Jamie Foxx Turns Back On Dying Dad!


Jamie Foxx Gets Revenge on Father

Forgotten Roots Of A Slave Star?

He may have given Jaime Foxx life, but that doesn’t mean the actor will grant Shaheed Abdullah his dying wish. That’s because sources say Foxx refuses to let bygones be bygones over his parents’ choice to let him be raised by his grandparents. Now, sources say the 45-year-old actor remains distant from his 74-year-old ailing father – who only wants to see his son before he passes on.

Here’s what Foxx’s stepmother, Hellema Abdullah told the National Enquirer:

“We’ve called Jamie several times over the years and left hundreds of messages, but he has never returned our calls. Now his father is sick with severe scar tissue on his lungs and has to be on oxygen every day. I just wish Jamie would call.

Jamie had kept in periodic contact with his father because his grandmother, who raised him, had encouraged it. But he hasn’t spoken to him since his grandmother died in 2004. Jamie doesn’t plan on calling Shaheed anytime soon.

He’s getting revenge by abandoning his father, much like his dad did to him years ago. His father is going to get worse, and Jamie doesn’t care.”

Here’s what the “Django: Unchained” actor previously said about his parents:

“I still ask myself why they didn’t want me. Maybe they weren’t ready to raise a child. Was it too inconvenient? I lived just up the street from them. I’ll never understand it.”

Is Jamie Foxx acting like an emotional and stubborn girly-man? I don’t know, but next time I see Jamie Foxx’s homeboy, Tyrin Turner, I’ll ask him?


  1. I have to side with Jamie on this one.
    Eventhough he eventually turned into a cross dressing, homosexual Sambo.

  2. Its sad to hear, I can understand where Jamie is coming from, but I think if he were to see his father before he died, that would give both of them closure, im sure many questions would be answered and they can finally have piece. Who knows it could positively change Jamie’s life forever. If it were me, I wouldnt have been able to go all those years without any answers, without an apology, without, any explanation.

    • If your dad lives up the street but still abandoned you…is there really anything he could say that would justify that?? I highly doubt it & i’m sure if Jamie didn’t have any cash he wouldn’t be hearing from these people now…he has done the right thing by MOVING ON…

      • @Sharia no but after all this time its no longer about justification its about closure, when his father dies he will never have any answers to the questions that he is clearly asking. He said that he still wonder why he abandoned him, no reason will EVER be good enough but it will provide him with closure. And if anything I believe he should do it to honor his grandmother. My grandmother has been deceased for 8 years and to this day im still trying to make her proud wondering if I am doing right by her. I think Jamie would have piece of mind, if only for that. It only takes a day, and hour, a min to make a phone call or to go visit him. That way he wont have to go the rest of his life being bitter, and angry. He has not moved on hes moved past, meaning yes hes not speaking to his father but its out of spite, not actual forgiveness and then deciding its best to not have a relationship with him. But thats just imo

        • Once his father is dead and Jamie decides for some reason that he then needs answers or wishes he could go back and see him, it will be too late. And there is no pain like wishing you would have made up with someone before they died, and if you dont know, trust me. It will eat at you like no other.

        • You know many times you never get answers maybe an apology but many abandoned kids dont get that. I have read many of blogs where grown adults are hurting and suffering form the choice of there parents and they be like 40+. Thank God I had a very loving and strong mother and I have always look to God as being my father. The last time I seen my father when I was 22 and I have never got the feeling that he thinks that what he did was wrong. I have older brother by my father but we have different mothers but he seems more hurt then I am and you can see it in his life choices. Me I just want to let it go so that I can have an even brighter future letting go of what lies beyond you and push forward. I pray for God to recreate forgiving in my heart because at this point in my life i dont feel that he deserves it.

          • Res, your dad may not deserve it but YOU do. Hope everything works out in your favor and that you can forgive and release the resentment.

        • **adding I was going to say, if my grandmother had a dying wish to make amends, shouldn’t jamie still be honoring that wish? He has an opportunity that most of my never get in the same situation…so he better take it, it won’t hit him til “dad” is dead and gone! who you were when you were younger may not be who you are now…his father has had enough time to live and suffer w/ what he has done…MONEY involved or not, there’s usually grandbabies these grandparents want to see also!

          well said! i’m in this process right now. i just don’t want my own children to look at me as an unforgiving person! when you have kids involved it changes your perspective of how they look at you and your actions! especially your interactions between us and our screwed up parents.

