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James DeBarge 2011 Arrest Details Revealed…

March 22nd, 2012

James DeBarge Arrested for Prostitution

HSK Exclusive - Many of you watched the recent when the Dr. Drew’s CW network show re-broadcast the September 2011 episode, when James, Bunny, and Randy DeBarge appeared asking for help with their addictions.

Following the original appearance, all three DeBarge siblings went to a North Hollywood rehabilitation center. As noted following the re-broadcast, The former Mr. Janet Jackson, aka James DeBarge went AWOL shortly after checking into the rehab center. But, what was not revealed was that James DeBarge was picked up just a few hours later prostituting himself for drugs.

Here is what an insider revealed to me:

“Before James was popped on the gun charges he was whoring himself in the streets for crack and heroin. James was a mess! He never had any intention to get help, he needs much more than the typical rehabilitation. James has been selling his ass for drugs for years now.

His family and the few friends he has left truly believe he will not survive much longer. They rather him locked up in jail, then being on the streets.”

Is the DeBarge family one of the most dysfunctional families in the entertainment industry? Of course they are. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Joe Jackson.

57 Responses to “James DeBarge 2011 Arrest Details Revealed…”

  1. Sandie |

    God bless you James, El and the entire DeBarge family. Drugs are just too powerful. My God, I hope they can pull through this. Only God knows. I wish them the best. It’s very hard to see this play out.


    Stanley Reply:

    Imet Bobby, El and Tommy in 1986 when I was recording a demo package In GR, me and Tommy got to buddies we even wrote a song together I wont say the name of the song because I dont know if it was published we both were sentence to a rehab,I aatended bethel Pental costal, I was really close to there little sister,unfortanatly havent had contact with either family member since the 90s
    I pray that all is well them the family very talented people.


  2. So What |

    It is so sad, they’ve all had some very rough times. I had no idea their childhood/homelife had been so rough until I watched an episode of “Unsung”, just sad all the way round. Wish them all the best.


  3. Jane Doe |

    It’s just sad that this talented family is going through so much pain & drama.


  4. Anonymous |

    U the Devil! “mike epps” voice wow! bruh u sound like u need some prayer


  5. nate |

    Dr.Drew, ain’t no real doctor, is he?


    Big Daddy Reply:

    Dr. Drew Penske is as real a doctor as they come.


  6. Enigma8 |

    …….as we were saying, these folks are really in my prayers. Ppl ultimately have a choice which are followed by consequences…good or bad. But compassion is a virtue and I’m not ashamed to use it….hell, maybe one day I may be on the receiving end of some very much needed compassion or better yet, my kids will. Cuz you know karma/reaping what you sow comes back on your kids right ;)


  7. sallythesnoop |

    I kept skipping over this thinking that pic was El. Oh wow look at James. Wow look at Bunny! I don’t know Randy


  8. P4L |

    You sir are an asshole.

    How could they be White if you admit they got a Black mama?

    And if they come from deranged crakka daddy, doesn’t that mean they DO deserve sympathy? They didn’t ask to get beat up and raped by that monster.

    With your logic, Obama, Tiger Woods, and Alicia Keys and Black either.


    These people are sick and need help, it don’t matter if they know us or care about us.

    The bottom line is, they are Black and the music industry destroys young Black men and women everyday. And we gotta stop that from happening, before it could be YOUR son or daughter that gets caught up in the entertainment industry getting turned out.


    Keepinitreal Reply:

    Say it again P4L…and we do need to pray for DopeGameBoy – he is so bitter.

    We don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.


  9. DopeGameBaby |

    How are they black? They come from nutsack of a white man…….genetically they are white. They come from the seed of a white man. If you plant a grape seed or whatever type of seed in the ground what comes out the ground? Thank you dummy….the women is nothing but the field or soil the seed is cultivated in….still that seed is that seed no matter how you dumb niggas wanna spin it…….P4DL is an idiot for using Tiger and Alicia as some ammo…..oth have black daddies so shut the fk up you homo……and to the Anonymous piece of shit post above P4DL……I’m the devil? Based on what? I need prayer? Ok you pork juice sippin shuck n buck biscuit beggin nigga….keep mimicing what you hear those no good scumfag christains at your church say every week. Only thing to pray for is the end of this wicked society and you double agent niggas perish


    Law Reply:

    Are you a Dumbass Hebrew Israelite? You must know everything there is to know about biology and genetics. We got a smart one over here!


    maria Reply:

    really? you respond with more bigoted rhetoric?


