Ask Jacky… Is Rickey Smiley Gay?


Rickey Smiley Gay?

Hey Jacky,

I was wondering if you knew anything about radio personality/comedian, Rickey Smiley? I’ve heard a few unsettling stories about him & his ManPurse & like many other people I want to know if he is another down low brother.

BTW I love your site, it’s part of my daily routine!

If a dude is carrying a man-purse is he gay? I don’t know the answer to that question. Know why? Because I don’t hangout with dudes that carrying handbags mane.

I don’t know if Rickey Smiley is gay but I know Terrance Howard carries a man-purse does that make Terrance Howard gay?

Do chics like dudes who carry man-purses? I don’t thinks so and I would consider it strange if a woman was to compliment a dude on his handbag.

I believe they call those type of women Fag Hags.

If I get any information following my publishing this “ask Jacky” (which usually happens), I will be sure to update you.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.


  1. Asking if this man is gay is like asking if Michelle Obama is black. Oh, and being married doesn’t mean a person is not bisexual. I’m a fag hag and they can tell you about married guys.

  2. Ladies, you were born with intuition far greater than men, if you suspect someone is gay, he is.. Especially the one’s who write articles about DL men over and over

  3. I don’t know if he is gay or not? But he is very nice and friendly person.
    I still remember this was in end of 2003, he was waiting a flight to Las Vegas carry with a LV men’s purse and LV laguage, I don’t watch comedy show but I recognize him from BET Chanel , we were about 30′ to 40′ away to each other in 2 different gate of southwest airline terminal ,I know he is famous and afraid to look at him , but he is keep looking at me and smile for a couple minutes , I don’t know what to do just smile back to him , the next action was a surprise … He seems wink at me.. I felt a little nervous, by the time my flight to San Francisco calling us to check in , before boarding I look at him , he is still look and smile at me , we never have a chance to talk and just stand in 2 different gate looking and smile to each other for 5 minutes… Tell me can a man look and smile at another man for 5 minutes? This was almost 10 years ago , I don’t even know his name until I found his pictures from internet , I am not here to judge anyone just simply share a true story , maybe I was misunderstood..

  4. Your analogy considering Terrance Howard — YES!! … in my opinion.

    I don’t support any of these nasty queers. I neither watch nor listen to their shows/ movies / music.

    They are apparently foolish and nasty enough to stomp at God ….. but I am not.

    • Miss Catalina. I love how you reference God, but also resort to name-calling. Is calling someone “nasty queers” God-like??? Put your bible down sweetheart. You just lost one!!