Is Faith Evans On High Octane Rather Than Octaves?


Faith Evans Award for Riding Own Jock

Gassed Up?

Faith Evans has made a public statement on who she thinks deserves to be nominated for a Grammy in this year’s R&B categories of the Grammy’s — and that would be none other than herself!

Here’s what Faith Evans had to say:

“Normally I wouldn’t say this, but I think I should be nominated. [Laugh] It feels funny saying that about myself. But my first single ‘Tears of Joy’ from Faith Evans R&B Divas album is just one of those songs. If I’m not nominated, the song writer Claude Kelly should be. It’s just a great timeless R&B record. It puts me in the mind of Gladys Knight meets Aretha Franklin.

You ain’t got to give me props, but it’s just a great song. I think they would be crazy if they don’t nominate the songwriters of ‘Tears of Joy’ for a GRAMMY this year.”

Is Faith Evans proving to be a narcissus with these claims of her current song “Tears Of Joy” Grammy-worthy? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Ray J.

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  1. Nothing narcissitic about feeling that she should be NOMINATED. Now if she’d said she should be the winner then that would be different.

  2. Faith is a humble lady. She was joking about herself but more giving props to the writer.

    I respect faith for the way she has carried herself over the years

  3. Tears of Joy was a good song, but it wasn’t even played on the radio here in ATL. I guess she should have put Chris Brown or Trey Songz on it, so radio would play it.

  4. She sings much better than these other hoes. At least she knows what R&B sounds like. Faith is the closest thing to an R&B star that we have.

  5. Who in the hell is faith Evans. She a nobody. She just had a baby by biggie. I am sick of these babies momma thinking they all that just because they had sex with a baller. Obviously her album sucks because I never heard it on the radio so I guess her dumb ass ain’t got nothing better else to do but promote herself. What a idiot. Have Todd do that.

    • Wow your dumb ass needs to stay anonymous!! She has made hits since day 1! Clearly you don’t know music or talent keep listening to crap and stay out of grown folks business!!!!!!

      • Thank you! Her having a baby by Biggie didn’t give her those amazing vocals! WTF is wrong with people!? I’m glad there are some grown folks on here that recognize true talent. Nothing wrong with believing in yourself; yes she had the substance abuse but that’s neither here nor there GIRLFRIEND HAS SKILLS.

    • Take your young, unknowing ass back to school! Faith is one of those artists that can disappear and be completely off the radar, then pop back up and sell out a show. She had a good career and is one of the best in R&B.

    • SO in order for an album to be good it has to be on the radio? lol Its that typical mindset that slows down humanity’s state of consciousness for it to ever evolve towards anything intelligent.. And also for you to use the radio to make a POINT on music you see fit as relevant just to go show your just another slave in society and even a bigger prey for the industry to influence. incompetent idiot.

    • Wow you need to do some research!!! You Really don’t KNOW nothing about Faith Evans she is a fantasic vocalist and song writer she has written so many songs i.e for the likes of Mary J Blige etc. Faith Evans sang most of the backing vocals for P diddy aka puff daddy in the earlier bad boy days.
      Please do your research.
      Faith Evans does’nt get enough props for her contribution to the music industry.

  6. Must be a youngin 🙁 Faith can sang rings around any of the artists of today but I’m old school I appreciate vocal talent not studio singers… It’s only a couple of folk that can truly sing but tone, pitch, range ….I’m rockn with Faith, Mariah, Fantasia (taking her shoes off and all of that), Monica, Jennifer Hudson, Brandy on a good day…Aretha, Chaka Khan who did I leave out ?

  7. Watching the nominations now…This is and will always be the Grammy’s. No shade to Faith and her skills but the Grammy nomination committee is not beat for Faith. Here in the tri state she gets no airplay and this is where she is from…Atl must play her heavy for her to even think she can be nominated. She is free to toot her own horn and believe in herself..why not all these non talent clowns are getting nominations for auto tune and studio vocals…I don’t blame her for trying…lmfao