    Lisa Reply:

    Are you crazy? Get help asap!
    God be with you :)


    Peace Reply:

    I pray for you in spite of your hateful words.
    I dont know why you have so much anger but you are still a child of God. If I can pray for you as a Black woman after what you have said. It should show you why person black, white or whaterever race who may be going through hard time should have people pray for them instead of casting stones. Be careful because just as you judge…God will judge you. I pray you think first before respondind to this WORD for you. Bless you


    Your father Reply:

    No doubt this man, woman or whatever(DopeGameBaby) is mentally ill. Urgently needs psychological or psychiatric help.


  10. Say Whaaaaat! |

    James stated on the show that it was his brother Bobby who abused him, not the father. There was a rumor back in the 80s while Debarge was on tour with Luther Vandross, Luther witness Bobby raping James backstage. Sadly we now know this is true. That means Bobby was molesting James since childhood. Another rumor is that family member don’t leave any of the children with the Debarge brothers.


    BringThaNoize Reply:

    Bobby abused James because their father treated James the best and didn’t do all the perverted things that he did to his other children to James for whatever reason.

    Btw- the booty hole is also known as the demon hole and I think that these Debarge folks are being tortured by demons and/or fallen spirits due to their years of physical, mental & sexual abuse by their military father.

    666 luciferic fame is a soul eater and the music industry is demonic (Chaka Khan voice)..


    anon Reply:

    There was a blind in PR saying two brotrhers past their prime were soliciting themselves to bored bneverly Hills housewives to buy $ for drugs.

    Most guesses centered on the Debarges, didn’t know about the gay tricks. I do hear light skin brothers with the debarge’s complexion are referred to as “Twinkies” in Gay circles.


    Mimi Reply:

    Well, if this is true, Bobby got everything he deserved. He knew right from wrong — what did he have to do that to James for. I hope they f*cked him in the azz in prison — maybe they did, he did die of AIDS, but that could have been the heroin.
    This family is scary! The demon that white man put over on them, I cannot imagine. This should be a lesson to brothas and sistas — careful, that yt may not be better, but a whole new bag of tricks that you cannot handle.


  11. DopeGameBaby |

    Oh cut it short FLAW….anyone who knows any fucking thing knows what the man and woman is in the scheme of genetics and so forth. Don’t tell me you are that….well yes you are that stupid. Them mfkas are white….fuckin crackas who don’t care about your black ass…..and what about the Hebrew Israelites? I’m not affiliated with any of those groups because some things they missing the boat on….but they are correct about who the chosen are. Its plainly obvious…but if you don’t wanna admit that you either a cracka or a nigga who think he a cracka. And yes you have a smart one right here


  12. PinkKitty |

    First and foremost, thus family is dAmaged beyond repair. The abuse that they all suffered at the hands of their father Nd the neglect by their mother is beyond comprehension. These adults were repeatedly raped and abused as children and have been self medicating ever since.

    The fact they they grew up to be drug addicts who sell their bodies for the next hit does not surprise me at all the DeBarge brothers and sister are mentally and emotionally delayed beyond repair. They need sympathy and not callous hatred.

    What truly Disturbs me is that sexual and emotional abuse is usually passed down for generations as a familial norm. Therefore there is a strong probability that the grand children have also been sexually abused by their fathers as well. With sexual molestation it is not unusual for the victim to become the predator.


  13. kee |

    damn, that family is cursed.


  14. PinkKitty |

    Here is some old tea…. Word on the curb was….

    Janet Jackson was madly in love with James DeBarge (color struck and all! Light skinned and “good”). Her father had a strong hold on her career aT thermos, but she wouldn’t let James go no matter what Poppa Joe dictated. Joe was determined to get James out of Janet’s life especially after she became pregnant with James’ son (who was later raised by Rebbie). Poppa Joe got hold of a sex tape with James and another man. He showed Janet the tape and shamed her into finally leaving James alone. She did just that and also went along with the deL to hide the son away in Rebbie’s care.

