Ask Jacky… Does Janet Jackson Have a Secret Son?


Janet Jackson Secret Son

So Jacky, I know you’ve been hearing for years that Janet Jackson had a child while married to James debarg!

While working on the set of Fame Janet (Miss Jackson if ya nasty) was very much pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but chain smoking like a train.. Then she later emerged with the control album little baby fat still on her body..

I’ve broken this story last year in one of my blind items and guess what? National Enquirer picked up on it and investigated my story, solving the mystery of Janet Jackson’s bastard child.

Janet Jackson has a 27 year old son and his name is Omer Bhatti. Don’t believe me? Ask Katherine Jackson.

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.


  1. Ok there is a baby…it was LaToya’s child. Remember she quickly moved to Tel Aviv back in the day.

  2. I Agree with WTF , Also @ColoredGirl you must have forgotten that they did the Samething with Jackie’s Daughter Brandi Claiming She was The Kid of Janet & James DeBarge back in 2005 & Named Renee , The Fact is Brandi was born in 1982 Omer born in 1984 Janet Was on Different Strokes in 1982 When Brandi came into the Picture as A Jackson Child to Jackie & Enid & Janet was 15 years old in 1982 When Brandi was born Janet wasn’t even 16 yet .

    Omer is said to have been Born in 1984 in Norway , Janet was on the set of FAME in 1984 She didn’t leave FAME until 1985 So if Omer was already Born in 1984 I wonder how the hell would Janet be able to Have Him & Be able to Be on FAME in 84″ Also Back in the 80’s They were Very Strict with hiring Teen mothers So Janet wouldn’t had been able to get Roles as A Teen In These Shows they would have told her Hell NO! …..LOL .

    So Both Omer & Brandi’s Year of Births Don’t match .

    Plus Mrs.DeBarge Swear’s Janet was Pregnant in 1985 , So the Child would had been Born in 1985 After Janet left Both FAME & James DeBarge .

  3. Omer looks & Features are of A Mix white/Iranian Kid His Color doesn’t even match What A Kid to James & Janet would look like .

    @Coloredgirl , Have you seen Janet’s Niece Randy’s Daughter “Steveanna”? If not go & look her up She looks Identical to Janet & her Skin Tone is like Janet’s & Her Mother is Persian & Randy is her Father Yet If you didn’t know any better you would think she was Janet’s Kid More so then Brandi Or Omer …lol

    & Steveanna looks like what A Kid Between Janet & James .

    But Its Funny how you really believe this Mess when They Did the Same Shit to Jackie’s Daughter Brandi in 2005 .

  4. Omer looks like His Mother Pia & whomever his Father is .People need to Fucking Stop it & @ Coloredgirl your stupid if you actually think some Iranian mix white kid is really Janet’s Have you looked at Some of the DeBarge Grandkids who’s Mothers are Black ? they don’t even look like Omer , All their Kids look like Bunny & Mrs.DeBarge Kristinia looks Just like Bunny & Has Mama D & Bunnys Mouth & James Color so does his Other Kids .

    Omer looks nothing like James Or Janet Or A damn Jackson .

  5. Heres the difference You can tell who’s Kristinia’s Father is She looks Just like James , Bunny , & Mama D .

    Omer looks Half white & Iranian & Looks nothing like James & His Family He doesn’t even look like A Jackson & His Skin Complexion is way Off 2 shade’s Maybe 3 shades …….LOL to what A Kid Between Janet & James Would be I would think He would be the Same Color as James & His Kids & look like James & His Kids Or even Janet & he Doesn’t .

  6. Halle Berry has a WHITE mother and her complexion is 1 shade lighter than Janet’s. Though the DeBarge family has different ethnic makeups, are we forgetting how the Jackson’s looked “prior” to cosmetic surgery? Classic negroid features!!! This is not her child.

  7. Listen here’s a new tip for the world, janet jackson had a 7 month old baby in 1985 how do I know this because in 985 I was modeling for faces International and Celbrity Look-A-Likes and I worked for Power Legal Services Located on Liemert BLVD in Los Angeles, and every morning while on my way to work janet was on the air Live cooing and talking to the DJ on Power 102 and talking about this baby and you coud also hear the baby making baby sounds, this went on for about 1 month and then the baby dissapeared, what happened to the baby well rumor had it that, that was during the time that her brother Michael told Janet if she didn’t divorce debarge he would disinherit her. I’m a GOD Fearing Woman, I pu my hand to GOD that what I’m telling you is the GOD’s truth, and will tell that Directly to Janet to her face, if asked. Now you heard that from me Viv darling. Now what ever happend to the baby rumor also had it that Michael sent the baby overseas and the baby was raised by a nanny.
    Now I have a statement for Mrs. janet jackson, don’t you think it’s time to man or woman up and step up to the plate and tell the truth, you brother isn’t here anymore to make threats???