Jada’s Asian Girlfriend Surfaces For ‘Free Angela’ Premiere?


Jada Pinkett's Asian Girlfriend Revealed?

Girl Power…

HSK Exclusive – A powerful face of feminism may have recently sparked Jada Pinkett Smith’s suspected secret Asian girlfriend to rise from the shadows. That’s because insiders believe an unnamed Asian woman who showed up at LA’s recent “Free Angela & All Political Prisoners” premiere – moments before Jada Pinkett Smith – could be the 41-year-old actress’ lesbian lover!

We’re told the woman left Jada’s home before arriving at the Baldwin Hills venue. That’s when insiders say the woman alerted red carpet organizers that Jada was moments away. This isn’t the first time the actress has been at the center of lesbian reports. You may recall back in 2008, a unidentified woman alleged she had a three-year affair with Jada.

Here’s what Jada’s alleged ex-girlfriend previously revealed to the press:

“Jada is a very passionate and caring woman. I believe she’s with Will for the children and for her career.

She loves her lifestyle and if she came out as a lesbian, it would be all over for her. I love Jada more than anything and want to be with her. It’s time Jada come clean. I am hoping me coming out will inspire her to do the same.”

Here’s what Jada once said about her marriage to Will Smith:

“When Will asked me to get married, I said, ‘Understand this, there will be no divorce.
So, you might be in one bedroom and I might be in another, but we’re gonna be under the same roof and we’re gonna be married.”

Here’s what Will Smith once revealed about his marital bond with Jada:

“In our marriage vows, we didn’t say ‘forsaking all others’. We said ‘you will never hear I did something afterwards’. Because if that happens the relationship is destroyed.”


  1. Will needs to move on and find a real woman that will love him and he will love, and find peace in his heart. Give Jada the money she is asking for and live his life and finalize the divorce. He will bounce back without her. They should not make money be the main piority in their lives to keep them togather. Her lover is back. Will let her go!and live your life. Maybe this is why he left to Rio. She has no respect for his space.

    • She wants the privillege of Mrs. Will Smith not the ex Mrs Smith. I get sick of her “letter to a friend” and watch the sheep fawning over the profoundness of her insightfulness. Like seriously..it took Jada to state the obvious for it to and make sense to you and change your life?

      • I hear ya. She needs a “title” of being Mrs. Smith. I also agree with the bullshit “letter to a friend” CRAP. We all know she is talking about her life and her marriage. People are not clueless.

    • I see somebody else saw the vacationing pictures he took with Him,Kanye and Kim, and ……Duane………

  2. Damn, black, gay and with an Asian woman.

    These folks are fucked in the head. Can we all see now why Willow is so fucked and lookin’ like all kinds of crazy at only 12.

    • Dead @ Anonymous “two sets of teeth” and Anonymous “black, gay and with an Asian woman”
      And others on here.
      Comments make my day. When not watching JBSmooth or Jeselinik, I come here and get my laugh on!!!

      KU- f’in- DOS

  3. Dang!! That’s just nasty. But, I guess what ever floats their boat.

    I think I read somewhere that on Jada and Will’s estate they have a separate house that is used specifically for their sexual proclivities. LOL

  4. Where is the real evidence though, just a bunch of words. When you give real evidence, like pictures, video then i’d believe. Especially coming from sources that pay to publish stories. I will remain a skeptic until the story is proven.

  5. I dont really care what 2 consenting adults do in the bedroom. However, that being said, i would LOVE to see who actually attends these parties we read about w and j having…and who couples up.

  6. jada gets big budget film oppurtunities by being married to will.

    when she first debuted she was a star among blacks but since she got with will who was a crossover and white accepted, jada’s career blossomed and she crossedover too.

    if will and jada split that’s them i’m asure will will pay child support.

    then jada can get with all the women she can aND WHITE BOYS.

  7. I remember Jada saying once in an interview that Will makes love “like a woman”.
    And the first thing I thought was, how can you tell the difference if not for experience?

