Jamie Foxx’s Ultimate Betrayal Of Tom Cruise: Smashing Katie Holmes!!!



“Everything they say about me is true. I am that guy.” ~Jaime Foxx

Risky & Ratchet Business!!!

HSK Exclusive – HSK has exclusively learned Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are involved in a secret smash affair … not only behind baby daddy Tom Cruise’s back, but Katie’s current dude — Chris Klein — too!!!


This, shortly after Tom Cruise praised Jamie Foxx for being able to “walk in any area and pick it up” — before welcoming Django’s leading slave to the ‘Secret Club’ — but he probably never imagined Jamie would pick up his own ex-wife!!! Know why? Because Jamie Foxx’s career wouldn’t be the success it is today if it weren’t for Tom Cruise’s backing. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Taylor Hackford.


“I love Jamie. First of all, he’s just an amazing human being, just so multi-talented.” ~Tom Cruise

According to an insider, Jamie and Katie’s smash sessions have been going down for a few months. We’re told one of their jump-off sessions happened inside Jamie’s Thousand Oaks home. On a separate occasion, a witness places the pair leaving Hollywood’s W Hotel in a platinum Range Rover … after checking out of a suite they shared!!!


Here’s what a press colleague secretly shared with HSK:

“I saw Katie and Jamie at the W Hotel a few months back, so I decided to keep track of Jamie. I began staking out Jamie’s house. The stakeout was a success … about a month ago, I caught Jamie escorting Katie Holmes into his home. They been having sex on the down low for while … and nobody knows!!!”

Here’s what Jaime previously told a reporter who asked him to weigh in on Tom and Katie’s June 2012 divorce:

“He’s a big boy, he’s been in the press his whole life. So, I think he’ll be fine and, you know, to both of them we just wish them well. But, like I said, they’re not the only people going through it. It is what it is.”