    During their breakup James tried to commit suicide once he was black mailed with the tape (leave quietly or be exposed). The story was spun the it was just a simple young romance gone awry which drove him deeper into drug use and a suicide attempt. The reality was that his drug use was so bad, Janet would hunt James down in local drug dens getting stoned out of his mind.

    After she divorced James, Janet also fired her father as manager and started working with Jimmy Jam and Terri Lewis. I don’t know when Janet’s heavy drug use began, if it was during this time… Divorce, baby, dad… Or later when she married Renee, also a heavy drug user who is positive for hepatitis and a needle abusing heroin addict.


    delight Reply:

    Wow You know some good shit. Give us more!!!!!


  15. anon |

    If we believed the things about Jacksons,joe was no better.
    Latoya said joe molested her and rebbie,I believe. We know Michael’s shit and Michael did fit the desricption of an textbook pedophile. Thatz why Harpo distanced herself from him after the accusations came to light.


  16. PinkKitty |

    Old tea….. Joe Jackson pumped his sons out to the powers that be. Michael was know. To have private meetings with wealthy business men when he was a child. Jermaine wrote in his book that after these meetings, Micheal would be sick and could not leave his bed for days on end.

    Joe Jaxkson sold his sons to men, and raped all of his daughters. Rebbi married and moved out early because he was violating her. Then came LaToya (she has ne er been right since), last was Janet. Joe sexed her on a regular and also passed her off to other men. Janet used to play Mae West, which I found strange for a 5 year old girl to do. But, pedophiles like to sexualize children in an adult manner to justify the abuse (Jon Benet Ramsey).

    Janet was turned out young. She has been playing the sex kitten and showing the wold all her kinks all her life.

    As for Janet’s drug use. I will leave you with this, why would she marry two k own drug users? Why would she date Jermaine Dupree, a know pedophile and drug abuser? Most women would take issue with that, even if they are trying to ferrules careers back on track (which never happened, by the way). Working with Jermaine Duoree to get a hit record is one thing, being romantically linked to him is a while other story.

    Take a look at Janet’s current lover. At a glance, he looks like another dried up washed out junkie. Janet has a habit of marrying/ dating her get high buddies. Especially if they are light skinned with that “good hair”.

    Joe fucked those kids up, good and propper!


    DopeGameBaby Reply:

    Mimi you seem to be in the know on particular topics with is great. We shall need smart sistas like you to build this great Kingdom that will be given to us


    Brooklyn BeeBop Reply:

    You Ma’am are delusional & malicious as fuck. LOL@ her current man being a drug abuser. Just another dopeless hope fiend. No need for correction,I said it right!

    Gullable and naive. Paranoid and delusional. These are words that describe you since you will believe anything that “seems” like it might “add up”.

    What a cafone….


  17. Sandie |

    OMG – Joe sold his sons to men? Is this widely known? I never knew that. This is deep.


  18. Etterlene DeBarge Had James Arrested to Sell Stories to the Tabloids |

    […] James DeBarge 2011 Arrest Details Revealed… […]

  19. Kim |

    Damn James was so handsome, he looks like a rachet old homeless bum on the steet!!!


  20. shell |

    some of y’all are even sicker than you say
    the debarges are. some of the filth that
    comes outta your head!
    and ya’ll sick ones consider yourselves all
    black! smh!
    i wonder if a spotlight shone on your family
    tree what would it reveal?
    i wonder if we took a look at your life what
    would we see?


    Brooklyn BeeBop Reply:

    Time will reveal it……


  21. punkfunk |

    I ain’t believing Janet on that shit… hell naw… sure the men are suspect. I think Janet left James and Rene because of drug use (but of course Janet’s so private we can only speculate). As for James and the entire DeBarge family, all I can do is sigh.


  22. worldgirl |

    I believe janet indulges. I think she was the subject a blind item a few years ago called the functional addict. Michael wasn’t no pedo but I believe James would do anything for drugs. Janet is a freak. She’ll do anything.


