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Ask Jacky… Are Jay Z & Beyonce Satanists?

September 8th, 2011

Jay Z Beyonce Worship Devil

Hey Jacky,

Im wondering if you could give me your take on the whole Beyonce/Jay Z Satanism conspiracy theories.

Ive read a lot of websites that talk about how Jay Z and Beyonce are satanic and they show symbolism in some of the clothes they wear (ie Jay’s “do what thou wilt” sweatshirt, Beyonce’s baphomet ring), some of the symbols in their music videos etc.

Also Beyonce seemed to be more about God and the Church when she was younger now she seems to have gone astray.

Do you believe that Jay Z and Beyonce are into some devil worship stuff? Do you believe the illuminati conspiracy theories? Here are some links I came across in my research. What do you think?

I hate to think Beyonce sold her soul but these days Im surprised by NOTHING!

Is Jay Z and Beyonce into the Satanic religion? I don’t know but I do know Jay Z wears sweatshirts with quotes from Aleister Crowley?

The Illuminati does exist just like many other sects and membership organizations, but is Jay Z and Beyonce a part of this Satanic cult? I don’t know but I’ll ask Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne next time I see them.

Many people in the past have accused the artist Prince of being a devil worshiper, now Prince is busy trying to convert others into becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

I’ve been hearing about the Faustian bargain since I was of a young age and I believe if Christians can have a pact with Jesus Christ why can’t Satanist have a pact with the devil. Don’t believe me? Ask Eric Clapton.

I believe religion is just another way to control people ,but to sum it all up, some people believe in god and others believe in the almighty dollar.

Hope I answered your question.

Yours Truly,
Jacky J






The 2009 VMAs
The part of this one that freaked me out was the part about PINK

Lady Gaga



Jay Z

14 Responses to “Ask Jacky… Are Jay Z & Beyonce Satanists?”

  1. Reality |

    Your comment is so “holier than thou” til its not even funny! Talk about the pot painting the kettle black…

    To quote: “You would never find this type of thinking in another black country… this proves why slavery in america took so long to abolish. when it was abolish is the Caribbean years before.”

    Why imply that slaves in the Caribbean were any smarter, stronger or more united than slaves in America? Think before you speak because there were many deciding factors as to why slavery was initially abolished in the islands. More of those reasons were economical. For example, it costs more to house soldiers (military) on the islands than the U.S. Also, along the Industrial Revolution, with the invention of machinery to cultivate sugar, slave labor wasn’t as necessary. Not to mention, on the majority of the plantations the slaves greatly outnumbered Whites. Do the math. Slavery took longer to abolish because the most dominant colonial establishment operated within the U.S. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize & understand this. Compare the U.S. infrastructure/economy to that of the Caribbeans then tell me, which land is more developed or technologically advanced?

    So with that said, I believe you should check your way of thinking as well because quite frankly Blacks from other countries are no better than Black Americans. You all need to humble yourselves and destroy that holier than thou mentality because you’re falling into the ‘Divide and Conquer’ trap & the last time I checked White countries still control your asses.

    I could say 999 more things wrong with your comment but I won’t waste more time.


  2. Fatema |

    I don’t put it pass them if u go on Youtube Kanye help Jay Z write that song “Lucifer” and Jay said he don’t how he came up wit the lyrics for song because he had never read the bible a day in his life. I have seen Beyonce wit that big ass baphomet ring.


  3. stacie |

    once you hit the 20,000,000 dollar bracket it’s expected of you to sacrifice a family member or friend. Twisted fuckers.


  4. skinnypenny901 |

    I say take it with a grain of salt,pray for the gift of discernment.If you look hard enough,some things start to reveal themselves.even if they’re not,perception is reality on camera!Thats a small part of a grander scheme of more sinister things.It reminds me of the movie Blood & Bone with michael jai white,when he asked to be invited to dinner & the englishman said would you allow your pit bull to dine @ your dinner table?its relevant,I never fully understood til I listened to I Get Out By Lauryn Hill.I assumed it was about a man in the beginning,its not.its modern day slavery with mind control.smh


  5. Anonymous |

    Do even knw wht u takn abt Wich harder work did they do


  6. leah |

    i truly believe nether beyonc, rihanna or kanye worships the devil in anyway i think they use it as a marketing tool to gain peoples attention and guess what? people are feeding into it like water. It gives them alot more publicity and helps to sell records. As far as jay z goes mybe he is in an occult but than again only jay z and his members would know this for shur. i think people just need to stop feeding into all of this bullshit, there are far more important things in this world to worry about than this bull. i believe there are people that are really in control but beyonce and jay z should be the least of our problem. Hey if i where in there position i would probably be doing the same thing fuck it get money as long as your not hurting nobody.


  7. Anonymous23 |

    Xedo – you must be drinking the kool-aid. Step off.


  8. Love My Blackness... |

    Jay-Z us more than likely Luciferian. There is a difference. Anyway he’s a mason and Albert Pike admits in Morals & Dogma that Lucifer is the light bearer to them.


  9. ECG |

    Theosmelek! Spot On…Preach!


  10. Alcyone |

    You can’t be serious! The stuff that that Jay-Z and company are doing is hurting people in ways that are not apparent or easily discernible to the naive and foolish. It is not harmless publicity to use evil as a promotional tool.


  11. Anonymous1234 |

    Your an idiot… You guys act like these celebrity’s give a shit about people. They need us to make money and you people look up to them like there something special. Jay z is a bum he sucked dick to get where he is… I wouldn’t doubt that they worship the devil they would do anything for money… You guys always try to say put the black man or women down stop feeling so much pity for yourselves.. Look at some of the dumb shit you do.. You guys brag about everything that your successful in, you think your the best and untouchable and also you are some loud and noisy fucks…. That’s not for all black people but the arrogant ones. Just do well in life and shut the fuck up….same goes for every other race when you act like that you deserve to be laughed at and looked down upon.


  12. El Jefe |

    I agree & don’t agree with you. Christianity is a False religion, because “The Bible” says so in so many words. Now NO I don’t believe Man created God; I believe God Created Man just like “The Bible” or The “Holy Scriptures” What it’s Really Called Says. Let me Enlighten you being a Christian & Christianity are two VERY VERY different things.


  13. commonsense |

    It would explain the popularity of their truly horrible music. I use the word music reluctantly.
    She cant sing, he cant dance. A match made in HELL.


  14. Zsa zsa |

    Zsa zsa

    Ask Jacky… Are Jay Z & Beyonce Devil Worshiping Satanists?

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