    • It might bring closure but to be closure comes from good reasoning not every parent as a good for abandonining there child.

      This is the reason why I don’t have children now because I refuse to bring a child into this world if neither participating adults are not ready for this kind of life change. I would rather take my time then to rush and while life holds no real guarantee there are many of adults that are executing this life function properly.

  3. There are things in life that are “UNFORGIVABLE” and abandoning your children is one of em. If you don’t want to be a real parent use protection or have an abortion. I’m sick of these so-called parents on their death beds wanting to make ammends. If the “father” had chosen to raise his son then he wouldnt have anything to apologize for.

    One last thing…Dont refer to the father’s wife as a 45 YO man’s stepmother. If the father wasn’t in his life i doubt this woman was “step mothering” Jaime.

    • From what i heard both of his parent abandoned him. I agree with the comment up above but its all about your able your ability to forgive. I also was abandoned by my father and while I might be able to forgive him in time I am not sure if I would want a relationship with him. I will be turning 34 next month and if it take this long to walk back into your childs life then at some point for me to fully move on I have to let go of the idea of reconciliation. It one thing for a parent to make a mistake but at some point there own conscious should bring them back to address the issues that have been created. Having children is not mandatory for life it is a personal choice there are a lot of parents out here who choose to abandon their children. It kind of seems like his father is using his death bed to makes admends with his child and many parents never address their choices at all. Real healing can only occur when both sides are being real and understanding to the damages that have been done. I hope to forgive my father one day because bitterness can really effect a person outlook on life but parents need to understand that abandonment can be a real stumbling block.

      • well said! i’m in this process right now. i just don’t want my own children to look at me as an unforgiving person! when you have kids involved it changes your perspective of how they look at you and your actions! especially your interactions between us and our screwed up parents.

    • Kee

      With all due respect. But, nothing is unforgivable. But, we have a choice to do so. Forgiveness is not for the person that hurt us. It is for us so that we can let go of our pain, hurt and resentment. There is no way that a person can love or truly be loved when they hold unforgiveness in their heart.

      Unforgiveness will eat away at your inside like a cancer. But, we all have free will to choose. When we forgive, that doesn’t mean that we have to start up a relationship with the person again.

      Forgiving is so liberating

      • I agree. Carrying around resentment is like eating poison — but hoping the other person dies.

        His father was wrong for not being the parent he should have been, BUT forgiving him will free Jamie quicker than it will his father.

    • As long as Jaime can forgive his father, all well and good and that don’t require a visit. I can definitely understand Jaime’s point period.

  4. *black folks love drama. Maybe Jaime has closure. What answers are you looking for? His parents weren’t a mystery. they lived down the street. Sometimes in life you dont want an apology because your ok w/reality;
    Jaime clearly is in that space.
    I would not take on someone elses guilt. His father need to work that shyt out w/himself.

      • @ kee, he said up top he still wonders why they didnt want him, sounds like a question he wants answered otherwise he wouldnt still be asking himself that to his day

        • I don’t know when Jaime made that statement and in what context the statement was made. He may have had questions @ that moment. Nevertheless, we do know as of this post he’s not taking the man’s calls. Therfore, it is fair to say: he’s good and may have closure.

          People should be mindful of the way you treat people; sometimes you don’t get a second chance.

          • @Kee, I do agree with you on that but that goes for jamie in the same way. If his father dies and he changes his mind it will be to late. Now his father is alive still, but sometimes it takes actually seeing/knowing that someone has died to really hit you. I just dont want it to be to late for Jamie, no one should have to go their whole live with a briken heart like that. I was reading an article where a mother who left her child was reunited with her after 36 years, both the mother and child agreed that it was the best thing that could have happened to them. Everyone makes mistakes, but imo, its such a small request the father isnt asking for money, for jamie to pay for his funeral or support his “mother-in-law” his only asking to see him, thats it. I think Jamie should at least grant him that. Like I said it may change Jamies life for the better. Plus his children have never seen him im certain, Jamie should not deny them that right should they chose to want to know who he is.

    • If he’s a so called CHRISTIAN or Baptist what’s the problem?I thought they FORGIVE??? Or is that SELECTIVE FORGIVING? I know a lot of inside bitterness and anger forces some talented people into becoming successful.To prove to others that “HEY I AM FAMOUS!! I AM SUCCESSFUL LOOK AT ME NOW!!” However NO ONE’S PERFECT. If he want to see Jamie before he passes I DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT. If Jamie doesn’t want to see him that’s fine too. Because Jamie apparently is still bitter and holding on to that hurt. If that’s the case then so be it.

