Ask Jacky… What’s Really Up With El DeBarge?


ask jacky el debarge

Hi Jacky,

What’s really happening with El DeBarge? Seems as if he had a good comeback going, went to rehab in Feb due to a relapse and started performing again. I’ve noticed, however that there have been a string of concert cancellations. Is this due to poor mgmt, lagging ticket sales, or El’s drug habit. There’s something rotten in Denmark as they say, and I’m sure you know what it is!


Word is the DeBarge family had a reality show in the making, but it never worked out. Know why? Because members of the DeBarge family are scattered in different cities, making it hard for the show’s producers to get the whole family under one roof mane.

Is El DeBarge back on crack? I don’t know, but if El is canceling shows my guess is he’s back beaming up. Don’t believe me? Ask Christopher Williams.

El DeBarge is extremely talented, but many would agree that giving El another record deal is like giving a junkie a budget to kill himself. I would tell you to ask Amy Winehouse, but she’s dead.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.


  1. I watched but I don’t remember her saying that on the show..maybe I’ll watch it again to see if where I missed it. Well I guess both her and the kids paid a heavy price for her getting what she wanted, almost like they were cursed somehow. sad

  2. I hate to say it, but I do think that she felt a little honored by getting attention from a no-good, trashy bum of a white man like that under any cost. I wonder why she just didn’t give her kids away to different family members. After all, she wasn’t a parent, either.She was too scared of that demon to defend her kids.