Jackie & Doug Christie Exposed As Swingers!


Swinging Couple Jackie & Doug Christie

Basketball Wife Bumping Bitches?

HSK Exclusive – There’s a lot more to the surface than meets the eye, and for Doug Christie, that could be a good thing. That’s because sources exclusively tell HSK not only does Jackie Christie have no problem with her basketball husband gettin’ it in with other chicks, but the BBWLA cast member also indulges in females herself. Don’t believe me? Just ask Karrine “Superhead” Steffans – who we’re told was recently extended a backstage pass, by the pair, into their bedroom — along with Sundy Carter, of course.

Now, not only is Jackie said to have her husband of 14-years on a leash — but she’s also reported to have introduced the former NBA baller to gay sex with other men!!! This doesn’t seem shocking, considering the pair’s recent anniversary celebration in honor of the gay community. Don’t you agree?


      • Let’s keep it real I think u and Doug r full of it. Take your time and think about family, instead of trying to act younger than u r. Grow the fucc up and Doug be real with yourself u like butt holes not pussy

    • Funny part I knew Doug was on the DL and his wife just fishy. Keep it real don’t mate want to share no matter what. Just nasty trick and tricker

  1. This makes sense..during the first season Karrine was shown as a “friend” in pictures on a few of the blogs..I wondered why she was there

    • Yeah I saw it too & heard interviews of Supa Head saying Jackie was her friend. It made no sense to me being that Jackie is insanely jealous/insecure would let a known groupie/home-wrecker/prostitute/porn-star around her husband & call her “friend”?

  2. Sounds about right. She got a tattoo of the gay rainbow symbol and their wedding will be to HONOR the LGBT community? What kind of mess is that? What straight man will allow his wedding to be in a gay club, honoring the gay community. Why on Earth do you need to have a wedding every year? I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean.

  3. By the way, her husband is b*tch-like…My husband who have acted a fool if I suggest ANYTHING like that. LOL

  4. I really don’t see a problem with them having an open marriage. If he chooses to experiment with men and she experiments with women, that is once again their business.

    No closed minded male (especially a homophobic black male) would ever allow for his wedding to be held in a gay club or an S&M club for that matter. I hate to say it, most blacks are not all that adventurous in the bedroom. I thought the episode was odd, the choice of a gay club was very odd. Now we know what was really going on… hidden in plain sight.

    • Girl, SILENCE! What is your idea of ”adventurous” in the bedroom? Is it Fucking Animals, Kids, Threesomes, Dressing up, Homosexual acts, and other nonsense? And what does race have anything to do with sex in general? If you really wan’t to get racially conscious about The African Culture’s take on sex, I don’t recall ever seeing any blacks glamourized in ‘Girls Gone Wild’ where college white girls are fucking anything on site/on camera at the drop of a dime, or being a Playboy Bunnie where these chicks are dying their hair blonde and getting breast enhancements just for fame, a lifestyle, and some money while at the expense of fucking some 80 yr.old Perverted Bastard. And i’m am DEAD @ You calling a Black Male ”closed minded” for not being open about not having any event at a homosexual atmosphere of conduct. If he’s not gay, then HE’S NOT GAY boo! There’s plenty of gay’s who don’t even indulge in their own social affairs for their communities, so how does that have anything to do with color again???? Have a Dodgers Stadium full of seats NOW!!!!!

      • Huh? I read what Pink typed and read a few times what you typed. Pink is actually saying that blacks ARE NOT the type to be funking animals, weird shit etc… She never said black men were closed minded…her words exactly “No close minded man ( especially a homophobic black male)”read again with comprehension. The only one who needs to sit down and get hooked on phonics is YOU. Stop it.

    • I said the same thing. This is not some new shit they’re trying. I think that’s her hold over him. He ain’t going nowhere. She knows all of his secrets and what he wants and likes in the bedroom. That dude prolly runs around the house in pink chiffon and she wears a strap during every sex session. I’ve been thinking this since the first season.

      • The prostate is the male g-spot. I read an article in either GQ or Details that suggested women try “prostate massages” with their men (for the men who were interested). That is a fancy way of saying “stick your finger up his butt.” I’ll pass.

        A man being the recipient of anal penetration is in no way, shape or form heterosexual.

        When I watched Jackie get that tattoo on BBWLA, I knew it was all bad. A rainbow, representing Lucifer and a triangle, which represents the illuminati, all in the name of “loving” and “supporting” the gay lifestyle is boolsheeeit (sic). That woman couldn’t fool me.

        Swinging with women who are basically industry prostitutes, mixed with Hennessy, paired with possible drug use (because Jackie appears highly paranoid and bipolar) screams DESTRUCTION.