  5. I can understand where’s Jamie is coming from, but sometimes you JUST have to let shit go! But that’s just me…. I would do it if ONLY for closure… But again, that’s just me…

  6. I’m sorry, but here is where my rant begins……

    Fuck that mutha fuckka and the tired bitch who jointly abandoned their child and left him to be raised by the grandparents! Who does tha, I mean they lived down the fucking street and didn’t want to raise thier child and left him to feel abandoned and alone. The lest those two ducks could have done as leave town and not further rub his face in it as the moved on with their lives and raised other children.

    Are you fucking kidding me!!! Forgiveness, fuck him! Let him die with this heavy shit on his heart. Let him fucking rot in hell. Your child is a number one priority and if you didn’t give a shit to make him one he owes you NOTHING! Why reward these fucks with giving them a clear conscience? Fuck no!

    Parenting is one of the hardest and most important jobs that there is in the world. You are creating a life and as a parent your actions in their formative years determine what type of adult they will be. When a parent CHOOSES tofu k HOA a kid for life giving them abandonment issues, trust issues, etc they they will have to work through for the rest of their days… The parent SHOULD suffer for the crimes that they’ve committed against thier own flesh and blood! The world can be a cold fucked up place, your family should protect you not harm you, not damage you and them let you loose on the unsuspecting public.

    The tradition of leaving children behind or sending them away for any reason, never made sense to me. The child feels abandoned no matter how you cut it. If you are an addict, a oration is an option. Don’t pass those genes on and fuck up the next generation.

    Jamie owes his father NOTHING! Fuck him. Bad parents should not be rewarded! They should be punished till the day they die!

    Jamie raise your daughters, love them give them plenty of encouragement and bugs and kisses. And if you fuck up, apologize immediately and pay for their therapy sessions.

    Rant over….

    • I saw a documentary that said abandoned children learn at such a young age to not trust before they can actually intellectualize it. It will forever effect how they deal with people and look at situations. I look at life so different that it is amazing but love the way that I am plus I still had a lot of love but I don’t connect or trip off of people much. I have been like that since I can remember. I am nice and friendly but I rarely hold people close unless we share a special bond through time and consideration I don’t do one sided relationship for much is giving much is required.

      • Are u talking about Jamie family yeah they had other children after abandoning him and they raised the other children and live right down the street. But maybe Jamie living with his grand parents was part of God plan maybe he would be were he is today without being developed in a certain environment. His grandparents were like 60 when they got Jamie.

    • PinkKitty thanks for being the voice of reason on these boards. Ppl are acting like Jamie owes the sperm donor something.

  7. I have to side with JAmie on this. You don’t desert your child and then come back after they have worked hard, and become successful despite your lack of guidance and support. What about all those issues and damage you have caused by not being there? It’s BS.

  8. But isnt Jamies mom and day, brother and sister or some weird shit like that?

    It sounds like a complete and utter clusterfuck.
    This is probably why Jamie decided to procreate with a white prostitute…No strings attached and he can have most of the control of the situation.

    • clusterfuck, comment of the thread!
      I agree with Jamie. If he is 45 and dad is 74, then dad was no 16 year old when he had him. He w 29 and I don’t care how immature dad was, he should have manned up, both mom and dad should have gotten their acts together. Maybe Jaimie ain’t punishing him. Jaimie is probably like, hey, that dude might as well be anybody out here, he ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.

      I mean, who wants to listen to some lame bullshit for an hour, hour and a half by some fool tryin’ to manipulate you. Jaimie is a respecter of his person and of his time. Can’t fault him for that!

  9. I agree if only to honor his grandmother and nothing else, you take one day to call and/or see him. It answers a lifetime full of questions, despite how we feel, we have no idea why his father abandoned him. But abandonment is abandonment, I wouldnt wanna hear shit either if you only decide to call me after I get famous.

  10. Well, I hope that Jamie Foxx changes his mind before it is too late, however; I certainly understand his reluctance. This is a sad situation. People need to quit talking to the “Enquirer” about personal matters.

  11. So happy you made a full recovery!!! Like Kee said above what your dad was no mystery & your just dealing with the REALITY & FACTS of your dad being a douchebag…no need to allow that type of behavior in your life, deuces!

  12. Congrats, thank God you made it. you have a second chance[which most people don’t get] to live the life of your dreams.

    *BTW: yo daddy is cold, but i respect that; he’s just being who he is.
    The truth is a gift I would never reject, it sets you free.