    Brooklyn BeeBop Reply:

    So how long have you known Janet? Where did you meet? Share all the juicy stories please of all the wonderfull times you shared getting to know her all these years! I’d loveeee to hear details!!

    I mean…..surely you DO know her,right?

    Oh of course you do! It isn’t like you would type the things you typed and NOT know her! It aint like you simply “read” that somewhere or are making broad assumptions about a total stranger who’s image you’re familiar with amongst the lyrics. No no no!

    “She’ll do anything” <—–like what? What are the things you seen her do over the years? Start with when she was "Penny" on Good Times and walk me down! This outta be uber fun for you having a stroll down memory lane about you and your old friend Janet.

    Don't worry,we'll wait.



    Anonymous Reply:

    Oh my…Boss you are a clever one aren’t you? ; )


  23. DopeGameBaby |

    GayGay4real…..you seriously need to get a life and leave that rural hick town. It will be very rewarding and might I suggest read a book that isn’t of the Dr. Seuss variety. Hate I spew? No one is in any position to throw the hate accusation at a black man. Why keep defending the DrugBarge family? They never been on our side


    Anonymous Reply:

    you don’t have room to talk ma dude! talk about getting a life… what you have said doesn’t show you have one…. you have nothing but hate ! get help.


  24. Lou |

    Dear jackie can you really tell me the true about how micheal jackson kids are really being treated by the jackson clan they seem like the cash cow to the jackson family


  25. Lou |

    What is going on with jackson family trying to kidnapp micheal kids kiddnappi.g their own mother its like mj are the cash cow. They seem to think mike owes them something didnt he take care of them when he was a alive those nigga to get a job especially jermaine an randy they are men I dont care if the have to sing at the fair they have child to feed man hp an take car of kids nigga


  26. themelodyman |

    It is so sad to read your words. I don’t know of anyone who deserves to be condemned for being abused, especially when they had no choice in the matter. Also, they did not choose to be born nor did they choose their unfortunate lineage. Hell, it is highly likely, some of them were conceived out of violent rapes. Based on what I’ve heard and seen, they should not be blamed nor condemned for their dysfunction, due to abuse. To show such unkindness, blatant disregard and uncompassion for their personal struggles, you make my heart ache more for you than them. My God man, think about what you say before you speak. Personally speaking, although my life has been far from what I would have wanted, compared to them especially, my shoes fit better than theirs. Why don’t you try on a pair of their shoes and see how they fit? After you’ve tried them on, then let me hear from you.


  27. Blessings |

    Sometimes when a person like yourself is full of rage and ignorance they too need help to find themselves and check into some form of psychological treament. It is evident that there are a lot of issues that you may be dealing with which is no differnt then being an addict reaching out for help. The Debarge family will over come regardless of yor remarks. When they are ready for recovery God will see them thru. Prayer is definately with you because it appears you need much of God love to renew and transform you mind. Blessing…


  28. a. ceephas |

    debarge was the best groups of the 80’s erly 90’s
    and the best singing family ever ever. so to hear people,say such disgustingly viol things about a family grave dstress. shame on you!!


    BrooklynBeeBop Reply:

    Your grammar is vile and in distress, a.ceephas.


  29. megan |

    This is a heart wrenching story. What we’re seeing is the end result of what happen to children when they have suffered severe abuse. The mother never stood between the monster and her babies. If Bobby did molest James it was because Bobby himself was molested. And for the molester to be your father, to some extent mother also for doing nothing to stop the abuse. I’ve read comments here that make me sick to my stomach. These were children. Think about James, Bobby, Randy, etc being 6,7,8,9 year olds. What could they have done to stop the abuse? Nothing!:( God, this make my soul cry out for all the children who are now suffering at the hands of monsters. This is not a black thing, it not a white thing. This monster can show up in any color. As a mother of three, I would have killed that bastard, happily done my time in prison. But to lie in the same bed making more babies. NOOOO no way in hell. But then my father was abusive to my mother. He wasn’t anything near was Robert Debarge was. And only after 23 yrs of marriage did my mom get a divorce. Mom always said the reason why dhe got a divorce was because she knew if she stayed with my father one of us children was going to end up killing him. Bobby hung on until his daddy got to his bedside and released him. How sad. I didn’t cry one tear for my father when he passed. And I could care less the a damn about him after all these years.


