Ask Jacky… What Happened To Tyrin Turner?



I hope you answer this question for me because you still have not answer the other question I ask you.

One of my favorite movies is Menace to Society. I am a fan of Tyrin Turner and I read an srticle that said he had been shot in the face and they we’re sayin he was in that movie “Ghetto Stories” with Lil’ Boosie & Webbie. They talk bout how his face was swollen in certain parts of the movie. So I did check the movie out for myself and it was just as they had said.

My question to you is ,why was he shot in the face? I want to know what happen.



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Update: Fatema – here’s the latest on Tyrin Turner, dude rolls with Jamie Foxx and guess what? Tyrin is also a writer on the Affion Crockett show…Know why? Because Tyrin Turner takes part in Jamie Foxx’s gangbang’s mane. Maybe they should call it the underground railroad. Don’t believe me? Ask Tank.

Tyrin Turner never got shot in face dude got his ass kicked and pistol whipped…

On Tuesday I’ll give you the full drop on Tyrin Turner…

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I know Tyrin Turner from back in the ’90s I used to see him all the time out here in Hollywood and onetime I ran into Tyrin at the Adidas store on Melrose.

Here’s what Tyrin had to say:

“I ain’t trying to do movies like Menace To Society or Belly no more. I’m tired of those roles I can play many different characters. I’m turning down gangsta roles I’m ready for feature films.”

I guess Tryin Turner never got the mainstream role he was looking for but I’ll look into why Tyrin Turner got shot in face and keep you updated.

Hope I answered your question.

Sincerely Yours,
Jacky J.


  1. well well well lmao…Mr.Turner was never pistol whipped just got his whooped by a real street nigga who wasnt…Beleive me I know!He used to run around LA believing he really was “Kane” sucka punching people thinking he was tough.But then after the incident went and pressed charges on the dude who socked him so hard he looked like he got Real gansta…way to go Tyrin…stick acting patna…this street shit ain’t for u we don’t press charges…what part of the game is that?

  2. I “AM” AN INSIDE SOURCE AND THIS IS THE GOD HONEST TRUTH: Tyrin is a broke pimp and all he do is try to pimp girls for money because he’s broke. Any girl that hits on him he’ll ask if they strip or if they have $$$. The comment about Tyrin & Jamie is true. As far as “Danger” (monica) they were barely dating because he used her for money. He’s having a seriously rough time in Hollywood. He don’t care if you have rent, mortgage, children or on your last dollar, he will beg you for it! He needs help!!