ghetto, low class, sergergated, monocultural. I feel sorry for you cause you aren’t living a full life.

          I could give a dry grind who dates who. I uphold the Motherblood. If you come out of pocket about me/us/BW/Motheblood-I’m in that ass. From Tyrese to Lil Wayne.

          You obviously live in the hood. I suggest you move, as I have, LONG ago You have that ghetto mentality of a EBT/Section 8 lower-class kneegrow, and for that, I pity you and your bastard children cause I KNOW your ass ain’t married.

          Move. Out. Of. The. Hood-if you have a job, that is, LOL! Open your mind, fool. Read a book instead of taking your cues from Lil Wayne and the rest of the Motherblood hating queeny hiphop coons. Mix and mingle with other races- I do. Then you will learn: it’s character, not race.

          Notice? I don’t uplift WM, AM, and LM for marrying, protecting family and community. Don’t have to. The facts speak for themselves. MEN are to lead families and community. MEN ask for hands in marriage. But too many BM are jailbirds/downlow/highschool drop-outs, can’t provide for family. Stop pretending that BP aren’t in crisis mode.

          And boo? Keep following me around this site, I don’t give a fuck. But I’ve wasted precious minutes typing on my desktop iMac, LOL. You, a hit dog who has to hollar, can be another stan of mine.
          Meaning-child, bye.
          PS pick a handle, fool, thanks how I know you’re ghetto and low class you can’t even think critically enough to create a user name. How bout “Dumb Ghetto Stan” LOL

          • you’re so stupid,first off i don’t have kids (thank god),and if you read my whole response then you really would not have came off the way you did,my statement was not disrespectful. Im not hit about nothing you said being the i have a plenty wisdom you lack,you blame the man,but it does take 2 to mess up things. your’e the bitter one cause i can clearly see what you write,is how you think. you said is character,not race (in earlier postings you didn’t say that,you blamed it on the brotha man),if you read my whole entire response you wouldve saw that i said that first,not you at all!!!! you’re a liar and ghetto!!! and everything that you said of me only pointed back to all that you happen to be,im not you!!!

  12. where in her comments did she say she was a christian. people use god bless all the time and doesnt make them a christian. she is doing what you all are doing, writing her opinion on this site. it dont make her right or wrong and neither does it for you.

  13. Meeka sound like Gabby, if so she knows he plays around ALL of them do unless you are with them 24 7 then you don’t know. Wonder what happen to movie career maybe she I’d working in being a basket ball wife, I heard that job is more lucrative, don’t believe me ask Vanessa .

  14. im sure gabrielle would not waste her time reading what regular people like us are saying. by the way she was just in a movie and have another along witha pilot coming soon. so im assuming meekie, not meeka is prob. just a fan that voicing her opinion

    • Understand this: celebs Google Alert themselves. Don’t believe me? Ask Kim Trashcan.

  15. actually it was siouvaughn who had std from the beginning and dwyane got it from due to her cheating on him