Is Keyshia Cole The New ‘Super Head’?


Keyshia Cole Look-a-like

Who Took It?

HSK Exclusive – We may now know the reason behind Daniel Gibson’s decision for putting a ring on it. That’s because a recent XXX photo of Keyshia Cole displays the singer knows exactly what to do with her mouth when going down south.


Keyshia Cole Giving Top - Photo Proof

The uncensored photo is too graphic for HSK, but can be seen uncensored on this site HERE!


Keyshia Cole Exposed

Keyshia Cole

Lil Duval Keyshia Cole Top Tweets

Charlamagne Tha God Keyshia Cole Tweets


  1. OMG Jackie… I feel bad for Keisha. She had a messed up start in life with a messed up mom. No real role model..but she try to make something of her life. Too bad this mess is coming back to haunt her.

  2. Jacky are you serious!

    Why did you feel the need to put this out there? We know that all these artists do some thing s to get where they think they want to be, but damn!

    I see that you are all into slut shaming the females, even after they have moved in in their lives and are doing better and hopefully making better choices.

    Where are the pics of the undercover homo-thugs taking it in the ass or giving head to other men? I’m sure those pics and video stills are out there, but you choose not to out these males….. but you happily put these females on blast!

    That is a truely shitty position to take. If you are going to put women on blast for being sexually free, do the same damn thing to the males too!

    Oh and blasting a man for having 50-11 kids and cheating on his wife isn’t enough! Pull those nasty bastards out the damn closet! That would even things out! If you have no issue totally and absolutely shaming women…. do the same for your compadres, Jacky!

    • PinkKitty I agree. I like Keyshia, and I dont give two fucks whos dick she sucked. I think its low of Jacky to post this shit.
      Basically I come to the site to read what You,(PK) CrazyChris nd a few others comments.

    • you will never see a dick oic on HSK. you want those you gotta visit the girls over at

      and I’m equal in my writing about everyone man or woman. there’s over 5000 articles on HSK so unless someone has read every single one (if you did thank you) then they are not qualified to speak on who goes under the bus and who doesn’t


      • Girl im still dying about what happened last night on SR….black magic….lol #efflurkers even though im one ha!!


      • Jacky,

        It is your site and you have every right to post what you choose. Just like I have the right to my opinion.

        In my opinionJacky, you judge females far more harshly than males. There are pics of downlow men polishing each other off, until you out those men in the same way that you out these women as whores (with photographic evidence), I will continue to have the same opinion.

        On this site women are held to a different standard.

        • I am not down with the gay shit, but if there are pics of celeb DL dudes doing things that they should not be doing, they should be exposed too! We hear so much about them, but people like me need hard (no pun) evidence!

          As for Cole, some say they want her to suck their dicks, but i’d rather suck on her titties and beat that pussy up!

      • Jacky,
        Maybe more investigating would have helped. Maybe it’s wrong to post pics like this b/c the intended subject could be unnecessarily embarrased & hassled. That’s NOT Keyshia, the young lady that’s ACTUALLY in the pic admitted it on Twitter, & she looks a LOT like Keyshia. So now Keyshia’s been slandered all day for NO REASON, other than slimy blogs attempting to get hits. That’s messed up.

      • Agree with you. This is a news site, if you can’t handle it, go to another site and you will see her gunning there as well!

    • I agree with PK, this is why people like Father MC get mad, some things don’t need to be posted or written about.

  3. Keishas momma was/is a common street walker.

    Miss “Dont Call Me Black” Coles daddy could be Popeye as far as she knows and her Mama wont be able to remember which one of her 19 tricks impregnanted her through that heroin dazed evening at the Navy Docks.

    • keyshia don’t look biracial to me.

      if some whitye guys paid frankie for sex back in the day that maybe true but let’s just say keyshia is a community child.

      where’s maury povich when you need him.

      • Yeah, Keyshia doesn’t look biracial to anyone but herself. Most people didn’t even know she was mixed until she said it (And that her mother told her her father was one of her [white] johns )a few years ago.

    • There are two different versions of this pic floating around actually. The top of her head was aiming left instead of to the right like this post has…Don’t know what the hell to think at this point. The noses are similar. Lot of things are similar. If it’s not her, then the girl who is in the pic looks JUST like her….

      • i actually know the girl and the guy in the photo… she looks just like keyshia but its not keyshia it is the girl who came forth.

    • I dont think it is her but I am still waiting to view the pics because I am at work. The face does look 100% the same. To me it is not worth it to please a man on every end just because he wants that because they feel way too entitled for me and tend to be very unappreciative. Not every woman suck dick, just like every man don’t like fking women in the azz, just like ever women don’t have nor take naked pics of herself people are so stereotypical these days we are all different that why we are called individuals. If I can’t be me being with you then why the fk do I need you in my life?

