Jacky’s Kush Review: King Kush is HSK Approved


King Kush - Sunset Organic Collective

King Kush is a hybrid bud. From what I’m told, it’s tremendously good. My entire staff are smoking the stuff all day long, and I must say that it smells better than Nag Champa incense! If you’ve been following my bud chronicles, you’ll know that I allow nothing but productive-enabling KUSH into my office, and this strain has not let me down, in the least.

As I observe my staff, working around the clock to bring you the latest Hollywood news, I see hard working and dedicated human beings, researching and turning out stories, while sitting in front of their computers — Thanks KING KUSH!!!

My main editors, Sherri and Diana don’t hide the fact that they love to smoke kush. Guess what? Because they hold great passion for their jobs, here at HSK, my business partner and I had no quams when it came to hiring them. With these two King Kush smokin’ ladies on my team, my competition are (and will remain) beneath me.

My business partner loves this bud saying, “Jacky, write a good review…this grass kicks ass.”

I advise all my weed smoking readers to rush to your nearest dispensary, and get this bud! I suggest if your in Los Angeles you go to the guys at Sunset Organic.

I have yet another great about story about this bud – my business partner was smoking this stuff while he was driving to Las Vegas, and guess what? We made the trip from Los Angeles to Vegas in two in a half hours!!! That’s a drive that normally takes over 4 hours.

People like Dale Earnhardt Jr. needs this leaf of wisdom before he drives his race car, because it would make his competition eat dust! Dale wouldn’t only get the check and the trophy for winning his race, but he’ll also get the chic’s with the big titties!!!

I meditate when I am high
All my problems will pass me by
I will awake if I die
So excuse me as I kiss the sky…

Kush chronicle 12:09

Go to Sunset Organic Collective their at 2210 Sunset Blvd. Tell ‘em Jacky sent you and they will give you the V.I.P. Mane!