Jas Prince is Christina Milian’s Winning Lottery Ticket!


Jas Prince - Trick A lot Records

Trick-A-Lot CEO?

HSK Exclusive – Jas Prince may have been the first to put a ring on Christina Milian, but he isn’t the first to smash it. Don’t believe me.. Just ask T-Pain. That’s the common joke spreading throughout the industry. Now, Jas’ father is reported to be pissed.

Insiders reveal the pair’s engagement comes after the young CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records’ bought Christina an orange drop top Bentley, and a red Jaguar for her mother [Carmen Milian] for Mothers Day. That’s why Jas’ dad, James ‘J’ Prince, is said to be far from impressed with his son’s extreme tricking.

Here’s the drop:

“Jas’ dad threatened to cut him off financially — and told Jas to stop posting the stuff he bought for Christina online.

All the guys that Christina dates have to take care of her mother Carmen too. Christina’s mom is her pimp.”

Jas Prince Extreme Trickin on Christina Milan


    • That fool Jas doesn’t care that Christina is one of the biggest industry hoes in the game. Her days of Murder Inc trains being ran on her are LEGENDARY. Ask Ashanti

    • Yuuup and Nick Cannon was the only one smart enough not to wife that and get stuck!! I notice that Dream and Kanye both got shot by the money bullets Nick Cannon dodged!! lmao Nick ain’t no dummy!

  1. Christina always trolling for sponsors. Good for his dad for trying to set Jas Prince straight.

    But, Christina for now probably has him on lock down.
    The momma pimping her daughter. Now that is some Pimping Pimping.

    • I agree!! It’s always seems obvious with her. I don’t know this chick but she does seem to know how to pick em! Dream was just the only dummy to get caught up in the pussy for the next 18! smh

  2. Her mother probably was on some turn a trick for cash when she was in her younger days as well .. hell she probably still Is to this day.. so this appears to be some use what u got to get what you want type of deal…which is typical but who really is the fool in this case? is it the prince? Or is it the Milan family for putting all there eggs in the vanity basket because there will come a time when the beauty fades but the reputation stays… And if all you have been known for is a pay to play type chick, when the time comes in your life that u want something more in a relationship versus what u can get out of a relationship based on intimacy but no substance what so ever..no one will be there to make any effort to give u unconditional love because your love was always based on conditions….. And to the prince stop blowing your dad dough… Weren’t you raised listening to the ghetto boys ” u gotta let a hoe be a hoe”

    • You said it all right.

      I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree logic applies to this chick as well based on reading this.

      And this chick is an unstable loser to me since she can’t get a man to stay with her long term.

      This immature youngster’s dad is a business & street smart individual based on his experiences. He once actually managed known boxers Floyd Mayweather & Roy Jones.

  3. “((((OBEY YOUR THIRST)))”….Like Sprite, thus fool is sprung by the recycled coochie…SMDH!

  4. Because she dates successful men she’s tricking? Some women only date doctors lawers are they also tricking? She’s in the industry and meet a lot of successful people in the music business so I see no problem with her dating a successful men. Does she have to date a man working at Burger King to get some respect?

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  6. Having money for spas, facials, gyms, etc.as well as good drinking water can make anyone look better over time. I am sick and tired of these fake ass gold-digging chicks on TV with no education or backbone, shaking their mixed-white asses and hair portraying to be a black woman. Hey, a BLACK WOMAN is this: brown skin, kinky hair, full lips! These women don’t want nothing to do with a black man unless he or his family has millions of dollars they can benefit from.

    Who would buy this chick an orange Bentley when you just met her ass? She should buy her own ride from the child support she gets from The Dream. There must have been something about her that made him drop her. It’s obvious she is a dumb chick, lost with nothing to lean on but being a sidekick on TV.

  7. Christina is dumb I thought she had better since I wood have for gave j Prince from cheating then sleeping with Wayne ads.girl I have lot all respect for you.you have a daughter that watches everything you do.

  8. I hope people come down this hard on Kris Jenner. She’s the original pimp. She’s taken her girls very far.