Ask Jacky… Does Janet Jackson Have a Secret Son?


Janet Jackson Secret Son

So Jacky, I know you’ve been hearing for years that Janet Jackson had a child while married to James debarg!

While working on the set of Fame Janet (Miss Jackson if ya nasty) was very much pregnant. Not only was she pregnant but chain smoking like a train.. Then she later emerged with the control album little baby fat still on her body..

I’ve broken this story last year in one of my blind items and guess what? National Enquirer picked up on it and investigated my story, solving the mystery of Janet Jackson’s bastard child.

Janet Jackson has a 27 year old son and his name is Omer Bhatti. Don’t believe me? Ask Katherine Jackson.

Yours Truly,
Jacky J.


  1. Ok there is a baby…it was LaToya’s child. Remember she quickly moved to Tel Aviv back in the day.