    Here’s the real truth about Hollywood, Blacks and the gay agenda:
    Most Black people cling to the ways of the cross, meaning that we take the Bible for it’s word, especially when it comes to homosexuality. We’re not buying into it, no matter how “hip” or “cool” it is. We know it exists, but never equate the gay pride movement to what OUR forefathers had to endure JUST to have the right to vote or gain equality.
    There is no comparison.

    If you think that I’m wrong about it, ask Wanda Sykes what happened to her career when she “came out”. From white hot to ice cold. And that’s why Jada will never leave Will…

    We’re protective of our heritage and our kids. Do what you want behind closed doors, just leave us out of it.

    • I don’t think Wanda coming out hurt her career…hell who DIDN’T know she was a lesbian? Her mannerisms, the way she carried herself.. I don’t think she was hiding it, she just never said – like Queen Latifah. I think her career was already in a downward spiral. She came out 2 support gay marriage and threw her “celebrity” behind the “cause”. Just sayin…

    • So it’s a ‘black thing’ and not a ‘lesbian thing’…’cause it certainly hasn’t hurt Ellen Degen’s career one iota!!!

  8. I cosign their unconventional relationship cuz some of us KNOW we have to HIDE our indiscretions.

    F%^K all you plain jane, bible-thumping, androids…

    Some of you haters only hoped you can DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANNA DO!

    • We do wanna b happy. We’re not worrying about what others do in their bedroom. Others keep telling us what they like in the bedroom and then get their feelings hurt when we say “EWW!” Why don’t they stop inviting us to give our opinion and then act all butt hurt when some don’t approve. THEY invite our opinion when THEY open private doors.

  9. Why is everyone so bothered about what other folks do or don’t do in their bedroom? Take care of what’s going in your own bedroom (if anything at all), and leave other folks’ business alone. We only have one life to live and we should try to be happy as long as we are of this world.

  10. I guess Blind Gossip’ll have this up tomorrow. Since they’re implying that Will and Jada’s kids are going nuts about this breakup! It is only going to get messier over the next few months. Once Duane gets real on with that BET money, him and Will are going to move to the City to get married. NYC will never be more popular. They are going to make NYC the new Black mecca for gays. They’re going to turn SoHo and Greenwich Village out LOL. The divorce will show you just how freaky they were to begin with.

    here is the blind gossip link to anyone who’s curious.

    • Funny. Did anyone catch the scene on real Hollywood husband when Boris and Duane was hurling one line insults at each other and Boris called Duane “Will Smith’s Cabana Boy”. If no truth to it why would Duane allow this in a scripted show?

    • I should have clarified that… and I am usually first to make that clear… thanks Anonymous. I was meaning in general…. and I thought Hill was paying them.

  11. I wish Will could come out of the closet. I still like him more than Jada. I wish he had done the Matrix movies.

  12. I have no Words for this bullshit!! You should do your homework before You spread news like this! This is an outrage and an offense. This Woman is her Hard working publicist!! She has been a close friend of Mine for years and it Makes me sick to my stomach that this is all over the News!

  13. There’s no evidence of this being true. This lady is Clarie Darnell Jada’s Publicist and represents many other talents like Marlon Wayans.

  14. I was there at this event as part of the media and Clarie Darnell is NOT Jada’s asian girlfriend. Clarie Darnell represented Jada Pinkett Smith at this event and handling press on the red carpet for Free Angela

  15. What I find sad is these people have such wealth yet seem so unhappy. Ever since the divorce rumors came out something sees off about Will and Jada. Will looks 10 yrs older. The kids seem to be basically raising themselves. Willow truly looks depressed for her age. Parents can hide things but children know.

    Rumors like swinging don’t just appear. Someone was there. The house they have for that is not on their estate but nearby in another town.

    I think the sadness has finally come home to roost because they’re not being true to themselves. If you’re gay but married that must be a very difficult life.

    Jada is an actress but she wouldn’t be living like she is without Will. Then Will needs to ask himself why is another marriage in jeopardy.

    Living in separate bedrooms or separate homes is a charade. Will & Jada make appearances together but I think they’ve been living separate lives for some time now and can no longer hide it. I wish them happiness besides money.