  4. Why are people still hitting it raw don’t they know about AIDs and other STDs but then again it isn’t like condoms are 100% safe

    • Girl I am super cautious in that area because I don’t want no one else to be the reason why I did not choose to look out for myself.

    • Some people are out of control sex fiends and can’t wait or help themselves! Some women just have to have every minute with anyone, anything or any where!

  5. Hittin’ it raw will never go out of style because thats how men and women make dem babies…

    Test Tube Baby!

  6. Why is it assumed that this act was done to further her career? Couldn’t it just be a past boyfriend and had nothing to do with doing, “some things to get where they think they want to be?”

    I do agree though that we always see pics of the females caught in the act but never the men. I did see a video a couple of years ago that said there was a man in the industry that was being blackmailed over a pic. He ended up killing himself. The official reason was said because he was depressed but the real reason was supposedly the threat of release of the pic of him and a man/men.

    • Agreed, women are humiliated on a regular with video and/or photographic evidence. The alleged cideo/pic of Shakir never went viral. I guess since he killed himself there was no need to.

      I’m sure there are pics of Will Smith, 50Cent, Diddy and countless others in compromising positions. Why have t they been made public? Instead we see pics of women’s nipple slips, crotch shots, iPhone shots, you name it! But, nothing on these males. Nothing.

      These men are happy to further the degradation of women, very happy to oblige. But women are not posting dick pics of any men that he previously smashed. Even gay guys are t putting these down low mofos with photographic evidence at the same rate as what women are experiencing.

      Balance the scales please.

      • I hear you and in many ways agree. Unfortunately, society itself isn’t balanced and so it will absolutely reflect sites like this one, gossip sites in general etc. It’s a double edged thing of a woman STILL not ALLOWED to enjoy and be comfortable in their sexuality and when they do, it is male privilege to shame her for being that way when it suits them.

        To use a very basic and showbiz example, Rihanna one of the most gossiped about celebrities who forthrightly (Whether one agrees or not) uses overt sexuality to sell her music, is often mocked and derided for her image, and has been gossiped about for years for her alleged lionized sex life. Madonna 20 years earlier noted for being the forerunner using sexuality and controversy to sell her music was mocked and derided for the exact same thing. I tell you with all the wonderful advancements in technology and science in the same 20 year time frame, in the Western World society continues on with its backwards thinking with regards to the female gender.

        • Our moral compass is being tweaked daily by the media and entertainment industry. I get that.

          However, as intelligent individuals, we all know right from wrong.

          Holding males and females to a different moral standard is an absolute crock of s**t in my humble opinion. Regardless if “social norms”, I’m not going along to get along on that issue, there are too many implications and ramifications to holding men to a lower or different moral and/or sexual standard than women.

          Just my humble opinion.

  7. This looks like her when she first came out. Sad to say she probably had to do what she had to do to get some far in her career, I could be wrong but my guess is Diddy

  8. Jacky, Keyshia released a statement on Twitter last night, its not her, different nose, no tats and u still ran with this story. Like the nene story u ran with. Keyshia got a funky attitude and she treat her husband like shit. Gotta go with the other posters, when u going to start exposing men?

  9. All of ya’ll are dead as wrong! That is not Keisha Cole her tat is on her left arm not her right. Please stop taking these sites as the gospel!

  10. Keyshia said its a different nose,that’s cause she had work done to the nose of her in this pic giving some downlow man top.

  11. It look like KC when she first came out but the tattoo is misleading…I dont think KC would sale herself this short

  12. To me this makes Keisha more likeable…Just a regular girl doing an African American male a favor…This makes her for her comment about not being black.
    Kim Kardashian can suck dick on video and get a TV show.
    Why the double standard about the Mixed Race non singing tattooed diva?
    She should get a show or a movie or something now too.

  13. So nobody considered that jacky flipped the pic around or dude took it in a mirror? Damn. Some shit is just simple.


  15. Jackie please! If chicks wanna give head… that’s on them. HOWEVER.. that is NOT Keyshia Cole’s tattoo nor her new or old nose in that above pic.

    you people fall for anything

  16. Yea, thats the lovely Keshia ColeWorld, people tripping about the tat on the other arm, PEOPLE its 2 identical pics just flipped. Its her

  17. Nothing wrong with giving head . If it is her she should cla breach of privacy and keep it moving. It’s not like she grew up in a guilded cage. She from Oakland. It’s really not that serious, y’all.

  18. Whether it’s her or not this is low. She could have just sucked this ONE dick so now she’s a big hoe. The dude that released this is a pussy. Damn, I don’t even think she knew the pic was being taken b/c work was being put in. But let me tell you something even if it is Keyshia Cole she never carried herself in the street like Kim Kardashian so now as a married woman w/a child for someone to release this pic is just f’d up.

