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Why Is James Brown Still Buried In His Daughters Backyard?

August 19th, 2011

The Godfather Of Soul James Brown died five years ago and guess what? Brown’s dead body is still buried in his daughters backyard. Know why? Because James Brown family is still fighting over his $100 million fortune mane.

Here’s what James Brown lawyer Alfred Dallas had to say:

“How can a man pay a lawyer $20,000 to set up his estate plan and then have a court just ignore what the man did?

James summoned a group of people to my office, including a court stenographer and a videographer. “He said, ‘I have prayed about this repeatedly, and I’ve been given so much that I must give it back, and I’ve chosen to give it back to needy children.’. James signed on Aug. 1, 2000, in front of a few of the performer’s seven children and his fourth wife, 42-year-old Tomi Rae Hynie. James reiterated his plans shortly before he died on Christmas Day 2006 at the age of 73. Yet less than a month after his death, James’ children and Tomi Rae contested the will in a South Carolina court”.

Do you think that James Brown body should be placed in a public area as an attraction to draw millions of visitors to make money? I don’t know, but that was suggested by a judge in South Carolina.

What are your thoughts?

4 Responses to “Why Is James Brown Still Buried In His Daughters Backyard?”

  1. Anonymous |

    Let the man rest in damn peace


  2. Bobby |

    Greedy ass family, lazy, shiftless, no good and sorry asses. get a job and do like him work hard everyday.


    Quinton Reply:

    I’m just dissapointed that James Brown dies at the age of 73, so i just want to say rest in peace, james.


  3. Anthony Longstreet, Sr. |

    Im going to make beats and music like James Brown to carry on the legacy of funkysl music. Rest in peace James Brown.


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