        Shaunie as an Exec Producer of BBW, along with Cris Abrego and Shed Media are tools of the devil used to consecrate the image of Black American women. The show promotes self hatred, divisiveness and even a harem mentality. Brooke and Bambi were involved with the same man. There are rumors circulating about Bambi and Lil’ Scrappy. Draya’s son is rumored to be Gilbert Arenas’ child. That would make Draya and Laura ‘wives-in-law’. (Pimp term.) Their monikers are European, but their real names are Black American names. Lakeisha, Toi…not sure what Bambi’s real name is. It’s all too much.

        • I agree. And yes, the male G-spot is the prostrate. That’s why men get a woody when they get their prostrate checked by the doctor. Most doctors will warn a man when he gets his first prostrate exam and tell them not to be alarmed (and question their sexuality) when they get a woody from the exam. JS

      • I quote my friend “anonymous” from another thread, “white woman are the gateway drug for Black male homosexulaity.”

        • @Christa: that was a classic about the gateway drug to homosexuality is a white woman. I cannot stop laughing about that.

        • That’s a pretty broad statement, especially considering that the gateway to this man’s deviant love life appears to be his (black) wife.
          I personally think the media is more responsive for the current rise in homosexual experimentation. I know there are people that are born gay, but our media almost makes it seem cool, like everyone is doing it.
          Kids are coming out in middle school, I’ll see a whole pack of little queens walking together. I always wonder if its to fit in, give themselves a label. These kids all want to feel different and special now, and the gay boys in particular are popular, especially black gay boys.

          • You make it look like they r doing this for some type of fad. Middle school is when you start to become attracted to others, whether it be with the opposite sex or same sex. It is not about them doing it for popularity, but they r just being themselves and others like them for that.

  5. If they both agree with it and enjoy it…why not? The longest they aren’t hurting anyone and have priorities “straight” lol what’s the problem?

  6. I was a guest at numerous Kings games during his playing career. She was the ONLY wife in the whole nba to travel to every game. In every city there she was. She was wearing her hair short and slicked back. Sometimes spikey. A little butch. Had a nice lil rump on her tho. We made a lot of eye contact. Overbearing chics r a turnoff. Dude would do anything she told him too. He waved to her on ev free throw. We was like nigga please. Lol

  7. I don’t believe she had to convince him of anything…she was likely very accepting of his gay adventures…they look like a “cuckold” couple…

  8. no wonder there is so much tension b/w her & Draya…Jackie wants Draya, but Draya wants Gloria and Jackie mad.

  9. Draya ready to spread them herpes to Gloria. I could see Jackie calling all the shots in the bedroom within them orgies. With her strap on, black lace, hand cuffs, whips and chains. Doug just hollering like a bitch.

    • Keep hope alive. Not sure exactly who he is, but he was supposed to be a cast member on some tv show Jackie was producing. If you Google him, he is rumored to be a) their bedroom buddy and b) gay.

  10. doug is extremely feminine iNoticed that season1..i knew smthn was up wen thy had there wedding in honor of gays! wtf?!…& that grn married every year shit?! mannn…

    • They have matching tattoos of that symbol. They claimed it was the infinity symbol, but having studied math, I can see it is not. Smh.

  11. If you ask me all of them are some freaky bi- sexual bitches and they are all fucking each otheres mark my words it will soon come out

  12. So does anyone else recognize that this “marriage” is nothing more than the pimp/whore relationship I’m sure jacks is prostituting her hubby to men

  13. Bella what u said is true indeed…these celebs think they slick with covering up evil symbolisms…

    who are you to judge, good and faithful Christians/Muslims etc should not judge, think evil thoughts or even be on this page
    I dont like her at all but
    If her way of sexual expression is wrong that’s between her husband and her God, who are any of you to judge…lest ye be judged?

    How bout you mind ya own damn business
    if not for the DEMAND of nosy mofos for something to talk about, their be no SUPPLY of information about what people do behind closed doors… this aint new review a history book, technological advances and media have made it so any nut can share all their personal information with a buts of nosy nuts on the internet….you want the DEVIL/LUCIFER/SATAN its the fucking WORLD WIDE WEB

    *steps off soapbox*

  15. When she was asked was her husband was gay on the reunion show part 2, and her response was I don’t if he’s gay I never asked him, that sealed the deal for me!

  16. Stay out of Jackei and her husband business FOR REAL. LIKE CHILL WITH ALL OF THAT. Jackie can you please Email me. My son raps, make music and so on. I would like for us to talk about some things that could make us some money.