Jada, Jasmine & Cree: Witches Exposed!


Witches of Black Hollywood

Cosby-Created Coven?

HSK Exclusive – The title of that popular 80’s Cosby Show spin-off series “A Different World”” now has a whole new meaning, as a source reveals the majority of its cast members lead a lifestyle inspired by witchery.

An insider says Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer and Jada Pinkett Smith are devote Wicca followers. That’s reported to be the explanation for the trio’s noted bisexual lifestyles, based on energy-stealing. Don’t believe me.. Ask Debbie Allen.

Here’s the drop:

“Jasmine Guy, Cree Summer and Jada Pinkett are witches.

Cree admitted to my home girl, she can take energy from men by touching and hugging them.”


  1. Dang even though the site was sold couldnt yall have kept Jacky as a writer? Even the pix are different.

    Back on topic.
    Those 3 always seemed a little more eccentric than the rest of the cast.
    Even though, Im a christian, and have met some very kind wiccans.
    What makes Cree, Jasmine and Jada a little skeptical is their lust for fame and fortune hollywood style.
    But what can I say. There are a lot of christians and regular folks who practice the same who probably more evil.

  2. *meant to say even though Im a christian, I have met some very kind hearted wiccans through out my life. Ive also have met some mean and wicked christians and regular folks with hateful agendas

  3. This tea is old and cold. More like iced tea.

    Debbie Allen turned out all those girls on that show. No news here.

    As for the writing on this blog…. It’s shit!

  4. This is a dumb post. There is nothing wrong with Wiccans. I know lots of nice Wiccans. Most of them are vegans and into saving the planet. I know nice atheists too.

    If that trio is evil, it’s not because of religion.

  5. Where is jacky? Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?Where is jacky?!!!!!!!!!

    • Everyday I come to the site thinking that Im a “Get that ole thing back” mane. I guess not.
      huge fuckin sigh!

    • Cree is mean and angry, doesn’t like black folks, and is self-hating. Ask around 80-90″s hollywood. Bonet fits this same profile.

  6. Lol….nice wiccans? is like calling the devil a force of good and kindhearted.Lol
    Witches are not like what you see on the wizard of OZ warts and all. Sometimes the least suspected is the most prevalent….as the saying goes ” don’t let the sweet face fool you, the greatest lie the devil ever accomplished was pretending that he does not exist.”

  7. Why couldn’t these three women summon their witch powers to become more famous. Also, why does Jasmine Guy look like an old drug addict? Finally, was Dawn Lewis and Lisa Bonet into this devil worshipping shit to?

    • No one..hehehe ..they keep erasing my comments. Jacky used to ban you not erase. New owners changed website 3/6/13…public info..

  8. With respect to other peoples belief.

    It doesn’t matter if a person is wiccan or non wiccan, if they believe in or practice any form of magic, I will not allow them in my space or circle.

    So, if it doesn’t line up with my beliefs, I don’t want any part of it or that person.

    Nothing surprises me about Hollywood.

    • Don’t know anything about having bad energy. But, if you don’t want to be near me then that is your prerogative. I ain’t mad at ya.

  9. No one.WEBSITE WAS SOLD…hehehe ..they keep erasing my comments. Jacky used to ban you not erase. New owners changed website 3/6/13…public info..

  10. these three were also the ugliest looking ones on different world jasmine i never thought she was all the way right they have wicked look on em.not surprised.

  11. I thought jada was scientologist.
    Make up your minds.
    Can’t be both
    Kinda like repubs saying Obama is an atheist Muslim communist.

    • not to be a contrarian anonymous, because unlike many here, I love Barack; but truth be told, ZI amagine like most of the elite intellectuals Obama probably IS an atheist, and he is a socialist(yay) which is just a small leap from communism, and his Kenyan dad may well have been a Muslim.

      So I think people of that level of brain power actually CAN hold several philosophies in their mind at once. I know that I struggle everyday with my tendency to be an agnostic, although I was raised by a very fundamental Christian family. And I am not ashamed to say that while I had been a capitalist most of my life, I am poroud to be a socialist now.

  12. anonymous I believe the whole Church of Scientology’s hold on Will and Jada sprung from Will’s hope that(just as so many other gay men including an old high school boyfriend)they could discover the root of the pathology of what turned them gay as a young boy, and then fix that problem. If Will didn’t have a multi-million dollar career at stake, he’d prolly be OK with his homo desires. But his life is not private…it’s a business. So just like Tammy Cruise, he is seeking any help he can get so the money train don’t stop.
    Jada on the other hand seems the textbook Wiccan to me. I also believe Lisa Bonet is a Wiccan. Jasmine Guy…not so much. I barely remember Cree Summer, so I have no opinion on her.

    I am not an expert, but I know a few Wiccans and they are the kindest mellowest loving women ever. So I won’t be throwing no stones.

  13. cree’s parents were hippies she was destined to be a weirdo.

    she does voice work for cartoons.

    jasmine and jada acted like lovers back on different world.

    dawnn lewis looked like a dyke never saw her in claSS CEPT ONE EPISODE.