    • @EbonyLolita

      “I don’t even think she knew the pic was being taken b/c work was being put in.”

      Damn, there something sexy about this statement.

  19. LOL Well, as Keyshia herself sung some years back, ‘(She) Just Want(s) It To Be Over.’ Also, wasn’t Gucci Mane outing Keyshia as a whore (Like the world didn’t already know–Ask Prodigy of Mobb Deep) a few weeks back? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was him she was, uh, working on lol

  20. Cuz she sucked a few dicks she is a whore? What is the dick sucking limit to where you can still be considered a regular woman?

  21. Especially if the dude was her boyfriend at the time. i mean, ladies do still suck they niggas dick, right? i never really like K. Cole, but i cant front, she look good sucking dick. and that is no diss…

  22. Keyshia is from Oakland, CA – most chicks from her hood like just alike. same tatts, same hair, same everything.. no identity…this could have been any Oakland chick.

    #Rep my hood 8600 Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hey get caught in a sex tape scandal you can always blame somebody who looks like you r kelly did it.

        keyshia needs to find out who this impersonator is and have her whacked off.

  23. oh well that’s her seems like if celebs don’t want their business out quit taping themselves doing sexual acts.

    she should have knoqwb this was gonna come out and haunt her.

    only thing worse is if somebody make a sex tape of frankie having sex with rick james, sly stone, charlie wilson, bobby brown, and bootsy collins.

  24. Was over to a friends for a repast a week or two ago. Walked past a tv and there was a homely snaggletoothed old mf on the screen. I thought it was the Ticket Oak from the commercials. I asked who or what that was. The kids said that’s Frankie. Who? KCs mom. I had to look away b4 I had bad dreams. Who the fucc put her on tv?

  25. FIRST of all each and everyone of you were attracted to this side BECAUSE of Jacky’s expose’s, raw truth and his honest opinion and FURTHER MORE, It seems to me that Jacky has connections and inside info that most of you DON’T. SECOND of all, A photo can be printed in reverse of how the photo was actually taken/FLIPPED.

  26. She is not a whore because she sucked her man’s dick and he took a picture of it…. If I was to become famous there are two past boyfriends who can release shit… One I did it willingly with and posed for the camera when I was only 20. I trusted him because he has a reputation to uphold as an artist who is well known internationally. The other one evidently took a picture of me without my permission!! He sent it to me as a joke after we vacationed together, which I told him to erase right away (he was dumped soon after for being a creep for other things) …after I dumped him I was threatened with him sending those photos to my ex who became my current. SMH Men are really the bitches who kiss and tell.

    • You are stupid for having someome film your intimate relations… Its akin to having someone film you taking a shit…Its natural…Its normal..But why the fuck would you need to film it?

  27. That’s her. Same nose, ear, eyebrows, hair and tat. You do know when you take pictured with phones the camara flips them, right? Of course she’s gonna say it ain’t, who would’nt? I mean it’s embarrassing. But hey she likes to suck a lil dick every now and then. Big deal. Go polish the sliverware girl. It’s ok

  28. Well looking at this article closely. Checking the girl giving head and Keisha in the black dress. The tatoo on Keisha arm. The one in the black dress is different than the one giving head. Look closely at them. That girl is not Keisha

  29. As I mentioned prior to the evanescence, Tattoo inconsistencies… Look-a-like. It’s a fraud!

  30. why are people with WHITE FATHERS considered black? Oh cause they have a black mama? Really? SMH FYI there is no such thing as a biracial person either you are what ever your father is period. All seeds bear fruit after their own kind , so what makes a mans seed so different? This is the kind of shit that has people confused. You get your nationality from your father not your mother , despite how people may feel or say.

    • If you get a DNA test, it’s the mother whose chart they gonna look at. Female xx Male xy. That’s why on you birth certificate they ask for you mother’s maiden name. Even if you wanted to know your father’s history, they would still check his mother’s history. Don’t believe me? Ask Howard University where they do the DNA testing. It’s about the mother, not the pop.

  31. Right!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe some of these folks pick who they want to read about, well there are others like me that don’t mind reading about anybody …so go on FB and talk to your 3,500 friends and suck on a twix.

  32. That’s not Keyshia. The girl in the pic went to high school with my daughter. Her name is Maricela. She loved in foster care until one of the teachers at Pomona High School took her in. Tis child needs help.

  33. Like gorilla zoe said if i was with keshia cole she wish she wouldve cheated lol who cares if she did or didnt. Next……………….

  34. Not her!!!! Now I’m sure she do suck Dick, she got a husband and if she don’t some other trick will, hell what’s wrong with that. But people check the tat, can’t you simpletons see, even if is the same arm, these are two different tats?