  13. Turnabout is fair play. Pay attention to your children and they will do the same. When you don’t oh well……..

  14. have to admit this hits home for me: I mean absentee Father last wish: to you stay angry or live like a true christian?

  15. I have learned that some things are better left in the past. That is why it is called the past. When we go looking for answers, sometimes those answers are more painful and damaging than the idea of not knowing. When you go knocking on the devil’s door, the devil may be the one to answer. One has to have faith and trust in God that there is a reason your question has not been answered.

  16. if his son wasnt a rich movie star would he really be try to contact him?
    im with jamie fuckem.
    i too have a dad that lives in the same city and dont want to have a relationship with me or his 3 grand kids.so fuck the deadbeat i say

  17. to be honest i would probably do the if i was in jamies shoes.i couldnt imagine my parents giving me away and then them getting sick or falling upon misfortune and expecting for me to be there for them.of course feel like jamie should atleast go see his father cause that your dad and to also forgive not cause ohh his father is deserving of it but that holding all that in could really mess you up in the long run let it go for your health sake and forgive.

  18. People do things in life that hurt others, but Unforgiveness will only hurt you in the long run. God forgive us everyday, BUT if we can’t forgive then God wont forgive and hold that against us. forgiving someone that has hurt you isn’t easy, but not forgiving is bad for you. I hope that you find it in your heart Jamie to forgive and visit your dad. Unforgiveness is Spiritual Poison!!!

  19. I’m not really a Jamie fan, but when that happens to a parent it leaves the SAME scar tissue his father is now exp. My parents left me w/ my grandparents, but they didn’t just leave leave…but that was bad enough and we are still to this day working thru it…I have my own children now and in no way shape or form would I ever want them having the feelings I’ve exp from my parents to be felt towards me and their father…w/ that being said, I think he needs to say goodbye. After his dad leaves this world he will more than likely feel like shit. Forgive, but NEVER FORGET!

  20. Glad you are better, but that’s TOTALLY different, being a nurse you learn that people handle life and death situations in many different ways. It was harsh and could’ve broken your will to thrive, but it may have been out of love just misdirected and came out all wrong. I wouldn’t speak to him for awhile…but i would want to know why in the hell did he say that to you, when you needed him the most. the LEAST they owe you and jamie is an explanation.

  21. First of all Jamie is 45 so, it is possible that he has forgiven his father. But, he doesn’t have to have a relationship with him. Forgiveness so that you can release the hurt and heal…it doesn’t mean one had to have a relationship with the offender. Jamie is successful and financially secure and at this point he wants to have a relationship with a 45 year old man whom he live just down the street from as a child.
    The bottom line is, you never no who or what you’re turning your back on President Obama, Jamie Foxx, Shaquille Oneal, Terrell Owens and Canton He’s just to name a few

  22. If Jamie can put his hurt aside and forgive this man, it would truly be a CHRISTLIKE gesture of divine love.

    Not many of us have that type of Divine Love in us…Doesnt mean we are bad people, but someone who can put their hurt and ego aside in a case like this and truly forgive would have to have trult accepted the spirit of God in their heart.

    How many of us know people like that?

    Not many.

    • AND that goes way far beyond any man-made religions.

      Im talking about the only true religion, that is beyond books, holymen,temples of worship and regulations.

      The religion of unconditional LOVE.

    • To Anonymous 6:56

      I know people as you stated with “Divine Love” in them. They forgive and move on. I am so thankful that I was able to put my pride aside and forgive the people who had grievously hurt and devastated me.

      I forgave them for me and not for them. Holding on to all of that garbage was physically, mentally and emotionally making me ill.

      On the other hand I know people who flat out refuse to forgive. They are so mean spirited and unhappy. Every time I talk to them they are always playing the victim and throwing pity-parties.

      Pride plays a huge part in unforgiveness.

      • Yes, its pride and pride is a mother fucker.

        Its like, “damn, if I forgive you then mother fuckers gonna think Im stupid and I really want to make you feel the hurt that I feel, beause Im afraid to let it go”

        • Its also SHAME…When someone hurts your heart, it makes you feel ashamed and its hard to face the person who made you feel ashamed.

          To overcome that is almost as hard to overcome as Pride.

        • Anonymous 10:24

          I understand where you are coming from. When my ex left to visit his mother who was sick in another state and never returned, it almost took me out of here. He was somebody that I grew up with. He was my first love. I thought we had it going on. I thought that our marriage was intact.

