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Ask Jacky… Do I Choose My Adult Son or New Husband?

September 7th, 2011

Hey Jacky,

Its been a while.. I have a question for you..

I have ONE child.. I’m 40 and my son is 24.. Yep had him when i was very young.. Long story short.. the entire time my Son was growing up I NEVER EVER brought any Men into his life.. Recently got Married to a VERY Special Man. They are Butting heads.. I almost hate to come home from work (not knowing what drama is waiting for me) My Husband asked me last night.. ME OR HIM? Really?? I feel like i’m living out the movie “Baby Boy” Only this is REAL LIFE!!!Mind you i have three grandkids that I TAKE CARE OF TO KEEP MY SON OUT OF JAIL FOR NON SUPPORT!!



You’re 40 years old and you should be enjoying your life with your husband so my advice to you is to kick your son out and let him go out into the world and become a man. Your son is 24 years old, he should have his own apartment by now. You’ve done your job getting him to 18, after that he needs to start walking on his own.

If you don’t straighten him out now, your son will continue to control your life. Sooner or later your son will find a girlfriend and he’ll move on and guess what? You’ll be all alone. You have every right to enjoy your life with your new husband and it’s pretty serious if the ultimatum has been made.

How can your son become a man if you don’t let him stand on his own?

Hope I answered your question.

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.

3 Responses to “Ask Jacky… Do I Choose My Adult Son or New Husband?”

  1. jerk chicken |

    I thought it was Russel Brand trying to tell the world not to come near his wife


  2. nyob |

    She shouldn’t have to choose, the husband shouldn’t have asked her. I can see new hubbie looking at the son as a waste of skin: 24, living @ home, 3 kids and not paying a dime of child support. However, he must have seen all of this before he married her, so he knew what he was getting into.

    Whatever is going on with her son, she need only stand next to Sonnie and look in the mirror and she will see the 2 people responsible for this mess. She needs to set some ground rules with her son. If I was paying my son’s child support payments, keeping him out of jail, you best believe Sonnie and I would have had some understanding and house rules.

    Once you bring kids into the world, it ain’t about you anymore. Sonnie needs to get out and get it together. Give him a deadline and if the economy is so bad where you are and he can’t move , set some house rules. You have the power.


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