  35. smh at these angry black women/lesbos on here about do the same with men…bitches go sit down. Play your position, women are NOT equal to men irregardless of what the lesbos might have yall think.

    • Preach! I’m with you and I’m female! Women and Men play different roles in this phase of life.

      However, we both are equal in the roles we live as a unit.

  36. the pic is of a k cole look-a-like who can be found on twitter: @redheadmari. she admitted it was a pic taken by her ex who leaked the pic.

  37. Jacky

    Are you sure that’s Keyshia Cole? If you’re not sure then you should say “allegedly” this is KC. According to Keyshia it’s not her. Not fun if millions of people think a pic of you giving head is real SMH.

  38. The title of the article is:

    Is Keyshia Cole The New ‘Super Head’?

    That’s seems to leave room open for it being fraudulent. Eiher way it was the talk in NYC before published here. So I ain’t mad at Jacky bringing the conversation happening on the internets and letting us go wild on it… Whatever end of the day keyshia can say its not here and she gets HUGE publicity for her new record.

    win win?

  39. Yes she has a bad attitude most day… And I don’t really care about her music but that’s not her and I said that because the tattoo is on the left arm in this fellatio photo she doesn’t have a tattoo on her left arm…. Left hand yes but not the upper left arm the right arm she has the heart with the cross or a dagger in this fellatio photo although you cannot see the whole tattoo you already know it is not a tatto of that heart she has… Infact it looks like a rose….. I will tell you this… She needs to change her attitude because she has a funky attitude with so many people that she wouldn’t even know who is trying to frame her…. She doesn’t even have her family to turn to because ether they need to get their own selves together or she shut them off from her life

  40. Nobody wants to have their pictures/videos circulating on the net/be put on blast but at the same time why the hell are we shocked by head pics and intercourse pics. Most Americans seen porn at least once in their lifetime whether it’s a mag, video, online website…please get over it. She handling her business and pleasing her man. Now if there were a whole bunch of pics with different men or a pic with her and a lot of men at once (train/gang bang) then I can understand people being shocked and feeling a little disgusted. Sex is natural and might I add Keyshia looks pretty doing it. Ok! She looking sexy in that pic! Who hasn’t suck a dick or two? Most men like getting head. Come on be for real.

  41. That’s a WEAK so-called retraction Jacky, really, you should do better. This smacks of some personal hatred, IMO

  42. No disrespect,HQ, but we are related to the Great Apes, not monkeys–no one ever compared humans to monkeys. We are 1 chromosome different from Apes. All of us Black and white. I’m not saying this to knock your beliefs, but I studied etnic anthropology and it is factual. Even if you don’t believe in evolution according to Darwin, we are still 1 chromosome apart from them.

    And DNA is accepted as a Law, not a hypothesis or theory by every country including the Motherland.

    Some Egyptians appear white, such as Mrs. Anwar Sadat.
    Some are Negroid (a term not appreciated by American Blacks, but sadly remains in textbooks),and some are Mongoloid(Asian, as in the Arab Nomadic tribes. Probably not appreciated by any Asians)

    Don’t pay for someone to do your thinking I agree. But maybe open your mind a bit?

    My ex-husband was a Sephardi Hebrew. Unlike European Jewry, who are white, Sephardi are brown and considered Mongoloids.

  43. Who really cares! It’s only embarrassing if your suppose to be straight and a gay photo comes out, or if you are with more than one person (Especially if they are of opposite genders), if you are dressed in kinky attire, Or if you have someone R Kellying on yoU,…

    Straight Male female sex acts is not embarrassing–IMO

  44. Everybody let loose or did something stupid once in there life so what she gave heads im sure. Yah asss gave some tooo n that’s her business not yours and why do you care so much its wasnt you. And she is grown rich and successful shit she probably make more than you yet still you gotta hate off her pssssh point lesss cause she dont give two fucks and tooo people who always got shit to say about otheres obviously got skeletons in there closets that their hiding better be careful yours might get caught………….:)

  45. I hate to say this and I really dont like keyshia cole and her manly jawline looking self
    with her nasty attitude but that is not keyshia cole
    keyshia does not have a big tattoo on the right arm but on her left

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  47. Bitches need to stop fronting all women suck dick if they gonna keep a man. If they are dykes not so much. You see thats why i don’t let my husband photograph me and we’ve been married for years. Just because your with him today don’t mean you’ll be with him tomarrow.

  48. I’m sure their are naked pictures and dick sucking pics of bithonce out there but most suck ass media too scared to post. She gets on stage exposing her titties and pussy on stage and that ok as long as you dont photo it get the fuck out of here. Like i said media is too scare to post about that bitch so they continue to lick her ass pathic

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