Ask Jacky… Did Jada Pinkett Smith Buy Tupac Sextape?


2pac Jada Pinkett Sextape

Hey Jacky,

Love your site and will always support..

My question is this… As you probably know the Tupac sextape is off the market, bought by some unknown rich person. I put the info on my blog. My Question is.. My people in Baltimore who know some of Pac’s people are saying that Jada Pinkett Smith purchased the Tupac sextape. My people are credible and I believe them, but I need to know for sure.

This is a good question, but guess what–I don’t have the answer. Now that you’ve brought the possibility to my attention, I’m going to look into the identity of this mystery buyer. Know why? Because I wouldn’t be surprised if Tupac’s ex-girlfriend Jada Pinkett Smith or his mother Afeni Shakur bought the sex tape mane. I know executor of the Tupac estate, but they usually stick to the public relation (PR) script rather than speak the truth. Don’t believe me. Ask attorney Sandy Fox!

If you have information to help solve this mystery, holla at your boy Jacky.

Hope I answered your question and Happy Holidays…

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Jacky J.


  1. Of course! Man everytime I see Jada’s kids I’m wondering how Pac would react to the way Jada lets her kids enter the music industry at this age.

    I know, it sounds strange, but I just don’t get it 😛

  2. they were a couple …she did give him cheese while he was in jail. But I thought they broke up after he went to SF…..why would she buy it. Was she the girl giving him dome?I mean thats the only reason I see her putting out money. They stopped being a couple after their Baltimore School for Performing Arts days….supposedly.