  30. COOL C |

    I had to scroll pass some of the comments because they were that bad. I was scrolling down and it was the attack of some folks with some serious ADD issues. The scariest part was the facts that most of these people on this site swear up and down that everything they were talking about, holds some truth.
    Some of these folks were acting as though they were friends with The Debarge family and The Jacksons and knew all these intimate details. Do you see why Janet has been so secretive about her life with Rene, who was someone that loved Janet dearly and sincerely. Someone mentioned about Janet doing Mae West as a child, which was pretty funny and cutesy. It was never looked upon as being sexual, unless the author of that post was a bit on some predator stuff back then and even now. NO JUDGMENT JUST SAYING. Secondly, The Debarge family might have issues with substances and abuse but you can follow them back to the group ‘Switch’with Bobby (R.I.P.)singing the hell out of ‘There Will Never Be’, which is a R&B standard and classic. You can hear that song now in 2012 and still get goose bumps from the artistry that is coming from the entire group. Bobby’s voice was from another planet and there was no one of any color touching that voice. That was a gift, blessing and his curse because he became super famous. Some people can’t handle all bright and blinding lights on them constantly. It feels so warm, so infectious and at times necessary when your someone who suffers from low self-image and esteem. For some the limelight turns into something else. There are people that feel more comfortable in front of 10’s of thousands than say with a few. There are people that attempt to escape what is really going on in their lives. Which sounds great but they still haven’t dealt with any real issues and pushing them aside. Now to make matters worse, you have people basically always saying “YES”, when you know and they know that they should be saying “hell nah'”. This time around, the older brother (Bobby), who would sometimes seem like the only male figure in all of their lives that wasn’t abusive at times, was now this huge star. Bobby had no one mentoring him because Bobby had this gift that was a bit unusual, which was a range that would blow trained singers out the water. The Debarge clan grew up in the church and learned how to really sing with their mother, who is gorgeous. She was this beautiful innovative Black and beautiful woman who fell in love with a good looking White man. Where is the harm in that? It seems that these two individuals caught hell their entire life and then they went and had children. The hell started when the outside world couldn’t deal with an interracial couple that now decided to take their love and share it with a family. Here this White man is with a very dark skinned beautiful queen and they produce a football team of kids. All as cute and adorable as the next one but they don’t stop and just keep on producing these kids. Well dad is getting crap because he has this clan of Black children and this even darker and sweeter Black wife. Most people are used to the dad being Black and the Mama being White but this time around the kids could pass for Latin, even dark Italian at times but instead they were tapping into their Black heritage. They were raised in the church and dad was not a fan because he might have been the only White person in a Black church. Even though he married this woman, he had issues and that might have started the abuse. There were a few posts that suggested that the mom (Mama Debarge) allowed all the alleged abuse go on. In my heart, I don’t think so, she was and still is a God-fearing woman, who allowed her husband to be the man of the house. She was basically honoring her vows to her then husband, who should have got some help for his angry. Angry issues isn’t a Black thing, White thing it’s just a thing and when the provider is going off, it’s a hurt piece. I think the mom said in the church and scriptures and the dad stayed in the bottle. I don’t want to paint him as this monster because he was a younger man with this weigh on his shoulder because of the racism that affected the United States. I’m pretty sure when he fell in love with this Black queen, he never imagined that his life would be turned upside down. His children would become international stars and before they could even enjoy their success everything seemed to be snatched away. This family would suffer in a cycle because there was Bobby’s death that no one could get over, sexual and drug abuse that started some time back and all types of legal woos that hunt them. Can you imagine not being Black enough nor White enough but have both of those genes in your body. When they were younger, they had no one telling them to clinch to both of your heritages or just be human.
    Sex, drugs and rock and roll was an understatement for this family and the results are what you see now. As far as the alleged abuse at the Jackson house, I think Joe was a bit aggressive but I don’t think he was hurting his kids in a sexual way. Joe was attempting to live out his failed career through his kids. I’m sorry White people and other folks that don’t discipline their kids, shame on you because I think more kids should get spanked. These kids today talk back and get all lippy with not just their parents but any adults. You know that is so wrong on all levels because I think kids shouldn’t just get a time-out but a swift kick to the butt when they act up and talk back. I got my butt kicked and I’m one of the politest people you ever want to meet. I see kids basically cursing their parents out and it’s not funny at all, it’s sad. Parents afraid to touch their kids because of all these laws about child abuse. It’s worse because now no one can talk to kids because everyone is afraid of getting charged with child abuse. Kids are literally ruling the world because they know if you touch them, your going up the river. Whether your family or friends or someone working with them and that is another ball of wax itself.