          To make it worse I found out that he was with someone else with kids. In other words he left his wife and children for someone else with kids. It was years before he contacted us. My in-laws claimed that they didn’t know where he was. But, they did. LOL

          But, in the long run I finally forgave him. After I had forgiven him, about 6 months later he called and asked for my forgiveness. I told him that I had forgiven him a long time ago. He said that he felt so much better.

          The last time I saw him he looked really bad, he was pale and sickly looking. He died 2 months later. I am so glad that I had forgiven him. Again it is our choice to do so.

          Remember forgiveness is mandatory but, trust is a process.

            • Anonymous 22:13,

              No, I am not a saint. I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired. At the time even church couldn’t help me. I was drinking heavily, grieving, lonely, abandoned, depressed, isolated because of shame.

              One day I just decided that enough was enough and went about asking God to teach me, show me how to forgive. I starting to saying to myself that I forgive him until one day it worked. It’s was just as simple as that.

              I forgave him for my own sanity and peace of mind and not for him. I must say that I accomplished more without him than with him.

              All I wanted to be at the time was a stay home mom. My ex use to tell me all the time when we were together he said “you must not be as smart as you seem because you never want to do anything.”

              Well all I wanted to be at the time was a wife and mother. Truly forgiveness is liberating, enlightening and healing.

      • Black Pearl

        You are so right…In fact I think Im going to call my daughter this evening , even though we have spoken in months. Im gonna let that go.

  23. When a parent brings a child in this world, s/he’s supposed to love, nurture, provide and protect. Jamie’s father failed to do these things, therefore he owes Jamie; Jamie owes him nothing — not a phone call, not a father’s day card, nor a visit on his deathbed.

    And Jamie’s father’s wife needs to STFU. Her husband is solely to blame for the relationship Jamie’s father doesn’t have w/ Jamie.

    It’s funny how when you’re on your deathbed and faced your own mortality, and your’re on the verge of meeting your maker (if you’re Christian and subscribe to that belief), you want to make things right.

    Jamie is right to leave that fool alone. That reunion isn’t about Jamie getting closure, it’s about his father getting peace of mind before he departs this earth. His father is still the selfish man he was when he threw Jamie away.

  24. Everybody wears all these big crosses and quotes Jesus but when the rubber meets the road and they are asked:

    “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO”? , then they confess that they were only pretending and they were wearing the cross because it was socially expected of them.

  25. Did he ever ask his parents why they did what they did? Not downplaying the situation, but I wouldn’t call leaving him with Grandma that lives up the street abandonment. Maybe his parents were unable to raise him properly for whatever reason, but still wanted him to have the best care & also be with family. Maybe grandma took it upon herself to keep him away. Back in the day, folks had their family secrets & it was not discussed. The assumptions are endless. He’ll never know if he doesn’t open the lines of communication with his father, before it’s too late. Some people are so ashamed of their choices, that they do nothing. Maybe his dad is like that and wants not for forgiveness, but to tell his son he’s sorry. His dad is dying, I doubt if there’s anything he would want materially. Jaime may think you don’t miss what you never had, but the opportunity was there & he’ll regret it. I wish them both the best.

  26. One more thing. Either my computer isn’t auto-loading those music vids anymore OR Jacky took them off the site. I’m going for the latter, b/c I don’t see or hear that annoying shit any longer. If so…

    THANK YOU JACKY!!! ((((hugsss ))))

  27. @Black Pearl, thank you 4 sharing your story. U never know what people have to endure in this thing called life.

    Girl forget these kneegrows and go back to your old handle. Just alternate when you feel like it.

  28. One of the MAIN reasons why people have become so cruel, selfish and unsympathetic to others is because of abandonment issues received the only people who are genetically suppose to love you unconditionally…your parents!!!

    Just think about all of the “feminine” characteristics people associate with Jamie, you don’t think his FATHER not being there raising him but living down the street during his childhood doesn’t have anything to do with it??? He was left to be raised by an elderly grandmother, because he parents were too lazy to even give a f*ck to raise him. They weren’t dead or in jail….even crackheads & alcoholics check up on their kids every now & then…may be embarrassing for the child(ren) but most come around. However to live up the street and not say or do anything for your child is too COLD and HEARTBREAKING!

    My prayers are with Jamie and he will deal with it in his own time.

  29. Its about forgiveness. he probably has anger still built up. He has to let that go because he will regret it for the rest of his life. Maybe not now,but he will one day,and that will eat him alive.