Ask Jacky… Was Flex Alexander Blacklisted?


ask jacky about Flex Alexander

Hey Jacky

Flex is now playing on a Verizon commercial, do you know what happen to flex career? He had a sitcom, one of the girls accused him of sexual misconduct ….Did he get black listed ?


I know Flex Alexander…we lived in the same Studio City apartment building “L’Estancia” back in 1998/99. I remember one day running into Flex in the elevator — that’s when he invited me to church with he and his wife, Shanice. I didn’t take him up on the invite, and didn’t see him till about 12-years later. Know why? Because I moved out of Studio City mane.

Last November, I attended the Heads Of State concert at Universal City Walk, where I ran into Flex who was sitting beside me and my chic. Flex was eating his chips and Nacho cheese and was cool when folks from the audience noticed him.

I really don’t know if Flex was blacklisted, but I do know that he has two children with Shanice Wilson.

Hope I answered your question.

Yours Truly,