Is Rich Dollaz The Father?


Rich Dollaz Under Arrest

HSK has exclusively landed this image of Rich Dollaz being arrested in Memphis, taken less than two-weeks ago. The photo surfaces on the same day the Love & Hip Hop cast member is set to appear in court over the paternity of his suspected preteen daughter.

Now, only time will tell if the DNA matches up. We’ll bring you more information about this case as it unfolds…


  1. This coke head can’t be serious. Just take the damn test. If he took the test whe he was supposed to, he wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Man up. If Rich is the father, he will owe thousands in back child support! Idiot.

  2. I’m not surprised at his actions. I realized Rich was a bitch when he was arguing with Somia Reese last season. I used to think he was handsome and masculine. But now I see he’s just a sissy with emotional problems. All that Fucking crying and arguing with girls. Be a fuckin’ man!