Ask Jacky… Any Updates On Jay Z’s Mistress Cathy White’s Passing?


Cathy White Jay Z Update


I know my gossip…and I know my gossip sites and this ish right here is prime rib! Raw and uncut…. I LOVE IT! Now, what’s the update on Jay Z’s mistress autopsy? Has anyone tried to reach you to pay or threaten u to shut up….hee hee!

A Loyal Reader

I spoke many times to an NYC detective about Cathy White’s autopsy and toxicology report and guess what? The detective told me they found nothing suspicious in both the toxicology or autopsy reports – but oddly he was vague and apprehensive about giving me more specific details.

Was Cathy White murdered? According to the NYPD police department she wasn’t.

Days after Cathy passed away I started to get some hate mail from a few of her relatives. I sympathized with their loss, so I let them vent…..but a few weeks ago I received an email from one family member who apologized for his harsh words to me. So I gave him a call to feel out the situation and express my condolences. It was never a personal attack on Cathy, I didn’t know her from a hole in the wall. I only reported her as Jay Z’s mistress because it was the truth.

Here’s what Cathy’s family member had to say:

“I don’t know what happen but I’m in the music business so I got my eyes open. I’m not afraid so if I find anything that looks suspicious I’m going to react.

Cathy’s father and stepmother ain’t talking and I didn’t get to her apartment to snoop around. But I thank you for what you’re doing and if anything pops up I’ll let you know.”

I also reached out to Jay Z’s camp and all they wanna talk about is HSK correcting the post about Jigga’s lovechild. Don’t believe me? Ask Jerard Andrews.

If any information is revealed to me regarding Cathy White’s death HSK readers will be the first to know. I am not intimidated by anyone, so anyone calling with tough talk is wasting their time, regardless, there were no threats (except prior, and only then from Cathy and Claudia Jordan), nor did any money change hands (with me) to quite the story. People are still talking though. Know why? Because the Cathy White articles on HSK still get thousands of hits everyday.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours Truly,

Jacky J.


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