Is T.I. a SNITCH? – Full Story Exposed



Clifford Harris Jr. (a.k.a. T.I.) got busted and everyone knows the story. Dude was facing 20yrs then T.I. gets a 1yr sentence…

How come Willie D. from the Geto Boys doesn’t get this kinda lenient treatment from the law?.

Clifford Harris is no longer a G in my books; know why? T.I works with the cops mane!

Are you people that blind to the facts? Clifford’s friend Cedric ” Alfamega” Zellars is a D.E. A. informant. In other words Alfamega is a snitch! But is Clifford ” T.I.” Harris a snitch? Was Shawty Lo right about T.I. and his friends over at Grand Hustle Records?

The facts are on the table a blind man could see it why can’t you? Cifford is doing easy time in Arkansas. T.I. can treat his jail sentence like a writers retreat and write his new album.

Now I’m hearing T.I. is only doing 2 months of his 1 year sentence! How does he do it? From 20yrs to 1yr to 2 months this is sounding ridiculous isn’t it?!?!

(UPDATE:) Apparently the District Attorney has made statements that T.I. is scheduled to serve his full year sentence and the “credit” they gave to him for his house arrest did not count towards cutting down his actual jail time.  Even still, 1 year from 20 didn’t happen because they felt bad for him!

Normally when the law shows this type of leniency when a deal was made. We see the law holding up to their end of the bargain by shaving off time for T.I. so now what does Clifford ” T.I.” Harris owe them?

We all saw the Al Sharpton – T.I. campaign didn’t we?

They wanted people across America to turn in their guns. Didn’t you see it? Why didn’t you read about it? T.I. works with the cops. I wonder if T.I. would wear a wire if the FEDS asked him to? Does he have a choice?

The only person snitch’in better than T.I. is Max B’s girlfriend Gina Conway. She ain’t doing no time for snitch’in on Max B. Doesn’t T.I. remind you of Nicky Barnes? Nobody better fuck his wife Tameka Cottle a.k.a. Tiny when he’s in Kiddie camp for 2 months.

You saw what Nicky Barnes did when one of his boys fucked his wife didn’t you?

Live Long and Hustle.

-Guru Jacky


  1. Sorry Jacky, but your “facts” are wrong. My brother was locked up in Brownsville, Tx for the last 12 years and paperwork travels in federal institutions VERY far. T.I. didnt snitch on anybody. I know for a fact because I was told by multiple people (including people close to The Honorable Larry Hoover) that T.I.’s papers came up when the cell blocks were having a paper party. For those that dont know, a paper party is when all the newest cats in the jail get together and bring out their court papers and show the documents detailing WHY they’re incarcerated. During that party, all the paperwork is seperated by region; South, West Coast, East Coast, etc. When T.I.’s papers came up, many people wanted to see them, including the officers who worked in the facility because hes a celebrity. After the paper party was over, T.I. was treated as an equal. He was able to walk the yards with general population and was never tested, punked, etc because his court documents and transcripts show EVERY single word spoken in court. You know that lady typing on the mini typewriter in court? Yeah well THAT lady records EVERY WORD SPOKEN IN COURT. So if T.I. snitched, it wouldve been in his paperwork. Theres even a copy of a letter from Larry Hoover himself that is now circulating the streets and internet in which he tells G.D.s, and the rest of the world that he knows T.I. didnt snitch because he’s read his paper party documents. Sorry Jacky, but T.I. isnt a snitch. You might wanna remove this false story your running on your site bruh.

    • You dumb fuck! The Chairman is in the most secured prison in america. He wouldn’t give a fuck about a T.I. when the city of Chicago is in need of his voice. If he got a reduced sentence for being in violation of firearms while being a felon, a deal with an admission of guilt was reahed! Therefore he is no differenr from any agent past, present or the future who may have chose to compromise the freedom of one by snitching in exchange for benefits.

  2. And for the record, T.I. is an intelligent cat with a LOT of money. Niggas like that are smart enough to know how to PAY $$$ and hire a dope ass legal team to keep them out of those basketball number prison sentences.

  3. Snitch paper is always replaced with sanitized to protect the identity of informents and narcs and undercovers.

  4. Sorry but the above post is correct; papers are sanitized, just think the CI’s the undercovers and the inmate would be at great risk. Gone are the days of segregated pop for snitches, put them in gen pop with clean papers because their asses now belong to the FEDS. I’m not telling you what I heard, and I used to like Clifford but the truth is the truth. I didn’t suffer through 6 yrs of school for nothing.