  31. COOL C |

    Children shouldn’t be involved in grown folks business is how most are raised and now the kids are the business. The Debarge family needs a bit of therapy and some individual healing as well. They basically were all they had and they weren’t sitting around allowing anyone to take them for a ride. Once they got their careers going, they were this family that seemed more like a gang and they did everything together. Someone mentioned about some of the guys being passed around for drugs, come on everyone knew who they were and there is something about drug dealers or people holding a great amount of your choice of drugs. See I’m an addict, so I know how people roll and it’s never pretty. Especially when there are high profile addicts/clients in your mist or grasp. Dealers love to exploit these tortured souls to no avail and with no mercy. Especially when it’s cocaine involved because that is one drug, regardless of how you do it,smoke it, sniff it or shoot it, it’s really evil. I’m pretty sure The Debarge family was exploited without them being forced to do anything. Selling items that had a great deal to do with their career and taken all types of pictures while they are all in their addiction. Having in the drug life embarrassing them at any giving moment. There was that beautiful girl (Maia Campbell), who was an actress that suffered with mental illness and then got involved with drugs. There was this viral explosion on the web, with her in the video and it wasn’t pretty. Someone was trying capitalize on her grief and pain and most sat back and watch the tape and made all types of judgment. This girl was sick and lost her mother and was going through a real rought time.
    I know the Debarge family got that treatment plus 10x worse because there was more of them to really embarrass and try to be the person running to TMZ or one of those media/tabloid outlets, with the story. One thing I can say is Janet loved James and I remember them being in love and I think to this day, he still loves her. Janet is such a loving person, so it was easy for her to be in love with James, who might have had some issues with drugs back when he was with her. She loved him because he was fine back then but really talented. Someone mentioned her ex-husband ‘Rene’ and even Jermaine, who is talented and I loved them together too. Someone accuse her of being all these things, isn’t right because I’m not 100% but I’m pretty sure Janet wasn’t involved with drugs. The Blind items in some mags are so bad because it’s all dealing with speculation and that is it.


    FeelingNOPain Reply:

    OMFG!!! You just gave me an ABSOLUTE headache trying to read your ravelling tome, which reads as one LONG run-on sentence.

    In the future, if you want to stress a point or make a comment, PLEASE use bullet-points NOT an essay. I couldn’t even get through this garbage.


  32. Anonymous |

    U r a true idiot…..


  33. johnny |

    how do yall know all this info on the jacksons and deberages


  34. Cassidine |

    If half of this is true…all I can is WOW!
    Now something dark did happen to these light skinned pretty folks…as MLK said, only when it’s dark enough can you see the stars…and they were very talented group with the spotlight hiding the darkness of their upbring…God said set your affections on things from above….


    Cassidine Reply:

    All I can say is Wow!


  35. maria |

    I guess that makes our first “black” President white too huh?


  36. Crazy For CHICO |

    I missed Chico tonight at the Red Ultra Lounge here in ATL…reading you peoples stuff & being he starting too early. Got dressed and then undressed and came back to this stuff! I read alot today I had not know or heard of his family. But I will say this, They are talented, and loved by Mama D(all 30something grands and even more great grands, what a BLESSING), and will come through all the trials and tribulations. For as the Bible says:
    PSALLM 30:5
    For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but REJOICING COMES IN THE MORNING.


    Blessed are the hours when we suffer if they bring us introspection.
    Blessed are the friends who tell us the truth about ourselves.
    Blessed are the counselors with the courage to tell us about our defects.
    Blessed are the days when we weep about our incomplete selves, because they are the dawn of better days.


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